Thanh Hoa Highlights (part 4)

Kho Muong Valley

Kho Muong is a deep valley in the core area of Pu Luong nature reserve, less influenced by human impact should still retain the very original, poetic features. This is home to 60 Thai ethnic groups, with 230 people. The Muong Village is separated from other villages in the area, about 2km from the People's Committee of Thanh Son Commune, but the way to the village is not simple. Ridiculous travel is a challenge for "travellers" to explore here.

Kho Muong Valley in the core area of Pu Luong nature reserve
Looking from above, Kho Muong appears with attractive soul, the floor is located near the bottom of the rice fields, corn fields, cassava. Surrounding the village is a vast green forest. All of them appear as a picture of the place "the first time". The people living in the village mainly live by rice, maize, cassava products made only for the daily meal. Thanks to what nature has bestowed, people have known to invest in building spacious houses to welcome visitors to visit. Coming to Kho Muong, visitors can admire the natural scenery, experience, learn the culture, customs and habits of the Thai people, join in the wildlife, enjoy the traditional food Gourmet aromas, such as Lam Lam, banana flower, bitter soup, corn wine, sour pickles and boiled duck meat. Come here, visitors also discovered Kho Muong cave or cave great.

Hang Kho Muong is one of the most attractive caves in the cave population discovered in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Limestone blocks formed about 250 million years ago make this cave. The cave is linked to the underground system with a length of about 2.5 km to the north and leads water from Kho Muong through the village of Lung Cao. The river system flowing through the cave is a common feature of the Kart Mountains, which creates a connection between the valley basins by the flow of water. Hang Kho Muong is also home to many bats, with at least four species of bats residing in the cave at different times of the year. As you go deep into the cave, visitors will be able to admire the stone blocks, stalactites with strange shapes such as human figures, trees, animals full of different colours, fuzzy virtual Virtual, all appear extremely vivid and special. In a cave deep in the cave, there is a large open field that looks like a natural volleyball court, this is one of the highlights of the bat.

May Fall 

May Fall is about 100km from Cuc Phuong National Park in the province of Thanh Hoa - Thach Lam commune - Thach Thanh district. From Hanoi, you move along Ho Chi Minh Road, across the Cuc Phuong National Park a passage will turn into May, fall about 10 km away. The road to May fall is quite convenient, the scenery along the two beautiful roads, the feeling of water painting is here.  You will have the opportunity to admire the stilted houses, the high mountains stretching majestic, listening to the murmuring at once rushing the stream of cool water in cold streams along with It is the birdsong, creating a very interesting delivery of forests. On the way, you will find a bridge made from the forest and combined with bamboo sheets, wild nature. The bridge over the Ngang River is the first stop for the waterfall, you can take pictures, eating at the bridge. May waterfall falls from the top of Mount Thalam, with a height of about 100m, and a total of nine steps cascade over each other to create soft water as the wavy line of a white silk.
May Fall is about 100km from Cuc Phuong National Park in the province of Thanh Hoa
In addition to the nine main cascades, there is a stepped father, mother waterfall and waterfall. The two sides are the big trees always shade down the waterfall. May fall has water all year round but will be most beautiful in August onwards. Then the gentle stream waterfall is as warm as the daughter Muong is spring.

The appropriate time to go to the May fall is in the summer. Then the gentle stream waterfall is as warm as the daughter Muong here. There are places where the fence where there are murmuring, there are places where the waterfall soft, where there are so many waterfalls poured white water froze foam.

In addition to being immersed in the clear blue water, cool down from the sky to dispel the fatigue, flung the town, you can also release your soul to nature, find peace and quiet silent for the soul.

Thanh Hoa Highlights (part 3)

Hai Tien Beach

Any visitor who has been to Hai Tien travel feels that the attraction of this white sandy beach lies in the pristine beauty of this land. The beautiful natural landscape of heaven and earth is blended with special features in the space of peaceful fishing village life that purely made an ideal beach destination to give visitors a wonderful holiday.

Sunset on Hai Tien Beach

Hai Tien beach is only about 2km long but flat and attractive natural landscapes also hide the pristine. Hai Tien is not only the blue sea but also the fine white sand beside the coconut trees, soaring casuarina soaring along the coast, giving the place extremely beautiful and romantic. people.
Coming to Hai Tien Sea Resort, you will experience the feeling of walking on the white sand beach and feeling the cool sea breeze blowing with the salty smell of the sea and waiting for the moment when the sun rises. is a very relaxed and wonderful feeling. And only when the first light of the sun shines down on the sea island is still this wild nature, people can fully feel the true beauty of the land of heaven and sea island of Tien.
Man in the sea Hai Tien very honest nature. They live mainly by fishing, so life is quite difficult but visitors can still see their friendly smile for themselves. Welcoming tourists is a precarious labour life, but the gentle people who sketch year-round friends with the sea, still warm and warm. Coming to Hai Tien, you do not go away just because of the beautiful scenery, but also by the heart of the heart.
Get up early to watch the sunrise and share with the fishermen, you will relive the feeling you once had in the sea Sam Son or beaches along Vietnam. In the Sea of Hai Tien, visitors can easily talk to any fisherman, experience the feeling of pulling a net, filtering fish or buy fresh seafood they catch from the sea for the cheap price.

