2 Fantastic Homestays in the Central of Vietnam

1. Heron House (in Hoi An)

Heron House is the ideal place for relaxing outside the bustling atmosphere of Hoian town. It will give you the private space during your stays of Hoian travel.


Heron House is situated in the peaceful village of Hoian where has the lush rice fields and fresh atmosphere. Also, it is quite near the Cua Dai beach.

Particularly, Heron House is located at My An village, Hoian town and isolated away from busy streets of the old quarter; therefore, it gives you the most relaxing moments.

It is designed with the rich traditional Vietnamese architecture including marble tiles, and wooden chair.

Each room has the total area of 65 sqm with well – equip facilities such as kitchen, dining room, bathroom, comfortable bedding, outdoor swimming pool and large balcony which has the view overlooking the lush rice field.

To get Heron House, you can contact directly with the home – stay and ask their driver to pick up you to get home-stay. Besides, you can discover by yourself going follow Cua Dai street toward to the beach, continue to Le Thanh Tong crossroads, turn right and go further 500m until you see the Lua vang villa on the right hand and the yellow – white bridge on the left hand, and turn into the small street on the right hand, continue to go straight ahead, you will see Heron House.

2. Minh House (in Danang)

Danang not only owns luxury resorts, but also provides many convenient services such as hotels, home - stays. Especially Minh House is the typical example here. 


Minh House’s design is the perfect combined style of garden, natural sceneries, and beautiful house. All of them bring you the comfortable feeling when coming into Minh House.

It has the convenient location near the My Khe beach and consists of 5 apartments close together, which are equipped with modern facilities such as kitchen, dining table, sofa table. Besides, each apartment has the private garden behind and public garden.

Built with wooden materials, Minh House gives you the luxury and spacious space and contains up to two adults and two children under the age of 6.

The breakfast is served with the special food of Danang cuisine.

The cost is ranging from 1.2 million/ night/ apartment.

• For more in formation about travel services in Vietnam, please see Holiday Packages Vietnam

Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen

Unspoiled destination, rich cuisine and affordable prices are the reasons why Phu Yen become a hot destination in this summer.Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen : 

The homeland of "yellow flowers on the green grass" is the name affectionately put by tourists to Phu Yen. Located between two popular tourist destinations including Nha Trang and Quy Nhon, but Phu Yen is really well known after appearing in the film transformed from the work of writer Nguyen Nhat Anh. If you intend to explore this romantic land, the information and suggestions below will be helpful for your trip.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


From Hanoi and HCMC, tourists can easily come to Phu Yen by road and by air. If do not have a lot of time, you should book flight tickets to Tuy Hoa because the flights taking passengers to the city and go back are available every day.

Currently, there are two airlines Jetstar flights and Vietjet exploring flights to Phu Yen, the ticket price (excluding taxes, fees) is about 590,000 VND / way. However, at some point, the air lines also provide ticket of 0 VND to help visitors have the opportunity to possess the cheaper ticket. Flight time from Hanoi to Phu Yen is about 1h40 minutes.

Tuy Hoa airport is about 10 minutes travelling by car from the city center. Here, buses to the city is not available, so you can catch a taxi which is waiting outside.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


Flights usually arrive to Tuy Hoa at noon, so you should go to the hotel to rest before starting to explore. The city has two 5-star hotels including CenDuluxe and Vietstar resort, 2 4-star hotels of Kaya and Saigon - Phu Yen, one 3-star hotel – Hung Vuong (the Hung Kings). All these 5 hotels are not close to the sea, but the move to the beach is still quite convenient. Lowest room rate from 420,000 VND to one million a night.

Long Beach is the only hotel located right on the beach in Tuy Hoa, the room price is about 600,000 dong. In addition, the city also many clean and beautiful motels whose price is about 150,000 VND and higher.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


Three days are long enough for you to visit the tourist attractions of the "land of yellow flowers on the green grass." From Tuy Hoa, you can plan to go towards the south and the north. The suggested itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Relic Vung Ro - Mui Dien - Dam Mon - This route is about 35 km from Tuy Hoa. Here, you will hear stories about the history of the ship without numbers in Vung Ro Bay, check-in the easternmost point on land of Vietnam and go swimming in Mon beach.

