Specialties in the winter of Hanoi

Hanoi is in the cold days of the year, the delicacies people often choose in the winter are the fast-food and hot dishes which bring warm feeling to people in the cold weather.

1. Phở/ Rice Noodles

Pho (Rice noodles) is considered the most typical dish of Hanoi

In fact, with the people of Hanoi, noodles are eaten all year-round. However, enjoying a hot bowl of Pho in the cold is surely more interesting and delicious than eating in the scorching summer.

Pho store in the past

The most crowded noodle restaurants and stores in Hanoi in the winter are Ly Quoc Su beef noodle which is now moved to Hang Voi street, Phở tái lăn (Rice noodle soup with half done beef) of Thin Restaurant, Pho in Hang Trong street... In addition, the variations of Phở like noodle fried with beef calf in Hang Buom street (only opened in the evenings), noodles fried with chicken’s stomach in Nguyen Sieu street, mixed chicken and beef noodle, bordelaise sauce noodle in Tran Hung Dao street.. are the delicious and irresistible dishes of Hanoi when the autumn passes and the winter comes.

2. Boiled snails

Boiled snail is one of the top dishes in the list of the cuisine devotees in Ha Noi when the autumn wind blows. Just a bowl of snails boiled with lemon grass leaves, eaten with spicy sour sauce can make a delicious and unforgettable meal.

Boiled snails-a favorite dish of the young in winter

Some places that are famous for delicious boiled snails are Tran Quy Cap station, Thuy Khue street, Luong Dinh Cua street…. Additionally, you can also enjoy other delicacies made from snails like snails fried with lemongrass and chili, snails fried with coconut, snails fried with tamarind, hot snail noodles, cold noodles with snails...

Snails fried with tamarind has a tart and spicy taste

3. Grilled Corns

Grilled corns are not sold in the famous delicious restaurants like snails and pho; however, you can easily find grilled corns in all the streets of Hanoi. Sitting around the charcoal fire, waiting excitedly, and handing the corns to is the pleasure and hobby of many young people. The result of the waiting minutes is that you can sip the delicious supple, and aromatic corn, which is certainly an unforgettable experience.

Corns are grilled on the charcoal stove

4. Hot quẩy (Chinese crullers).

There are many different names of this dish such as Chinese cruller, Chinese oil stick, Chinese doughnut, or fried bread stick… This dish is rustic but hard to forget, and generally eaten with sauce mixed with vinegar and papaya slices. Quẩy is made from wheat flour, fried crisply on the stove. This is dish originated in HCM City but it has introduced in Hanoi and become an indispensable part in the cuisine of the capital. Delicious hot quẩy are sold in the stores behind Hang Day stadium or De La Thanh street.

5. Hotpot

Hotpot is an tasty and nutritious dish in the winter

Sitting around a hot pot is a warm pleasure of people in Hanoi in the winter. Hanoi Hotpot has many styles, but the most popular ones are still beef hotpot, chicken hotpot, mixed hot pot ... The street along the entrance to Ngu Xa was dubbed the "street of hotpot" with many hotpot restaurants, not too expensive and customers can spread mats, sit outdoor and watch the West lake besides.

In addition to this, culinary devotees also can not forget the special hot pot dishes like hotpot of beef dipped in vinegar which is famous Hoe Street, Tran Xuan Soan streets, frog hotpot in To Ngoc Van street, or snails hotpot in Truong Chinh Street…

6. Barbecue

Also being a number one dish for dragging of the carousers, barbecue and grilled foods always "rise" in the winter. The diverse kinds of grilled foods including bacon, baked beef which are available in Cat Linh, Da Tuong Streets... Also, there are many other ingredients such as okra, baked heart, camel meat grilled in Korean-style in a roadside restaurants.

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