Ben En National Park

Ben En National Park covers an area of nearly 15,000 ha, of which more than half are primitive forest, with rich flora and fauna. The nature of this place is also prominent with the Muc River Lake which is about 4,000ha deep, tens of meters deep, the watercourse of Muc River and four big streams in the area. Lake Muc is divided into two lakes, Ho Thuong is larger than 3,000ha and Ho Ha is about 800ha. The lake is green around the year, the lake has more than 20 islands covered with green trees, creating a beautiful landscape painting.

Ben En National Park

In addition to the area of lakes, islands and forests, Ben En also has limestone mountains in Hai Van commune, which owns some fanciful caves, typically Hang Ngoc with a length of about 80m, 8m wide, 2.5m high, The inside is a shiny, light-coloured quartz. Especially, in the middle of the cave, there is a huge stalactite, sparkling like jade. Water from the cliffs in the cave flows out, forming a small stream, cool, ragged all night. Beside Ngo Ngoc Cave, where can climb to the top of the cave, overlooking the gap is a panoramic view of Ben En National Park.
Visiting Ben En National Park, the boat will take you gliding on the calm lake, enjoy the fresh air and see the masterpiece of nature. Then stop by to visit the green islands, where you can camp tents, fire camp activities, as well as outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, catching crabs.
Join the discovery of the national forest Ben En and to look at the mysterious caves, the trip will make you admire the huge tree trunk to some people hug, banana flaps hatched a red corner forest, Meet the herd of monkeys, learn the birds singing as melodious chorus, and then dazzle in front of various stalactites in Ngoc cave, Suoi Tien cave.
In addition, depending on the weather, Ben En National Park can arrange for visitors to go to the forest, observe wildlife at night, with some species such as squirrel, flying squirrel, deer, wild boar hidden behind the grass, trees.
Experience the local culture, you can visit Von of the Thai people in the buffer zone of Ben En National Park. Local people are enthusiastic and hospitable, giving you a comfortable moment of interaction, with traditional stilt house space, with unrivalled rounds, vibrant dances and unique cultural identities.
Overnight here, you also have the opportunity to enjoy specialities such as Thanh Bong soup, grilled spinach fish, sesame rice porridge in Song Muc lake (each weighs 30-40 kg) sip the wine needs to be ecstatic. Wake up early, admire the scenery at dawn, when the islands are dim in the white mist covered the surface of the lake. All will be unforgettable memories after the discovery of Ben En national park.

Thanh Hoa Highlights (part 2)

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is located in the north-west of Thanh Hoa province, in Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc districts. The Pu Luong Nature Reserve, established in 1999, is now preserving its rich natural landscape values with a diversity of native plants and animals.

From historic road 15C through Canh Nang town, Ba Thuoc district to the end of Phu Le commune, Quan Hoa district connected to Road 47 to Lac village, Mai Chau district Hoa Binh has split Pu Luong into two different ecosystems The limestone mountain ecosystem is one and the mountain ecosystem is one side.
Covering an area of 17,662 ha, the reserve has a rich forest ecosystem, rich in fauna and flora diversity with 598 animal species belonging to 130 vertebrate families, of which 51 species are rare. (26 species of mammals, 5 species of bats, 6 species of birds, 5 species of freshwater fish, 6 species of reptiles).
Especially here is the residence of the Leopard, Beo fire, deer, bear and Son Duong, dozens of the herd of white ducklings - a rare primate with the number up to hundreds of individuals. The karst system of limestone karst preserves many caves with the mysterious nature of nature. Flora and fauna with rare species of orchids have given the forest a sense of beauty that not every forest has.
Besides the diversity of natural scenery, this place is diverse in the cultural identity of the Thai community makes Pu Luong bring their own unique beauty.
Located in the middle of the forest, this is the Son, Ba, Muoi of Lung Cao commune, Ba Thuoc district. With an altitude of over 1,000m and surrounded by forests, this place has an ideal climate, one day with four seasons and the temperature does not exceed 20oC.
Coming to Pu Luong in May and October, visitors will admire the terraced paddy fields of golden rice spread over the mountains.
With its outstanding features, Pu Luong Nature Reserve is considered as a valuable natural reserve in terms of science, socio-economic and ecotourism.

Tu Thuc Cave

Tu Thuc Cave is also known as Bich Dao Cave, located in Nga Thien Commune, Nga Son District, Thanh Hoa Province. This is a system of limestone karsts with unique stalactites and stalagmites associated with the legend of the Tantric metamorphosis is widely circulated in folk.

