The Reverse Gear - Three Relaxing Resorts in Himachal Pradesh, India to Check Out

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous tourist states of India. Dotted with enchanting hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Kasauli etc., it is amongst the few places in the country, where people come to get a breather from their hectic city lives. There are few resorts in the state, popular for their cosy and refreshing ambience, which helps in decluttering your mind. Chandigarh acts as popular tourist layover, and if you feel like spending few days in these resorts then you can easily find a Delhi to Chandigarh taxi and a bus thereon, to reach these spots. Let’s take a look at some of these popular resorts in Himachal Pradesh.

Baikunth Resort, Kasauli - Baikunth is among the most popular resorts in Himachal Pradesh that's ideal for short vacations, weekend getaways, business functions, and celebrating family occasions. This superb property with a scenic view also accompanies an extraordinary staff, superb food, and cozy rooms. If you’re trying to find a serene and tranquil place to stay in Kasauli, the Baikunth Resort is one of the best places to stay. The spacious and big rooms are specially outfitted to provide visitors a great feel of the surroundings. The best part of the resort is a private gallery in every room that gives a wonderful view of the Kasauli hills. So if you feel like the daily work has taken a toll on your health, take some time out to visit this beautiful resort. You can take a Delhi to Chandigarh taxi and a bus thereon to reach this spot.

The Himalayan Hamlet, Manali - Featuring Kathkuni fashion, the Himalayan Hamlet carries you to a timeframe when houses were made of mud and dry stacked rocks. A resort which provides you a glimpse of the neighborhood customs of Himachal Pradesh is very stylish from within. If you’re planning to visit Manali anytime soon, don’t forget to book a room at this fantastic place. Every bungalow in the resort is connected via stairs, and are furnished with an additional big bed, sofa with a capacity of 4 individual, a study, a standard pub down refrigerator, etc. They similarly have private sit-outs that provide a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and are also ideal for practicing yoga and light exercises.

Suryavilas Spa and Luxury Resort, Solan - This resort promises to offer serenity and peace near the green Kumarhatti Hills. Complete with modern comforts and situated amidst the lower Himalayan hills, this certainly will make you forget the stress of a city life. It is also tagged as one the most price effective resorts in the state. The resort is counted amongst few of the perfect accommodation near cities like Chandigarh that provides a large number of facilities. Equipped with an infinity pool overlooking the valley, a fitness centre, sunbeds, indoor amusement, a snooker room, entertainment for children, a cards room, and a 25-seat theatre makes it a desirable location. It takes about 250 km to cover the Delhi to Chandigarh distance, and from there add another half an hour to reach the resort. Taking your personal car is a better idea.

The Beauty of Nature and Human in Ha Giang, Vietnam

The impressive nature, innocence of young children, and the bright eyes of the elder will bring visitors interesting emotions whether they first time or have been to Ha Giang repeatedly.

As the ending province of Northeast Vietnam, populated mainly in Ha Giang are ethnic minorities such as the Hmong, Thai, Lo Lo, La Chi ... The wild nature has created a luring attraction to anyone interested in exploring and experiencing travel. In particular, the specific culture in daily life activities of people here will give the visitors an absolutely memorable experience.

Though Ha Giang is one of the poorest mountainous provinces in Vietnam, and the road to there is full of obstacles, it is still an interesting destination which always attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists, especially the young.

Ha Giang tourist season lasts all year round, so visitors are able to come and explore it any time. Each season, this mountainous province carries a particular beauty and colorwhich cannot be mistaken with anywhere else in Vietnam.

Come to ha Giang, tourists can go along the Happiness road to enjoy the emotions that only in the actual experience. Stretching from Ha Giang City, cross Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and finally to MeoVac, the path takes travellers from fear, to joy and pride of the country.

Ha Giang appears as a perfect combination of peaceful nature, undulating mountains and many faded roof houses.

Ha Giang also challenge brave hearts to conquer spectacular mountain passes. Many tortuous curving roads which close to the dangerous abysses, the delicate bends make anyone quit looking. This will be unforgettable experience for the riders when travelling to Ha Giang.