Day 2: Xuan Dai Bay - Mằng Lăng Church – Da Dia Reef - Ganh Ong - Xep beach. The farthest point of this line is nearly 60 km from the city. With this route, you can choose to swim on Xuan Dai Bay of Xep beach. These are places having white sand, clear water and not too big waves are, sloping shoreline, which is perfect for relaxing.

Day 3: You take your rest time exploring the city, or enjoy yourself in the cool water of the sea of Tuy Hoa. The beach in the city is kilometers long with blue water, white sand and smooth waves, however, there are not a lot of services.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


The night service in Tuy Hoa is not too rich but also very interesting. In particular, you should not ignore the art program held at the foot of Nhan Tower on evening Saturday weekly. The program starts from 19h30 on the them of Phu Yen- the attractive and friendly destination with dancing, singing performances varied in each session. Among them, the "specialties" to mention include Bai Choi, ho khoan, ho ba trao, giao duyen (love singing), Phu Yen folk song, , Cham dance...

Karaoke bars Phu Moi, Hung Phu in Tuy Hoa often serve till 23:30, in addition, a number of bars, clubs serve later, around 1 am.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


The specialty of Phu Yen is tuna, which is processed into dishes such as tuna’s eyes stew with traditional medicine or tuna fillet wrapped in broccoli. Addresses for reference are the restaurants on Le Duan, Le Loi, Tran Hung Dao Streets in the city, the price is 20,000 dong for a bowl of tuna eye and 100,000 VND for a serving of salad.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen

Additionally, kinds of seafood such as mantis shrimp, oysters, cockles ..., chicken hotpot, balut soup ... are also dishes you should try.

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Guidelines the Way to the Windmill Field in Bac Lieu

As a province in the region of the Mekong Delta, Bac Lieu is a less-visited destination. It is only known for anecdotes relating to the house of Bac Lieu Dandy. However, it is also a place possessing a largest-scale windmill field in Vietnam. 

Bac Lieu is about 290 km from Ho Chi Minh City and it takes 5 hour drive. You could choose prestigious car makers running this route such as Phuong Trang, Hoang Yen, Kim Yen with the price ranging from 8.5 USD to 9.5 USD.

From the north, you could travel by airplane with the route Hanoi- Can Tho and then take a coach to Bac Lieu with some brands such as Phuong Trang, Tuan Hung, Vu Linh with the price of around 3.5 USD to 4.5 USD. The price of flight ticket is around 85USD to 121 USD. The total time for transferring is around 4h 30 minutes.

From the city center of Bac Lieu, you will follow Cao Van Lau Road towards the sea at Bien Dong A Hamlet, Vinh Trach Dong Commune which leads you the field of windmill. The distance from the city center to the factory is about 20 km, but from dozen of kilometer distance you could see turbine pillars assembling with rotating propellers as huge pinwheels.

There are total of 62 towers and wind power turbines located on the sea.
Each turbine pillar is 80 meter high, 4m diameter, 20 ton weigh manufactured by stainless steel. Propellers are 42 meter long made by special plastic. In bad weather, they can fold back to avoid damage. This is also the favorite check-in site of many young people to Bac Lieu

In order to have nice pictures here, you should travel in the afternoon at around 4 pm because at that time, the sun shines towards turbines.

The way to windmill field is paved so there is not much difficulties when travelling. In addition, around the area of windmill field are mangroves making the region more charming. 

Unique Experiences Only Found in Myanmar Travel

Enjoy affordable buffet, apply traditional cosmetic of thanaka, and take the picture of sunrise of sunset are interesting things you will experience in your Myanmar travel.

Enjoy affordable buffet

Mentioning to buffet, many people remind of luxury restaurants serving with expensive price. However, when visiting Myanmar, you are free to enjoy a buffet with the price of around 4.5 USD including drinks.

Different normal buffet in which you choose by your favorite food, in Myanmar, you are served right at the table. The staff of the restaurant will supply new dishes when the food is running out. A buffet meal in Myanmar often includes pork, salad, rice, soup and different vegetables.

The price for a share of traditional buffet in Myanmar is around 3000 kyat per person, drinks including fruit juice, beer have the price of around 1.500 to 3000 kyat.