In front of the entrance to the Consciousness, there are two poems in Han scripture praising the beauty of the goddess, a stone carved on the stone of the Trinh Sam goddess with the Nam Nguyen pseudonym, one on the high cliff of Le Quy. Pedestal. Outside the door, there is a small temple called Son Shrine.
Entering the inside of the cave of Tu Thuc, the visitor is a spacious outdoor arc-shaped look like a giant bowl, on the ceiling with stalactites in the shape of a beautiful peach, under the floor surviving vestiges. Tet worship and the sparkling stalactites are like the treasure of gold, the treasure of the human.
Follow the narrow corridor, visitors will enter the lobbies in. Around are the stalactites silhouette sparkling, evoking images associated with the love of Huong Huong and Tu Huc such as Huong Huong bath and the letter of the room, the chess board, fruit tray, orchestra and so on.
Go deeper in the cave, you will encounter a small lake in the scattered, scattered here are the white stones, adjacent to the shape of ponds, the stone statue he adoration, frogs as a hand-crafted clever set.
There are two turns for Tu Thuc. One falls with equal stone steps, Legend is the way up the heavenly realms. The rest of the way deep down the mountain in the direction of the spiral with the rocky bumpy, dark, wet is down the road, the place is easy to make tourists fear that quickly turn out.
The Legend of Tonkin and the exotic scene inside the cave has created a unique attraction for this place, and enrich the destination for Thanh Hoa tourism. 

Sam Son Beach

Sam Son beach is a famous beach in Thanh Hoa. Sandy beaches, calm waves, clear blue water and moderate salt concentration are very suitable for human health.

In addition to beautiful beaches, nature is rich for Sam Son many famous scenic spots and legendary shimmering colour. It is the Truong Le mountain range that runs along the rim of the four seasons, which is the romantic Trong Mai stone, Tuoc Cac, Tien majestic ancient; Vong Hai radio - where visitors can see a vast area of sky. 
Independence Temple and Temple of Co Tien are all structures built in the late Le Dynasty (17th century) (Temple of the Fairy Goddess and Maitre Lieu Hanh) in ancient architecture. These are the places that visitors often visit each time to Sam Son.
Southern Truong Le mountain range has a very beautiful beach, the environment is very pristine, this place promises a modern resort in the future.
The symbol of Sam Son beach tourism, over the hill with thousands of days and nights singing the sea waves, about a common love of young couples living together in flood victims.
In the south, the legendary Ta Tien pagoda where Uncle Ho stopped by for a sightseeing break when visiting Thanh Hoa in 1961.
Quang Cu ecological tourism area has been planned and is being deployed to welcome tourists. Especially, tourists also enjoy many seafood specialities such as crab, lobster, blue shrimp with more than 50 hotels with full facilities can serve international guests. Every year, this popular tourist destination attracts over 300 thousand tourists.
(to be continued)

Thanh Hoa Highlights (part 1)

Thanh Hoa is a peaceful countryside on the North Central Coast. There are 7 ethnic groups living in Kinh, Muong, Thai, Dao, Mong, Tho and Kho Mu - a multicoloured picture. With a special geographic location, this land is the epitome of Vietnam and is the convergence of interesting tourist attractions that everyone should visit once.

Cam Luong fish cave

Cam Luong fish cave (Cam Luong fish cage) is home to concentrated populations of densely populated fish that are preserved and revered by local ethnic minorities. This is a unique and popular tourist destination in the Thanh Hoa tourism route.
On the way to the stream of Cam Luong Thanh Hoa, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the simple and rustic stilts of the Muong ethnic people lying hidden on the slopes, immersed in the majestic space of The towering rocky mountains, the point of the Ma River winding.
Visiting Cam Luong stream, visitors will not be shy before the fish gods are swimming. As far as the foot of the mountain as much large fish, right in front of the cave is crowded the fish weighing 3-5kg swim close together, sealed the water surface, gathering on the shore as welcoming visitors.
Here, visitors can buy some vegetables and popcorn from the people around to familiarize themselves with the fish. The fish here is very bold, see the food is back, click on the water surface, feeling like there is no distance between the fish and this god. The shape of the fish looks beautiful, black scales, dark mossy back, body stretched in the middle, the fins and mouth are pink. Interesting that you can put your hands on the water stroked these gods.
In addition, to admire the spirit, visitors can also explore the cave tree on the Truong Sinh Mountain, at 70 meters above the ground. Inside the cave is a variety of stalactites with sparkling colours, and the depth of the heart like no endpoint. The murmuring of the small stream nestled on the wall suddenly attracted the attention of tourists, that is the origin of the water stream of Cam Luong.
If time permits, visitors can visit the village around the stream of Cam Luong fish, exchange, learn the customs and habits of the people of Muong with features such as brocade weaving, dance Pong-pong and enjoy the local specialities and wine yeast need to ecstasy.

Ho Dynasty Citadel

The Ho Dynasty Citadel in the province of Thanh Hoa today was the capital of Vietnam from 1398 to 1407. This is one of the rare stone fortifications left in Southeast Asia. UNESCO has recognized Ho Dynasty Citadel as World Cultural Heritage because of the cultural, historical values and unique construction techniques of this project.