Another thing visitors should try is to spend nights in a Hmong family. People here are famous for their hospitality, friendliness. It should be easier for tourists to enjoy themselves in the daily activities of the natives. Visitors will hardly forget the meals, farm-works or stories between wild mountains.
The smiles of the upland children will be "a panacea" to help travellers to forget all chaos and worries in their lives. It is not difficult start a conversation with the children here. The innocence in their eyes, the naive in their thinking will certainly be beautiful picture in tourists’ memories when thinking about the trip.

Being more fortunate, travellers will have the opportunity join in fun activities of the upland kids.
Their innocent smiles are like the simple of the natives’ ego.

"Because life is a range of trips" is a saying that many people passed each other when talking about their movement passion. After every trip, people may gain something new that is difficult to find in books or newspapers.

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The Little Young Backpacker Shares Her Experience on the Adventure to Bac Son Valley

I have just returned after a 2 day 1 night journey by motorbike with our team to Bac Son Valley. This is an amazing trip, an unforgettable experience in my life.

My team set off our journey from Hanoi at around 2.30 pm. After more than 3 hours drive, we started to get into the mountainous area of Bac Son Valley. For me, it was a quite long journey. Maybe, on the one hand it was the first time I took such a long trip. On the other hand, we did not know very well the way, so it took time to search the way. I recommend that if you are planning to visit this land by motorbike, you should search the way in advance so that you save time. The way to Bac Son is quite smooth because all roads are paved.

During our trip, the scenery of mountains and forest appeared as beautifully as a picture. From the back of the motorbike, I was free to immerse into the fresh air of the region, the endless green of rolling mountains appearing as a majestic picture. There was no word that can describe the breathtaking beauty of this mountainous area. Unfortunately, as soon as we set our foot on the land, rainfalls came up. Hidden in the rain and mist, the scene of mountains turned to be more dim and charming than ever. Here and there, light shimmered reflecting from traditional stilt houses.

Finally, around 7.00 pm, we arrived in Quynh Son Village. The place where we chose as a stop was a traditional stilt house with wooden floor and beautifully decorated. Greeting us was a couple of Tay minority. They were very friendly and hospitable. After a tour around the house, we took a rest while waiting for amazing dinner prepared by skill hands of the host women. More interesting, I had the chance to help her prepare food - a great way to learn more about the cuisine of the region.

When everything was ready, we started to have dinner. We had a great time together and enjoyed unique local dishes which could not be found anywhere else. The food was delicious and unique with elegant taste, easy to eat. There is a note that you should book the number of meals in advance so that the host can prepare food for you before you arrive in. Because markets here are only available in the morning, if you book in advance, the host will go to market for food in that morning. As soon as you arrive in, you have already a fabulous lunch or dinner.

After enjoying dinner, we sat together, told funny stories and played traditional games. This were truly relaxing moments after a long way. The host couple also told us stories around the region such as the history of the land or memories of other groups of tourists who had stayed at their house. It was amazing.

In the early morning, we got up early and excited to prepare for an interesting hiking tour. The atmosphere of the morning in the region was very peaceful and tranquil. Surrounding mountains appeared gradually in front of our eyes in the dim mist. All looked like a painting of nature.

 Along the way, we made a stop at a small local restaurant to buy donuts. Donuts had been made which were still warm and fragrant and crunchy. The price was surprisingly cheap. With just 2.000 VND for one, we had a great breakfast and charged enough energy for a new journey. If you still wonder which to choose for breakfast or you do not have time to sit down for breakfast at the homestay, you are absolutely able to buy several donuts. It was convenient to bring along and enjoy along the way, both cheap and delicious.

After about 10 minute walk, we reached the foot of the famous mountain in the region where the cell phone tower was placed atop. As we visited in the morning so it was still misty, the road was marshy.

For safety, you should equip carefully with your shoes and clothes because the path to the mountain was quite slippery. We recommend that the best time for hiking to the mountain is around 7 am in the morning and 3 pm in the afternoon. It will be better if you bring along a bottle of water because your hiking will be not easy. During our hiking, we had to stop many times. The higher we got the more beautiful and charming the scenery was. It took us nearly hour to reach the top of the mountain. As soon as you reach the top, your hard work will be totally worth because of stunning panorama of the mountain itself and of the whole region. It seemed that everything was under our feet. Amazing!

