Thu Le Park - the most Beautiful Parks in Hanoi Vietnam

In Hanoi city, there are around 70 flower-gardens and parks which are mainly situated in Cau Giay, Hai Ba Trung, Dong Da... Districts. Here, people can exercise, practice singing and dancing, or simply take a break after hours of hard work.

Thu Le (Zoological) Park

Thu Le Park is located on Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, and is adjacent to Kim Ma, Buoi and Nguyen Van Ngoc Streets. This is a large recreation area, built in 1975, until 1996 it was basically completed. The park has an area of 29 ha in which 6 ha is a pond; there are 5 exhibition areas, 40 cages and houses where keeps 600 animals of over 100 species. Besides wild animals, birds such as elephants, tigers, leopards, bears, deers, peacocks, pheasants, monkeys, apes... there are many precious fish and reptiles such as pythons, lizards, crocodiles and many rare animals: zebras, lions, buffalo, bisons, ostriches, maned wolf ... sent from Europe, Africa, Australia, America.

The panorama of Thu Le Park

In the past, Thu Le Park was the in west of the citadel, but nowadays, it is regarded as the center of Hanoi. Every day, especially in holidays, the park welcomes thousands of visitors to visit, see the sights, and relax. Particularly, the children are very happy and exciting when the can see the animals described in the fairy tales with their own eyes in the park.

The giraffes in Thu Le park

Furthermore, Thu Le Park has been a historical monument and a religious center of people in Hanoi and throughout the country for thousands of years. Thu Le Park is located on the territory of Thu Le village. The legend of this village is associated Linh Lang God who has been worshiped in Voi Phuc Temple located on the west gate of the park.

Legend has it that the temple was built on the foundation of former house of Linh Lang, the prince of King Ly Thanh Tong, and a country girl resided in Thi Trai village. When Linh Lang entered his adolescence, our country was invaded by the Northern enemy. He asked his father (the King) to go to fight the enemy, the King agreed. Linh Lang rid an elephant, led the insurgent army including the righteous men of Thi Trai and neighbor villages to set off to crush out the enemy. He and his troop won every battles, defeated the hostile forces and gained the independence for the country. His father intended to abdicate the throne to him but he decidedly refused and would like to come back to Thi Trai village. A short time later, he was seriously ill and passed away, he turned into a black dragon and went into a lake. The King took pity on his on; therefore, he built a temple in Thi Trai village, and exempted all the taxes for the villagers so that they would specialize in worshiping and sacrificing. Since then, the village was renamed from Thi Trai to Thu Le (ie. keeping worship practices). As the temple is in the west of the citadel, it has been called "West Guard" of "Four Guards of Thang Long ".

The main entrance of Voi Phuc Temple

Recently, the historians have supposed a theory: Perhaps Linh Lang is a real person. He is Hoang Chan Prince who deserved credit for fighting against the Tong invader in 1077 and passed away in mid Nhu Nguyet River (Bridge River).

Children are playing at Thu Le park
There are a lot of games for children such as Ferris wheel, tram, pedaling duck-boat, coloring statues, feeding animals, playing in the ball house... in Thu Le Park. Today, in every week , especially on Sunday, the park welcomes thousands of visitors.

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