This work is highly appreciated in terms of technical stone blocks that are considered to be unique in Vietnam in particular and in East Asia and Southeast Asia. They have been described in the period from the late 14th century, early XV century. Researchers estimate that the architecture of the Ho Dynasty citadel was very scientific, with large blocks carved squarely, interlaced in the shape of grapefruit to avoid large vibrations such as earthquakes. Particularly between these stones, there is no binder but the citadel survives more than 600 years, overcoming the effects of seismic and bomb damage. In addition, this solid construction block was built only in the first three months of 1397.
According to the materials left behind the archaeological work, the current status of the population of  Ho Dynasty Citadel including Thanh Noi, Hao Thanh, La Thanh and Nam Giao is located outside the city. In it, the citadel is the most monumental and most intact remains to date. The entire exterior of the wall is a combination of four gates made from blue limestone slabs, carefully chiselled, stacked together. These large blocks have slabs of up to 6 meters long, weighing about 20 tons. Explaining the way these huge stone blocks were transported, archaeologists have suggested that rock marbles were used to transport them.
Ho Dynasty Citadel is an important historical relic of high cultural value, ancient architecture. Come to this monument, visitors have the opportunity to admire the uniqueness of the old works and learn about this elaborate technique. This is the destination increasingly attract many domestic and foreign tourists know.
(to be continued)

Ho Chi Minh City

Located in the center of southern, Ho Chi Minh, now one of the most densely populated places in Vietnam.

The climate in Ho Chi Minh City is divided into two seasons: the rainy season and dry season. Especially, rainy season last quite long. It is about from 2 to 3 months. However, residents are used to living here a long time.

Ho Chi Minh City

The streets of Ho Chi Minh are a frenzy of activity and noise. The roads are congested with vehicles, from sparkling limousines to dusty rickshaws, while countless of people stream past on the pavements, and in the crowded narrow alleyways, the sense of the pedestrian are bombarded with a variety of exotic sights and smells. Around the city is like covered by a myriad of skyscrapers. Meanwhile, Sai Gon river is very tranquil with huge ships float on the surface. I was definitely impressed by atmosphere here. It is not extremely different from Hanoi. However, I feel as if something makes me fervent.

Below the bright neon lights, advertising every brand name conceivable, visitors can find an endless variety of shopping malls. You can buy anything here such as luxury clothes, jewelry, furniture and so on. Moreover, famous restaurants are also found in everywhere. There are many kinds of the restaurant coming from many countries all over the world. Tourists can enjoy a myriad of different dishes with many aroma dishes. I have had a memorial experience. Besides traditional food of a lot of countrysides in Vietnam, I have also enjoyed dishes that I have never tried such as pizzas from Italia, grilled meat from Korea, sushi from Japan and so on. Besides, Ho Chi Minh also has many markets for residents and tourists. Ben Thanh market is one of the famous markets in Ho Chi Minh City. When you see this market in outside, Clock Tower will come to your view. The people here see it as an unofficial symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. Ben Thanh market is known as a mainly business center of normal people in Ho Chi Minh. Residents sell many kinds of things such as vegetables, clothes or personal items. Each year, a variety of tourists come to Ben Thanh market for visiting or buying.

Because of lying in the center of Northern, Ho Chi Minh has no beautiful beaches for visitors enjoying the atmosphere. However, you can spend two hours going to other areas that is adjacent to Ho Chi Minh to go on holiday. Vung Tau beach is one suggestion for you. It is about 106 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh city. Vung Tau is a seaside town about 2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City by car, making it a popular weekend getaway for local and foreign city dwellers. Called Cap Saint-Jacques by French colonists, it features a long coastal promenade connecting two beaches, colonial-era architecture, bars, and restaurants, as well as beach umbrellas, chairs, loungers, and kayak rental kiosks. While Vung Tau can be visited all year long, we highly recommend making your way here during the week if you prefer a more relaxed setting. Long Hai is another suggestion. It is mostly frequented by the local population during the weekends, offering plenty of hippy bars, seafood eateries, and water sports facilities at affordable prices. Located almost 100 kilometers southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, the beach also houses a wide range of expansive resorts with stylish rooms and villas overlooking the East Sea. The more high-end establishments tend to offer shuttle services for guests departing from Ho Chi Minh City, whether via private car or ferry from District 1.

Ho Chi Minh City has some typical culture that it is not the same as whatever countrysides in Vietnam. The lifestyle is one example. When I came here at the first time, I was so confused. It is not extremely noisy and it is also not too silent. Moreover, if you are foreigners, you can see that Ho Chi Minh people’s voice is different from Ha Noi people. In my thought, I feel their voice very sweet. This is the other type of northern people. Besides, Ho Chi Minh people are very active, enthusiastic and modern. When I talked to them, they also have a bit humorous and it helps me be more confident when communicating.

Ho Chi Minh city is definitely an interesting place!!

Mekong Delta Expedition: My Tho Travel Guide

Once setting foot in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, you shouldn't skip My Tho - a peaceful and beautiful city lying on Mekong River basin. If you are thinking about a trip to this land during your Indochina Tour Packages, then our My Tho travel guide might be useful.

How to reach My Tho

It is quite easy to find your suitable vehicles to My Tho. One of the most convenient and stable is to travel by bus. All you need to do is to come to Cho Lon Bus Station in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and board the bus Saigon – My Tho or other buses to Ben Tre, Go Cong etc. 
Located just about 70km from Saigon, riding your own motorbike to My Tho is also a good idea. Just ride straight from Saigon to the Western area on the AH 1A, passing Long An and take a left hand turn at Trung Luong T-Junction.