To get the best view of the region, you should hire a ladder (only $3) to reach the top of a house. It will be truly amazing. You will have the feeling that you are standing between the vast universe. Do not forget to take as many photos as you want to save this stunning moment.

We then return to the family and took a short rest. Afterwards, we said goodbye to the friendly host and continued moving to the nearby communal house. The road leading to house was breathtaking, the atmosphere was peaceful, and scenery was charming and rustic. If visiting the village, I recommend that you should take a bike ride in the morning to this communal house to immerse into the tranquil ambience of a beautiful village.

After taking a tour around the communal house, we had to say goodbye to the beloved land for heading back to Hanoi. All of us still regretted. If I have one more chance, I will surely take another journey to the land. That was truly an unforgettable journey.

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Famous Buddhist architectures in Taiwan

Taiwan is a popular destination of many tourists all over the world with delicious cuisine, modern shopping malls and luxury buildings. However, it would be an omission if you just visit the attractive destinations and overlook the ancient and sacred temples. Buddhist architectures in Taiwan are amazing and very important in the spiritual life of the people in this beautiful island country.

FoGuang Shan Monastery

FoGuang Shan Monastery will make you feel stunned with the majestic and voluminous works here. With more than 20 buildings of chancels and sanctuary, FoGuang Shan is the convergence place of many Buddhists. At the central of the monastery, there is a giant Buddha statue with gentle smile imposing in the blue sky. This is the highest copper statue in the world today with a height of up to 108m. The two rows of stupas seem to create two walls shielding the way to the Buddha statue.

FoGuang Shan Monastery

Dragon Tiger Tower

As one of the temples that have the most beautiful Buddhist architectures in Taiwan, Dragon Tiger Tower consists of two main towers. Both of them have and 7 floors implying the meaning of seven-floor stupa in Buddhism. The gate of the tower is designed in a unique style. One side is Dragon and the other is Tiger, symbolizing the auspicious things.

Chung Tai Chan Temple

Chung Tai Chan Temple was built in 1992 and completed in September 2001. It is located on the lotus hill within the middle of two small peaks. The temple consists of 16 floors and 3 different gardens. Each garden has a bell for those who want to come here and sincerely worship.The special architecture of Chung Tai Chan Temple is the towering vertical block with the golden dome structure on the top, looks like the stupa built under the architecture of Tibet. Along both sides of the temple is the 3-level stairs, each step led to a level of awakening for all beings in the roadmap towards Buddhahood. Standing in front of the temple’s gate, visitors can have a panoramic view of the town below. Chung Tai Chan temple was dubbed the Vatican of Buddhism.

Longshan Temple

Among well-known Buddhist architectures in Taiwan, Longshan Temple is a famous ancient temple in southwestern Taipei. It was built from the Qianlong reign, mainly worship of the Bodhisattva. Since ancient times, it was a command center controlling everything of the locals. For over 280 years of history, Longshantemple was restored several times but it still retains the characteristics of most revered temples and shrines of the Chinese.

Why Tourists Love Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam?

Sapa, Vietnam is famous for trekking adventure thanks to its charm of primitive and natural beauty. Many tourists love trekking in this mountainous area and certainly, there are some good reasons for that.

Traveling by Train

Whether traveling alone, visitors will not get any difficulty on the way to Sapa. Because of the long trip, travelling by train can be a good choice to save time for experiencing. A train travel in Asia is truly an amazing experience. However, travellers should pay attention to their luggage while sleeping on the train.

Hanoi to Sapa Tour by Train

Walking around the Town of Sapa

Let's begin the journey from the town center. Being a peaceful and beautiful place, Sapa is somewhat of Hanoi because there are also old buildings constructed during French colonial times. It will only take a few hours to stroll around this small town and enjoy all the beauty of the in-fog city.