Apply thanaka

The weather in Myanmar is hot all year round, that’s why to protect the skin, people use a special secret for taking care of their skin. It is the custom of applying thanaka. The traditional cosmetic with daffodil is crushed from the bark of a tree and then applied directly on the face. Thanaka is used to avoid sunshine and make the skin cool under the burning and fierce sunshine of Myanmar.

You could easily buy thanaka as a gift at the markets because this powder has good nature without causing allergy for the skin.

Enjoy sunrise and sunset like nowhere else

Travelling to Myanmar, the most famous place for you to admire sunset is the teak bridge of U Bein in Mandalay; and Bagan will be the ideal land for you to welcome the first sun rays of the day.
U Bein – the most ancient and longest teak bridge in the world is considered the symbol of Myanmar – one out of 10 most beautiful places for watching sunset. Tourists could hire a wooden boat to get closer to the bridge and admire the sunset on the bridge.

For the ancient capital of Bagan – one of the most favorite destinations in Myanmar, you will experience the waiting feeling when sitting on a high stair of a temple and observing dawn rays rising. Bagan at sunrise is like the land of fairy tales which is mysterious and sparkling with hundreds of ancient temples.

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Explore fresh water lake

When watching sunrise on Inle Lake, if lucky you will have the chance to see the traditional festival with the distinctive local feature of Myanmar people.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a lunch right on the lake or visit traditional villages such as silk weaving, cigar making, silverware crafting.

Sip wine in Nyaungshwe

In addition to the famous attraction of Inle Lake, the small and peaceful town of Nyaungshwe has another interesting destination you should visit. It is the farm of Red Mountains specializing in growing grapes and producing wine.

Here, tourists could take a sightseeing tour for free around wine producing factory, grape garden or taste wine.

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24 Interesting Hours in Buon Ma Thuot (Part 1)

"Check in" at the legendary camphor tree, taking pictures in the coffee village, eating chicken or getting some air in the square will make your trip to Buon Me Thuot more enjoyable.

If you have only one day in the city center of Buon Ma Thuot, you can also get experiences which are both characterized by the local and youthful, vibrant as it is in modern cities like HCMC or Hanoi.
24 Interesting Hours in Buon Ma Thuot (Part 1)

Breakfast, coffee

People in Buon Ma Thuot get up very early to start a new day. The breakfast is always associated with drinking coffee as an indispensable "procedure". Cuisine in the mountain city is diverse and rich, so you can find many dishes originated from all over the country.

You can try: crab cake soup, crab vermicelli on Ha Huy Tap street with 35,000- 40,000 VND a bowl, sticky rice on the corner of Phan Dinh Giot and Le Hong Phong streets served from 6am to 9am with 5,000- 10,000 VND, bread at 16-18 Y Ngong street with the price of 25,000 VND/ set, eel noodles at 67 Tran Quang Khai, dry noodles at 160B Hoang Dieu with 20,000 dong per bowl.

Visiting the Museum of the Cultures of Vietnam's Ethnic Groups in Tay Nguyen

Located right in the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, the museum is the address which is always visited by the visitors coming here. The museum is built modernly with separate exhibit areas of culture, history, ecology ... with tour guides, in particular, the museum has an area where you can try playing t'rung , smelling the coffee bean, pepper ...

Besides, the museum is also a large green space which is as large as a park with old trees, long grass where many people choose to rest, get the fresh air and exercise every day. Near the Museum is Bao Dai Palace, the residence of the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty in Buon Ma Thuot.

You should not forget to take pictures "check in" in the area of 2 most famous camphor trees in the mountain town. The trees are recognized as Vietnam's heritage trees with a height of 30 m, many large branches, and are nearly 100 years old.

Trade center of Buon Ma Thuot

The sunshine in Buon Ma Thuot at noon is not too harsh, but is uncomfortable, neither. So, after visiting the museum, you can "hide" in Vincom Trade Center to get away from the heat, and have lunch, join some games or watch movies as you like.

Those who come from other areas may not know this building which is fully equipped with shopping, dining, entertainment sections though it is in a smaller scale than those in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. In particular, the 6th floor has a restaurant with large transparent glass windows which enable you to see the panorama city and therefore is preferred by many young people.