Where to Stay

Lying at the heart of Mekong Delta’s countryside, the price for accommodation in My Tho is never a problem, only $5-10 for a nice hotel. Chuong Duong and Cong Doan seem to be the most luxurious ones, which come with great services, maybe you should give them a try:
  • Chuong Duong Hotel: No. 10, 30 Thang 4 Street, My Tho, Tien Giang
  • Cong Doan Hotel: No. 61, 30 Thang 4 Street, My Tho, Tien Giang

How to Move Around

The system of buses in My Tho is quite large, which guarantees you an access to many highlights of the city. However, if you want to see more tourist attractions on the outskirt area, this is not really a good choice.
The best vehicle you should choose to discover this tranquil land is motorcycle, which offers you the chance to discover deep into many obscured areas that bus can’t. Although the motorcycle rental in My Tho is not so popular, you can ask the hotel receptionists for one for about $6-8 per day, depending on the quality of the bikes.
To explore deep into the rustic waterways and see the local villages and markets, boat is the only choice. This will be an interesting experience for you to sit on local bamboo boat controlled by the local, enjoy fresh air, admire tranquil scenery of Mekong Delta’s countryside and enjoy the unique fold song called Don Ca Tai Tu.

Last but not least, My Tho is the departure place for those who want to take one of Mekong Cruises on Mekong River to Vietnam's closeknitting neighbor - Cambodia. Experience the cruise today and you can thank me later.

Cruising on Mekong River on Jahan Cruise

What to See

My Tho is always a good destination for tourists to discover both historical sites and ecotourism. 
If you are eager to learn more about architecture and religion in Vietnam, you should pay a visit to Vinh Trang Pagoda, a beautiful Buddhist complex dating back to 1850.

For those who are interested in Ecotourism, a trip to Thoi Son Island will not disappoint you. There, you will not only admire a peaceful island but full of interesting activities, but also set foot in one of the biggest fruit gardens in Vietnam.

Dong Tam Snake Farm – the biggest of its kind in Vietnam will be one of your highlights offering you the chance to observe the lives of various types of snakes and lizards as well as meet the locals who daily take care of them.

Beyond Pho: 5 Local Dishes to Try in Vietnam

Many of you might hear about Pho - a beautiful specialty full of Vietnamese flavours. However, Vietnam does has a lot of local dishes that can definitely make you fall in love once tasting for the first time. Let's have a look at my post of 5 must-try local dishes for your excursions in Vietnam

Bún chả
You might see some Bun Cha shops in your country or many big cities in the world, but the original, cheapest and absolutely the best Bun Cha comes from Hanoi. Together with Pho, Bun Cha is an charming dish that can conquer every gourmet travellers thanks to its harmonious fusion of different flavours. The broth of Bun Cha is not like others of its kind, it is a bit more salty because 60% of it is Vietnamese fish sauce, which helps balance the flavours of the entire dish. What is more, the broth bowl is not too big but simply enough for you to grap some amazingly delicious barbecue meat balls and dip the rice noodle, herbs, lettuce and spring rolls at the same time. It will be even better to taste Bun Cha with a cup of Tra Da (Vietnamese Tea) and you will understand why this culinary culture is becoming a typical routine in Hanoi for years.

Chả Cá

Cha Ca is a harmonious combination of different local ingredients and condiments. Grilled fish is marinated in a mixture of turmeric, ginger, garlic, then fried until it turns to be a cripsy and fleshy ball. Onions, scallions, peanuts and handfuls of fresh dill are quickly sauteed and tossed with the fish, which is served on a bed of rice vermicelli noodles. The whole thing is then topped with a smattering of fresh herbs including mint and coriander. Dip each mouthful in nuoc cham, a Vietnamese dipping sauce made from fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and red chilli.

Bún riêu cua

Due to the fact that northern Vietnam has a interlaced system of rivers and canals, charming dishes from crabs are unmissable in Vietnamese people’s menu. Indeed, when you set foot in Hanoi, you should try Bun Rieu Cua - a nutritious bowl of crab soup that will not dissappoint you. The broth of Bun Rieu Cua is made by pounding local river crabs then straining water through their shells, creating an attractive crab’s smell that will sure delight you. Bun Rieu Cua offen goes with Vietnamese sausages, shirmps, Cha Ca and some healty Vietnamese vegetable such as Rau muong, Rau Can etc.

Cá Kho Tộ

This is a must-try specialty in the southern provinces of Vietnam. Ca Kho To is the dish from fresh catfishes cooked in clay pots with ginger, shallots, garlic, herbs and local ingredients. Once giving a try, you will experience a favorsome piece of fish which is both spicy, sweet, fleshy. The dish is also salty, because it always goes with jasmine rice as an essential dish in every meal of Vietnamese families.

Chè Bắp

Che Bap, a specialty of Hoi An, must be the one that you will never forget once tasting. This charming rice pudding with sweet corn is considered the best classic dessert in Vietnam, which will sure guarantee you the chance to freshen up your mind and body after your parties of meat and calories. Depending on each person’s tastebud, Che Bap can be used with ice, sugar, coconut milk, jelly or fresh fruits, creating a gorgeous mixture of flavours – absolutely the one for hot summer days.