Discovering the Cultural Life of Ethnic Minorities

Sapa is the habitat of several ethnic minorities, in which, Hmong ethnic is the majority. When coming to Hmong villages, there will be ethnic women who will accompany tourists around the mountain and then show the introduction of their hand-made brocade items. Visitors can also easily communicate with them in English. This is a great opportunity to explore the culture and life of local people.

Sapa Ethnic Tour | Sapa Market Tour | Sapa Village Tour

Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range

In a hiking tour, travellers certainly cannot ignore the chance to conquer Hoang Lien Son range. Visitors are able to see the majestic views of the mountains, as well the stunning vistas appearing after every single footstep.

Exploring the Spectacular Nature

For those who are into nature, they will be overwhelmed by the fascinating beauty of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. It is a not-to-be-missed place for photographs during the trip in Sapa. In addition, the natural landscapes in Sapa are also the highlights. Tourists will captivate the not only majestic but also charming and romantic beauty here.

Children in Highland Area

Children here have to work to support their families. They also have to go a long distance to get to school or some of them even do not have chance to learn. When not in school, the children reach the age of 7 to 9 will go along tourists to sell jewelries and cheap souvenirs. Come to Sapa, visitors should buy some handicraft bracelets instead of giving them candy, because at least doing that will help them to have a meal during the hard - working day.

Watching the Herds of Cattle

Have you ever seen white buffalos on green pastures? If you have not, let’s come to Sapa to see and experience more.

Discovering the Local Culture at the Natives’ Home

Homestays are the best way to explore the lives of human beings in the Northwest of Vietnam. The houses will provide quite simple accommodations with a mattress, a mosquito net and convenient toilets.

Maybe everything is not entirely comfortable, but this is definitely a good opportunity to communicate withlocal people, learn about their culture, and enjoy the local specialties. The landlords are very friendly and visitors will really have some great time here.

Sapa Trekking Homestay Tour

Ending the Day with Wonderful Sunset Scene

There is nothing more interesting than watching the sunset from a peak the mountain. Travellers will be also possible to see the town of Sapa hidden in fascinating landscape.

A Few Notes for Sapa Adventures

Every year, there is an average of 160 days when Sapa is mostly cloudy weather and in fog. Therefore, cloudy can obscure travellers’ vision. Rain and fog will also cause difficulties for the trip. To have convenient journey, visitors should learn more about Vietnam weather before travelling.

A good way to save money is to book the train at the station from Hanoi. After arriving in Lao Cai station, there will be many buses or coaches to Sapa, so visitors can easily move to the town.
To avoid getting any trouble on the trekking road, do not forget to bring hiking shoes or rubber boots.

► Some Budget Adventure Packages:
Vietnam Adventure 9 Days | Vietnam Adventure Holiday |  Hanoi to Sapa Tour 6 Days

Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip

Cu Lao Cau, Binh Thuan

Cu Lao Cau is a floating island in the sea, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province, about 110 km from Phan Thiet City to the northeast. From the mainland, you can reach Cu Lao Cau from many points: Phuoc The fishing port, Lien Huong town, Ca Na town, Vinh Tan commune... by timber ships or canoes. On Cu Lao Cau, apart from the pristine beaches, Yen cave, Ba Hon cave, Nam Hai God Temple... the beautiful sights. The specialties you should try are snails, moon crab...

Cu Lao Cau is also known as Cau island. According to fishermen, it is home to the most seaweed, so it is called Cau Island. The rocks on this island named Tinh Yeu (Love) cave, Tam Tien (nude) beach, Sung Suong, San Ho (coral) beach, Ca Suot beach… by fishermen are suitable for couples in love, as well as those who are keen on adventure and discovery travel.

Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip

The sea around Cu Lao Thu is blue and clear all year round. The water ebbs and reveals countless beautiful conches, shells. You can enjoy it by walking on barefoot along the beach but you have to be extremely careful because your feet may bleed because of the sharp shells. On the island, there is a shallow well at border post to get fresh water. After bathing in the sea, you can get fresh water to rinse, but you must save because freshwater resources are very rare on the island.
Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip
After returning from the island, if it is still early, you can visit Co Thach Pagoda, also known as Hang Pagoda located on Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, on the 64m high mountains, adjacent to Ca Duoc beach and 105km north of Phan Thiet.