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

In the afternoon, after the gorge, you can visit Trung Nguyen Coffee Village, an address which can not be ignored in the plateau city. This is not just a place to buy famously delicious coffee, but also is designed as a miniature park. You may not need to buy any product, do not need to drink in the bar, but you can still visit populations freely.

The primary scene areas are beautifully and majestically designed as the large waterfalls, bridges, streams, ponds, stilts... where are always full of tourists. This area does not require entrance tickets, so you can comfortably come to take photos and have fun.

If you have time, you can also look at the Mehyco Cafe Paradise which is similar to Trung Nguyen coffee village but is in a smaller scale.

Buon Ma Thuot Victory Monument

The monument is located at the center of Nga Sau rotation, with tanks model celebrating the victory of Buon Ma Thuot, as well as a sacred symbol with people in the city. Wherever they are, they like see their hometown just when seeing the icon of Nga Sau.

Nguyen Tat Thanh street or Le Duan street leading to the monument are very spacious with large sidewalks are very suitable for walking, strolling in the cool evening. This time, the area is of the monument is not too crowded, so you do not have to wait long to take photos.

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Top 4 Pristine Beaches in Myanmar

As an emerging tourist destination, Myanmar owns many secluded beaches which still retain its pristine beauty.


The beach features a shoreline of 7km long with white sand and the lush green palm trees. The sea water is emerald and as pure as crystal. Every day, there are flights from Yangon to Ngapali which take only 45 minutes.

Tourists enjoying Ngapali beach holiday could choose to stay at guesthouses or villas near the beach and enjoy delicious seafood here.

Ngwe Saung

In the south of Ngapali and near Yangon capital is the crystal-clear Ngwe Saung beach also known as the Silver Beach.

The flight from Yangon to the beach only takes 35 minutes. It is not ideal for swimming but also for diving, surfing and visiting islands. (Ngwesaung Beach Holiday)

Chuang Tha

Located 240 km from Yangon to the west is the breathtaking Chuang Tha Beach. It is not as beautiful as Ngapali or Ngwe Suang Beach, but the beach is very famous and crowded at weekends or holidays. Services here are also more professional.

Tourists could hire a boat to get the island or snorkel to admire some kind of tropical fish with all of colors.


Kanthaya is one of pristine beaches and less changed by modern life in Myanmar. Not many sports or restaurants, visiting the beach, you will enjoy tranquil moments with nature.

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Vinh Hy Bay - Unspoiled Beauty in Ninh Thuan, Vietnam

The Creator gave the land of Central Vietnam in favor the sunshine, the wind, the many attractions and Vinh Hy Bay is one of the great scenes blendingmany wild characters of Ninh Thuan.

Vinh Hy Bay - Unspoiled Beauty of Summer Days

Vinh Hy belongs to Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, located between the lush mountains on three sides, and the other facing the immense blue ocean. It is about 40km to the northeast of Phan Rang City, and also about 40km from Cam Ranh to the southeast.

From Cam Ranh, you can travel to Vinh Hy by motorcycles or private cars. Going south along the 1A Highway, at the intersection TL702 turn left to the provincial road. You will go on the road to rolling mountain aside, and the other is the blue sea rushed fantastic white sandy beaches.

Anyone coming to Vinh Hy will be overwhelmed as the bay looks like a beautiful picture from a height.

Vinh Hy features a immense water and stunning landscapes. About 5 km from the bay is a place not to be missed called Hang Rai - Nui Chua where you can find ancient coral reefs making up the stunning spectacle.

At the first sight, you can consider the bay is like a land paradise. Stepping to VInh Hy, you will be overwhelmed when watching the scenery of Hang Rai to feel the spectacular and poetic beauty that the Creator has bestowed.

In addition to sightseeing, taking pictures, you still can have many interesting experiences like diving to see the coral reefs, soaking into the sea, walking on soft sand and daydreaming under the sea breeze, or enjoying delicious seafood bearing taste of the sea.

The bay also has a diverse ecosystem with many species of fish, starfish and corals...

Vinh Hy Bay is the ideal destination for travelers who love to explore the dreaming natural beauty and escape from the heat of the summer in Vietnam.