>> Eager about these dishes, check out our Vietnam culinary tours for more:

Top 5 Best Attractions to See in Hanoi

Hanoi, the one-thousand-year-old city, is well known for its harmonious combination of traditional and modern life style. During the tour in Hanoi, you can have a chance to visit a lot of beautiful historical sites to understand more about this long-term-history city. I would like to present to you the list of 5 Best Attractions in Hanoi, one of the most recommended places for Vietnam excursions

Hoan Kiem Lake

Located in the heart of the city, Hoan Kiem lake is where you can experience a real Hanoi. ‘Hoan Kiem’ or Sword Lake is widely famous for its legendary stories. Visiting the lake, you will see the unique Turtle Tower floating on a tiny islet (at the center of the lake), a little unique temple, where is the favorite spot for Hoan Kiem’s giant turtles to sunbathing. Known as an ideal spot for Vietnam family tours, a trip to Hoan Kiem lake offers you and your family the chance to observe and join in interesting daily activities of local Hanoians such as morning exercises, tai chi practice, traditional folk games for children etc. Additionally, you can easily taste many Hanoi street foods around here.

Temple of Literature

Another one of the best attractions to visit in Hanoi must be the Temple of Literature. Built in 1070, the whole temple complex is an architectural masterpiece, which is mentioned in a lot of newspapers. Visiting the temple, you will be amazed by its tranquil beauty with ancient structures and green surrounding environment. You can also learn more about Vietnamese history as well as the development of education in Vietnam from generation to generation.

West Lake     

If you are looking for a place to relax inside such a bustling Hanoi, then West Lake will be the one. It is not only the biggest lake of the city but also the most exciting entertaining spot to most of Hanoians and foreign expats and tourists, which offers you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity of the nature and take some good photos.  Moreover, you can easily enjoy yourself riding a bicycle around, feeling cool breezes, observing daily local fishermen, or having some cold drink at many lake-view cafes and restaurants. Although this attraction is a popular spot to travellers and expats in Hanoi, it is still an amazing place to relax during your Vietnam private tours.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is the perfect spot for those who concerns about cultural and historical developments of Vietnam. The museum shows a huge range of exhibits as well as some unique traditional structures from 54 different Peoples throughout the country. It will sure be interesting for you to know more about the cultural diversity in Vietnam and some ridiculously funny customs and habits you will not see in your country.

Ho Chi Minh Complex

Known as the final resting place of the greatest President in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh complex (including Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, his stilt house and museum) is the must-see attraction for every Vietnamese and many international tourists who ever came to Vietnam. There, you will have a chance to know more about Ho Chi Minh's life, his struggle time to find the way to save the country.

There are many other interesting spots in Hanoi for you to discover, have a look at our Hanoi Tours! Or  

The Uniqueness of The Cham Museum in Danang

Traveling to Da Nang in addition to exploring the exciting sites such as Helio Center, Ba Na Hill, Sun Wheel Sun Wheel ... do not miss the opportunity to explore the unique Cham Museum Da Nang to admire traces of time through many precious objects.

Da Nang has long become a popular tourist destination with its crystal-clear blue-white beaches, fine white sand and majestic mountains and fertile alluvial rivers. Danang owns many modern and unique architectural works attracting domestic and foreign tourists such as Han River bridge - the only bridge in Vietnam, Dragon Bridge - the world's longest steel bridge with the ability to spray water and fire ... Besides, Danang also has an ancient cultural relics from thousands of ancient people are attracting many visitors that is the Cham Museum - the only museum in the world about Champa civilization.

Cham Museum was built in 1915 according to the idea of Henri Parmentier - a French archaeologist with a project of the Institute of Far East. This work was completed in 1919, located on a mound near the romantic Han River, which preserves and displays the most rare collections of sculptural art of Champa. At the suggestion of Parmentier, the Cham Sculpture Museum is designed in a blending of classic European style with the outlines of Cham architecture.

Cham Museum of Da Nang Sculpture became one of the earliest museums in Vietnam with outstanding architectural value. The sculptures displayed here express the spiritual life, culture and beliefs of ancient Cham people as well as the conceptual and visual thinking in architecture and sculpture. In addition, the Museum contains a large number of works depicting the gods in Hinduism and some other works with close-knit life.

Henri Parmentier, archaeologist Henri Parmentier, has proposed the idea of dividing the artifacts in the Cham Museum into 10 zones, named after their origins and locations of discovery the artifacts. At present, there are nearly 2,000 artifacts and objects, of which about 288 exhibits are displayed in the museum and divided into exhibition areas including Quang Nam corridor, Quang Ngai; Quang Tri, Tra Kieu, Dong Duong, My Son, Thap Mam, Binh Dinh, Kom Tom and Extension areas. Each exhibition area is unique in each region and has its own unique culture.

Besides the way of dividing artifacts by origin, there are many ways of arranging and classifying objects and other Cham sculptures such as age, material, work content, type of sculpture. In addition, the works of the Cham Sculpture Museum are divided into collections such as the contents of statues, temples, architectural details, objects soldier; Sandstone, copper, terra cotta and other materials.