Hang Pagoda is not far from Wind Cave. From sea view, you can see the song, the gravel seven colors (the smooth stones have many different colors, from white, black, green, light yellow to gray, brown, and purple dark) blue curving coast. Co Thach a tourist village with many newly built lovely houses on stilts to welcome visitors to visit the temple and enjoy the sights.
Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip

Cu Lao Thu, Binh Thuan

As a small island with an area of ​​16km2 in Binh Thuan, Phu Quy is 540 km from Spratly islands to the northwest, 150km south of the town of Cam Ranh - Khanh Hoa province, 330km from Con Dao to the northeast and 200 km from Vung Tau city to the east. In addition to the main island, there are Hon Da Cao, Hon Do, Hon Hai, Hon Tranh around Phu Quy island. Phu Quy island district has 3 communes of Long Hai, Ngu Phung, and Tam Thanh. In the history books, the island was once known as Co Long or Thuan Tinh... Since the 4th year of Thieu Tri (1844), because of abundant economic potential and a significant number of unique specialties ordering to Hue court, the island was renamed from Ha Canton into Phu Quy Canton in Tuy Phong district, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan province. Currently, Phu Quy is a remote island district of Binh Thuan province.
Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip
Also known as the island of Phu Quy, Cu Lao Thu is an attractive tourist destination of Binh Thuan province, suitable for a 3 day 2 night trip to play in 2016 New Year. From Phan Thiet, boats to Phu Quy depart daily at 8 am and 11am, but the schedule may be changed depending on the weather condition. On the island, you can rent a motorbike for about 100,000 people / day to go sightseeing around the island: Long Hai fish market, Ngu Phong, Thanh Tam fishing villages; seeing sunrise in Doi Thay cape, Hon Trang, Da Den reef; watching the sunset from the lighthouse in the Cam (Forbidden) Mountain; visiting An Thanh Van where has kept the giant whale skeleton. Specialties on the island are seaweed, king crab, sea cucumber,...

Top Islands along the Middle of Vietnam for Your Trip

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Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet holiday

Ta Xua (Son La)

200km from Hanoi, Ta Xua is the favourite destination of the photographers and young people who love travelling. In addition to billowing sea of cloud, when the spring comes, this area is filled with cherry trees blooming showing the pristine, wild beauty. Travelers will have opportunities to discover life, customs and culture of the peoples here. Ta Xua is also known for the ancient shang tea trees– the famous speciality tea that anyone finds to buy when coming here.

Part 1 : 3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet

Beautiful places to see the sea of cloud, peach blossom and exploreare: Ta Xua, Xim Vang, Hang Dong, ...
Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet holiday
In spring, Ta Xua is filled with peach blossom
Ta Xua sea cloud is more attractive than the sea clouds in Y Ty, Sa Pa, Sin Ho because this valley is surrounded by Ta Xua mountain range; therefore, it is airproof, clouds seldom move.

Having an opportunities to watch the H'mong girls in brilliant brocade dress picking tea buds in endless green of the mountains is an impressive moment that not all the visitors coming here luckily get.

There are two ways to reach the highest peak are from Tram Tau (Yen Bai) and Bac Yen (Son La). The highest peak of Ta Xua range is 2865 m high, this place still remains the vestige of the flagpole that Vietnamese military plug in the war against French colonialism.
Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet holiday
The sea of cloud in Ta Xua
To conquer the three peaks of Ta Xua, you need 3 days 2 nights continuously climbing with essential items such as hiking boots, jacket, tent or sleeping bag, flashlight and especially clean water because Ta Xua mountain has no springs and water sources are difficult to find and too far from vacation spot.