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7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang Province – The final frontier in northern Vietnam, is always a tourist attraction with the poetic and majestic scenery. Besides Lung Cu flagpole, Dong Van Old Town, Tam Son Twin Peaks, is there anything else in Ha Giang that attracts visitors from many countries? So follow me in to discover 9 must-try travel experiences in Ha Giang Province and prepare for your own trip!

1. Travel to Ha Giang in the flower season

It is difficult to say all in words the beauty of Ha Giang in the flower season. At that time, the stone plateau is embellished by brilliant colors of flowers. The purple color of buckwheat flower, the pink color of peach blossom, the white color of plum and pear flower…Buckwheat flower season lasts from the end of September to the beginning of December while other flowers blossom after Lunar New Year.

7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
The mesmerizing beauty of Ha Giang in the buckwheat flower season
Don’t be so surprised with the charming beauty of Ha Giang during this period. You will see that the romance seems to cover all places of this province, especially stone plateaus.

2. Set foot on the northernmost point of Vietnam

Coming to Ha Giang, tourists should not miss Lung Cu – the northernmost point of the country.
7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
Lung Cu Flagpole - A famous destination in Ha Giang
Standing on the Lung Cu Flagpole and seeing the national flag fluttering in the breeze might be regarded the most sacred moments in the lifetime of Vietnamese. If you are a foreign country, I’m sure that the feeling of patriotism will be evoked in your heart.

3. Experience the life of H’mong people

Hospitable H’mong people account for the majority of the population in Ha Giang. Visitors will have many chances to experience the life of an H’mong family.

7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
Tourists are interested in experiencing the life of ethnic people in Ha Giang
Stay at natives’ home, eating, relaxing and chatting with them are new cultural experiences that you will never forget.

4. Enjoy specialties of Ha Giang

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy famous dishes in Ha Giang. They are full of unique flavor and bring the ethnic identity of locals.

7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
Buffalo meat - A specialty of Ha Giang
Some typical foods are “com lam” (rice cooked in bamboo tubes), “buffalo meat”, “au tau porridge” (a kind of porridge cooked from tuberous roots of a plant) and especially the well-known corn liquor of Ha Giang.

5. Fly on Ma Pi Leng

Ma Pi Leng is dubbed “The king of passes in northern Vietnam” because of majestic scenery and the story of sappers who broke the stone and paved the way on this craggy pass.
7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
"Flying on Ma Pi Leng” - A must-try experience in Ha Giang
Standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng with outstretched arms, you will feel like flying in the sky. The harmonious beauty of sky, ground and mountainous scenes really steals the heart of tourists.

6. Conquer the passes and slopes in Ha Giang

Ha Giang Province is famous for extremely hazardous passes and slopes. Bac Sum, Cong Troi, Tham Ma, Chin Khoanh, Ma Pi Leng are renowned destinations which backpackers shouldn’t overlook in this land.
7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
Chin Khoanh Pass - a challenge for backpackers in Ha Giang
The more challenging slopes are, the more eager tourists feel when they have conquered them. The mesmerizing beauty of nature viewed from the top of the pass will surely make you overwhelmed.

7. Visit upland markets

If you are interested in discovering upland culture, I recommend you to visit some markets in Ha Giang. Come here to admire ethnic people in fine clothes exchanging and purchasing goods. Or just to buy some candies or drink a cup of corn liquor.

7 unforgettable travel experiences in Ha Giang Province
Visiting upland markets in Ha Giang is full of interesting things
Markets often open in Saturday or Sunday mornings (except for some special ones like Khau Vai Love Market organized only one time in a year).

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The Reverse Gear - Three Relaxing Resorts in Himachal Pradesh, India to Check Out

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous tourist states of India. Dotted with enchanting hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Kasauli etc., it is amongst the few places in the country, where people come to get a breather from their hectic city lives. There are few resorts in the state, popular for their cosy and refreshing ambience, which helps in decluttering your mind. Chandigarh acts as popular tourist layover, and if you feel like spending few days in these resorts then you can easily find a Delhi to Chandigarh taxi and a bus thereon, to reach these spots. Let’s take a look at some of these popular resorts in Himachal Pradesh.