Traveling to Danang's favorite places and visiting the Cham Sculpture Museum, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the artifacts collected from a number of temples and Cham towers of the central provinces of Vietnam, from Quang Binh to Ninh Thuan. Currently, the museum has exhibited more than 300 artifacts are original sculptures made of sandstone dating from the seventh century - XV century, and some products made from terracotta. Some typical artifacts in the Museum such as musical instruments, radio stations ... of Champa ethnic people. In particular, there are also three national treasures belonging to the Champa culture, Tra Kieu Temple, My Son E1 Temple and the unique Tara Bodhisattva statue which attracts many international tourists to contemplate. 

At the Temple of My Son E1, visitors will be able to see the lively and artistic portraits of the everyday scenes of Hindu life in the forest. Tra Kieu temple is a masterpiece sculpture, which was carved very elaborately to the smallest details; It consists of two parts, the upper part has two rounded boards decorated with symmetrical lotus petals, the lower part is a four-sided square base with innumerable carved figurines.

However, the most prominent of the hundreds of beautiful Cham sculptures is the Tara Bodhisattva, a unique bronze sculpture in the Cham Museum. 1,148m high bodhisattva statue is displayed in the Indochina room, beautifully seductive with delicate carvings. Therefore, it has attracted the curiosity and admiration of most visitors when visiting here.

Coming to the Cham Museum in Da Nang, visitors are like a relive the flourishing of sculptural art. In it, these works convey the vivid and true image of the ancient religious symbols along with the mystical spiritual world. It is more interesting to come here as well as enjoy the graceful dance from the Cham girls at the museum grounds.

When walking through each room in My Son or Quang Binh Corridor, Quang Nam, you will be able to see the artistic masterpieces of Brahma, Shiva and My Son temple, while admiring the talents of the ancient artisans. In particular, images of Hindu deities, mascots or scenes of daily life are often elaborately carved to retain the mysterious beauty until now challenging the destruction of time.

When coming to Danang, in addition to the Da Nang Museum of Fine Arts, visitors should spend some time visiting the Cham Sculpture Museum for an opportunity to better understand the beauty of sculpture - a unique culture of the old Kingdom of Champa. Once inside this unique space, visitors will be able to "leave" all the usual sadness in life and drown in the tranquility of the place. The Cham Sculpture Museum has become the pride of Da Nang people as the only place still bearing the mark of Champa civilization.

Explore The Non Nuoc Beach in Danang

In addition to charming My Khe Beach, wild Nam O, Da Nang has another excellent beach - Non Nuoc beach. Non Nuoc Danang tour promises to bring visitors, fun, exciting and unforgettable experience.

Enjoy peace and fresh air

The Non Nuoc beach is located in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, about 12km southeast of Danang city center. Seen from above, Non Nuoc Beach looks like a large circle surrounded majestic Ngu Hanh Son. If My Khe Beach is known as the most attractive beach on the planet, Non Nuoc Beach also has a beauty as well as blue sky, blue sea, sunshine and white clouds to enthuse people. However, Non Nuoc beach brings a quite different feeling from My Khe. Wecan make a small comparison: if My Khe as a uptown picky beautiful girl, Non Nuoc beach is like a rustic, charming and simple girl.

Fortunately, Non Nuoc still retains the beauty of the wilderness, which has not been affected and changed much by the "smoke-free industry". Coming to Non Nuoc, visitors will feel like they are entering a "pure" country separate from the outside world, separated from the urban noise and separated also from the chaos of life. Standing in front of the sea, so that the sea breeze blowing in people, visitors will like the taste of the salty sea and enjoy the fresh air. This is the reason why many visitors come to Da Nang to enjoy sightseeing Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Son, travel to My Son sanctuary, Son Tra peninsula ... and also Non Nuoc beach. The Non Nuoc beach always has a special position in the heart of tourists and is always on the list of attractive tourist attractions.

One of the things that make up the beauty of Non Nuoc beach is the smooth white sand stretching 5km. Sandy beach is quite wide and very clean. When laying bare feet in the sand, anyone can not help but feel like the masses of sand massaging each toe by trying to slip in. Walking around the beach, a little sunshine, a bit of wind and listening to the gentle waves pounding in the ears, all bring a sense of peace.

Swimming and scuba diving

The water in the Non Nuoc beach is clean and clear. In Da Nang's handbook and favorite tourist destinations, Non Nuoc Beach is considered to be salty, with moderate waves and temperatures suitable for bathing and diving all year round. However, the ideal time to travel to Non Nuoc beach is in the summer from May to September. Being in the cool waters of Non Nuoc is one of the best experiences when coming to Non Nuoc beach. In addition to swimming, visitors can also dive to enjoy colorful aquatic plants.

Paragliding on the sea

For those who love the game of intense adventure – you can not miss parachuting in the sea of Non Nuoc. At sea, Non Nuoc offers safe parasailing services. Guests will be locked by a dedicated cord into the umbrella. Then cano runs at high speed to pull parachute flying. When playing paragliding, tourists can enjoy the whole view of Non Nuoc beach and Danang city in a very special position from above.