Moc Chau (Son La)

Moc Chau is a great destination in the Lunar New Year, because travel is convenient, not too distant, so it is suitable for many people who need a outdoor trip after the moments gathering around the warm meals with family. It is cold but very beautiful, with valleys filled with peach, plum blossoms. Visitors can immerse in the atmosphere of Tet of Hmong ethnic, admire the tea hills in the early mist, or try to conquer the Pha Luong peak which is known as the roof of Moc Chau.
Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet holiday
Pha Luong- the roof of Moc Chau
The sites should not be ignored when traveling to Moc Chau including Thong Cuong village, Pa Phach village, Dai Yem waterfall, Doi cave, Ngu Dong Ban On, Heart tea hills, Ang village pine forests, Loong Sap border gate, Pha Luong peak...

Coming to Moc Chau is coming to the green tea plantation here. The thing that urge most tourists to enjoy coming to this land is to watch and admire the tea plantation in shape of the heart in this place. Especially, young people like to go to a heart tea plantation to capture beautiful photos on their memory. Moc Chau has three beautiful heart tea plantations attracting tourists to come here. The tea plantation takes on a particular beauty that visitors only see in Moc Chau.
Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet holiday
The tea beds are arranged in shape of the hearts
Dai Yem Waterfall, also called Nang waterfall, Ban Vat waterfall, is located on the town of Moc Chau, Son La. The waterfall is named “Dai Yem” in order to compare the beauty of the waterfall to the beauty and attraction of a young girl. There is also another explanation of the name Dai Yem, according to legend, the waterfall was the Yếm (ancient Vietnamese bodice) of a Fairy helping a boy escape from floodwaters. Less than 10km from the central of Moc Chau town, the beauty as well as the stories about the waterfall have always attracted many travellers to Moc Chau.

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Visiting Thanh Hoa and Going to Pho Don Fair

On the journey to discover the green Luang Pu, visitors will encounter Pho Don fair which still remains many simple features and bear the characters of the highland in western Thanh Hoa. According to the general rule, Pho Don fair open twice a week, in Thursday morning and Sunday morning. From 7am to 9am, the approximately 1km long Lung Niem commune center is filled with people, full of bright colors if peaches, citrus, vegetables, bamboo shoots, forest Dong leaves... and the traditional costumes of Kinh, Thai, Muong... peoples creating a separate color of the fair in the highland ...

Visiting Thanh Hoa and Going to Pho Don Fair

Pho Don, the name of a market appearing in the period of French domination, is located on in Lung Niem commune, Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province. This is the place of goods and cultural exchange of Kinh, Muong, Thai ethnics of the communes around, the people in Tan Lac, Lac Son… districts of Hoa Binh province.

More : Exploring the Beauty of Hai Hoa Beach, Thanh Hoa

The thing setting the impression on tourists coming to Pho Don fair is the exchange commodities of equal values culture. Sometimes, people do not buy things by money, for example, a chicken could be exchanged for two dozen of eggs and a bunch of vegetable but both sides still feel comfortable and happy. Along with that, there are many people from lowland coming and purchasing agricultural products such as dried bamboo shoot, chayote, glutinous rice planted on the terrace... to bring to lowland and supply for Tet market (in the days near Tet).
Visiting Thanh Hoa and Going to Pho Don Fair
The fair becomes more crowded in the broad daylight
Right from the early morning, when the first watch cock- crow resounds in the silent night, people from the highland villages call each other noisily to go to the market. The farthest area is the 3 villages of Son - Ba - Muoi, Kit, Toong Hoong, people have to pass more than 10 kilometers of rugged mountain road, carry baskets of goods to the marketplace. People in some villages such as Pa Pan, Eo Ken… of Thanh Son commune also have to walk in 3 hours, or residents of Co Lung Commune have to get up at 5 am and walk 7 km to reach the fair.

Pho Don fair bears the features of a market in the highland with mainly the subsistence goods. Goods are simple but quite rich in types with produces such as brocade, wine, forest vegetables, insects, fresh fruit ...
Visiting Thanh Hoa and Going to Pho Don Fair
Produces sold in Pho Don fair are mainly those planted by local people
Down the slopes are typical items of highlanders. Sometimes, goods are just several hamster, bunches of watercress grown in the garden, chickens fed on hills, hands of green banana, palm seeds, some fruits picked in the garden or a newly woven piece of Brocade… but people do not mind the long distances and carry them to the fair. It is not difficult hard to encounter the image of the women carrying a basket of chayote, pumpkin, bitter melon, corn, cabbage or glutinous rice planted in terraces ... on their back wandering up hills and down the streams to take them to the market.