Baikunth Resort, Kasauli - Baikunth is among the most popular resorts in Himachal Pradesh that's ideal for short vacations, weekend getaways, business functions, and celebrating family occasions. This superb property with a scenic view also accompanies an extraordinary staff, superb food, and cozy rooms. If you’re trying to find a serene and tranquil place to stay in Kasauli, the Baikunth Resort is one of the best places to stay. The spacious and big rooms are specially outfitted to provide visitors a great feel of the surroundings. The best part of the resort is a private gallery in every room that gives a wonderful view of the Kasauli hills. So if you feel like the daily work has taken a toll on your health, take some time out to visit this beautiful resort. You can take a Delhi to Chandigarh taxi and a bus thereon to reach this spot.

The Himalayan Hamlet, Manali - Featuring Kathkuni fashion, the Himalayan Hamlet carries you to a timeframe when houses were made of mud and dry stacked rocks. A resort which provides you a glimpse of the neighborhood customs of Himachal Pradesh is very stylish from within. If you’re planning to visit Manali anytime soon, don’t forget to book a room at this fantastic place. Every bungalow in the resort is connected via stairs, and are furnished with an additional big bed, sofa with a capacity of 4 individual, a study, a standard pub down refrigerator, etc. They similarly have private sit-outs that provide a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and are also ideal for practicing yoga and light exercises.

Suryavilas Spa and Luxury Resort, Solan - This resort promises to offer serenity and peace near the green Kumarhatti Hills. Complete with modern comforts and situated amidst the lower Himalayan hills, this certainly will make you forget the stress of a city life. It is also tagged as one the most price effective resorts in the state. The resort is counted amongst few of the perfect accommodation near cities like Chandigarh that provides a large number of facilities. Equipped with an infinity pool overlooking the valley, a fitness centre, sunbeds, indoor amusement, a snooker room, entertainment for children, a cards room, and a 25-seat theatre makes it a desirable location. It takes about 250 km to cover the Delhi to Chandigarh distance, and from there add another half an hour to reach the resort. Taking your personal car is a better idea.

The Beauty of Nature and Human in Ha Giang, Vietnam

The impressive nature, innocence of young children, and the bright eyes of the elder will bring visitors interesting emotions whether they first time or have been to Ha Giang repeatedly.

As the ending province of Northeast Vietnam, populated mainly in Ha Giang are ethnic minorities such as the Hmong, Thai, Lo Lo, La Chi ... The wild nature has created a luring attraction to anyone interested in exploring and experiencing travel. In particular, the specific culture in daily life activities of people here will give the visitors an absolutely memorable experience.

Though Ha Giang is one of the poorest mountainous provinces in Vietnam, and the road to there is full of obstacles, it is still an interesting destination which always attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists, especially the young.

Ha Giang tourist season lasts all year round, so visitors are able to come and explore it any time. Each season, this mountainous province carries a particular beauty and colorwhich cannot be mistaken with anywhere else in Vietnam.

Come to ha Giang, tourists can go along the Happiness road to enjoy the emotions that only in the actual experience. Stretching from Ha Giang City, cross Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and finally to MeoVac, the path takes travellers from fear, to joy and pride of the country.

Ha Giang appears as a perfect combination of peaceful nature, undulating mountains and many faded roof houses.

Ha Giang also challenge brave hearts to conquer spectacular mountain passes. Many tortuous curving roads which close to the dangerous abysses, the delicate bends make anyone quit looking. This will be unforgettable experience for the riders when travelling to Ha Giang.

Another thing visitors should try is to spend nights in a Hmong family. People here are famous for their hospitality, friendliness. It should be easier for tourists to enjoy themselves in the daily activities of the natives. Visitors will hardly forget the meals, farm-works or stories between wild mountains.
The smiles of the upland children will be "a panacea" to help travellers to forget all chaos and worries in their lives. It is not difficult start a conversation with the children here. The innocence in their eyes, the naive in their thinking will certainly be beautiful picture in tourists’ memories when thinking about the trip.

Being more fortunate, travellers will have the opportunity join in fun activities of the upland kids.
Their innocent smiles are like the simple of the natives’ ego.

"Because life is a range of trips" is a saying that many people passed each other when talking about their movement passion. After every trip, people may gain something new that is difficult to find in books or newspapers.

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