A special feature of the Non Nuoc beach is the weather conditions that are very suitable for surfing at sea. From September, October to March next year is the ideal time to surf in Non Nuoc Beach. Because of this, at Non Nuoc the wind speed is stronger with the high waves can help satisfy the passion of surfing. Many surfing contests are also held annually in Non Nuoc Beach. Many people, especially international visitors converge here to conquer the waves together. If you love and want to experience this sport, you can go to Da Nang and to Non Nuoc sea at the time mentioned above.

Water motorcycle

Water motor play is one of the attractive games on the Non Nuoc beach for those who love speed and adventurous. How to control the water motor is not too difficult, you will be guided by the dedicated staff and steering if necessary. So, not only surfing, but also water motorcycles can help you conquer the waves.

In addition to the above experience, when coming to Non Nuoc, visitors can also experience the Danang Non Nuoc beach with many other interesting activities: Kayaking, paddle, Fly-board By jet engine), enjoy fresh seafood dishes or visit nearby places (such as Ngu Hanh Son, Non Nuoc stone carving village) ...

The Legend of Tuyen Lam Lake Dalat

Da Lat city is one of the "extremely attractive" tourist attractions in our country. Being blessed by nature, Da Lat is beautiful with charming scenery and a cool, clear and pleasant climate. Besides, the homely and sincere lifestyle of the local people is also one of the hallmarks attracting tourists. If you have not had a chance to visit the city of thousands of flowers, do not hesitate to do a Dalat Tour to experience the wonderful things here.

Now, join us to discover Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat - one of the most interesting sights in the city of thousand flowers.

Introduction to Tuyen Lam Lake: location, history and name

Tuyen Lam Lake Da Lat is the largest freshwater lake in the mountain town known as the "best lake in Vietnam " because of the charming wild nature. Surrounded by lush pine forests and soft winding courtyards, Tuyen Lam Lake has a beautiful, poetic beauty. Tuyen Lam Lake is a large freshwater lake with many small oases. Not only is the ideal place to relax, Tuyen Lam Lake also attracts many paparazzi and many pairs coming to the picnic, take photo. To immerse yourself in a beautiful and peaceful natural setting, feel the breath of nature, and forget about the fatigue and sadness of life, register for a 1 day Da Lat Tour to explore the beautiful Tuyen Lam lake.

Although located in the suburbs, Tuyen Lam Lake is not too far from Dalat city center (about 5, 6 km to the south). Tuyen Lam Lake is located at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain and right at the Truc Lam Zen Monastery, so it is considered as an integral part of the Truc Lam Lake complex tourist complex. With a convenient location, visitors can easily move and visit the lake easily. From the city center, you can go along the Trieu Viet Vuong road or if you go from Highway 20, you can go down the Prenn Pass to Danang River about 1km to reach Tuyen Lam Lake.

With a beautiful and harmonious natural environment, not many people knows that Tuyen Lam Lake is an artificial freshwater lake that was formed in the 30s of the last century. Tuyen Lam Lake is surrounded by the legendary Tia stream and majestic Elephant Mountain. Farraut, a Frenchman who has lived in Dalat for a long time, is considered the first person to explore the Tuyen Lam area when he hires more than 3,000ha of land (in the current Tuyen Lam lake) to farm (1930). During the harsh resistance of the Vietnamese nation in general and Da Lat in particular, this place became a key base of the revolution. The resistance zone is known as Tia Stream War Zone or Quang Trung War Zone. Therefore, when the irrigation company Lam Dong built dams across the Tia stream in 1987, Tuyen Lam lake was then called Quang Trung Lake. Later on, Quang Trung Lake was renamed Tuyen Lam Lake as it is now with the meaning of harmonious landscape (Tuyen is a stream, Lam is a forest).

Exciting activities at Tuyen Lam Lake

Besides the famous names have made marks for the city of love as the village of Dalat Dalat, the legendary LangBiang, the road of wild flowers or waterfalls such as Cam Ly, Pongour, Datanla ..., Tuyen Lake Lam is a tourist destination with many interesting experiences awaiting visitors to visit and explore.

Surrounded by a green and tranquil green pine forest with soft lines and beautifully landscaped landscapes, Tuyen Lam Lake is an ideal place for picnics with friends and relatives. .Tia stream in the cool blue and a pleasant fresh air will make visitors feel very comfortable. Take a walk around the lake to listen to the rumbling of the pine grove, the screeching of birds or the distant temple bell ... all these wonderful experiences will bring visitors a lot of feeling of a "real Wonderland" Da Lat.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and charming, visiting Tuyen Lam lake visitors can participate in many exciting recreational and fun activities such as camping, convalescence, horseback riding, hiking, walking or fishing. In addition, rowing a duck bat, swings across the lake or go on a boat cruise ... are interesting recreational activities attractive to tourists.

Dalat tour to discover Tuyen Lam lake would be better if you visit the Truc Lam Zen Monastery on Phuong Hoang Mountain not far from the lake by walking or cable car. Or you can visit Bao Dai Falls not far from Tuyen Lam Lake. Legend has it that this is the waterfall King Bao Dai had come to. In addition, Da Tien tourist area - Elephant Mountain or Nam Qua tourist site are also interesting stops around the romantic Tuyen Lam lake.

Tuyen Lam Lake, a wonderful destination in Dalat is waiting for visitors to visit and explore.