For people here, going to market not only to buy and sell goods but also to exchange culture, to meet and talk to each other. Besides, many Kinh people from lowland also go to this fair to buy upland produces and sell the essential items such as clothing, shovels, metal tools, buckets, blankets ... to meet the demand of local residents.
Visiting Thanh Hoa and Going to Pho Don Fair

Pho Don fair contributes to enrich the material and spiritual life of people living in the highland Western of Thanh Hoa province. At the same time, it helps preserve the unique culture of ethnic minorities here.

Visiting Thanh Hoa and Going to Pho Don Fair

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Discovering the Attractive Tourist Destinations in Nghe An

As the largest province in Vietnam, Nghe An has many attractive and various tourist destinations, from sea, forest, relaxing tourism, to visiting the historical monuments…

1. Coming to Nam Dan to visit Uncle Ho’s hometown

Traditional festival in Sen village
Kim Lien village, the village always full of fragrant lotus (therefore, it is also called Sen (Lotus) village) is the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh - the venerable leader of the people of Vietnam. Located about 15 km from Vinh City, Sen village is the first place you should explore when travelling to Nghe An.

The house of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac in Sen village
Tourists visit Sen village to see the old pictures associated with the childhood of Uncle Ho like the banyan tree, Coc well, the ancestral temple of Nguyen Sinh family, and most especially, the cottage of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac - father of President Ho Chi Minh. This house is the origin of the ardent patriotism, of the great will of a national hero.

2. Truong Bon – the legendary landmark

To mark the sacrifice of blood and the contributions of Vietnamese army and people, especially the youth volunteer force in the resistance against the Americans for national salvation, on 7th August, 2015, the inauguration ceremony of the Truong Bon historical sites was celebrated solemnly inaugurated in My Son, Do Luong district by Nghe An province’s authority.
The panorama of Truong bon historical site
Truong Bon has become a legendary landmark marking the victories of our army and people during the resistance against the US for national salvation. Not only is Truong Bon an evidence of the unjust war, this is also a red address contributing to the education of patriotic tradition for all generations.
Truong Bon is not only a place keeping evidences of war, but also a spiritual destination as well as a red address to educated traditional patriotism for all generations.

3. Field of sunflowers full of yellow color - Nghia Dan

Ordinarily planted with the aim to be food of cattle (cow); however, but the yellow color of the sunflowers stretching to the horizon has created an incredible attraction, attracted tourists coming here to see them firsthand. The sunflowers are as brilliant as the tiny suns bringing incredible warmth to overcast sky in Nghia Dan in winter days.
The field of sunflower in Nghia Dan, Nghe An
Sunflowers bloom and rise toward the sun symbolizing strength, belief in life, always toward the light to find the brightest way. That is also the reason why many people have preferred this flower.
Sunflower field in Nghia Dan is an ideal place for couples to take wedding photos
Every year, in the period of middle November to early December, many tourists come here to admire the picturesque beauty along the bank of the gentle Sao river. Do not forget to protect scenery, avoid picking flowers, not to elbow others out to take photographs.

4. Cua Lo beach

Located about 15 km from Vinh City, Cua Lo beach with gently sloping shores, long, white and smooth sandy beach, clean and clear sea water is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.
Cua Lo beach
The convenient traffic is also a plus point making many travelers choose Cua Lo as a destination in the journey of themselves and their families. In addition, the system of comfortable hotels and hostels, delicious and cheap food, meeting the gentle, rustic people local place will surely make you love Cua Lo more.
The dawn on Cua Lo beach
Apart from the above- mentioned sight, Nghe An has many other exciting attractions waiting for you to explore as Sao Va waterfall, Hua Na Hydropower Plant in Quy Chau, Anh Son tea hill, Cuong Temple on Mo Da Mountain…

Discovering the Attractive Tourist Destinations in Nghe An

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