The Delicious, Hard-to-resist Dishes in Da Nang (Part 2)

1. Fried fish/ Fish ball/ Fish cake noodle soup

In fact, it is very easy to find restaurants serving fried fish noodle everywhere when you come to Central land. However, fish ball noodle in Da Nang is really special. Fried fish noodle is delicious, has no fishy smell when being eaten, and diners only feel only the pleasant flavor of the noodle bowl mixed with the sweetness of the vegetables and broth-taste that make anyone would have to be attracted and alluring ...

Fried fish noodle, served with raw vegetables, is a specialty of Da Nang
Fried fish noodle is also served with vegetables, such as lettuce, basil, raw bean sprouts. In particular, the indispensable spices of fish ball noodle dish are finely chopped chili, garlic and onions pickled in sugar and vinegar. The sweet and sour taste of onion mixed with the spicy of chili and garlic have brought the eaters with interesting experiences which are unforgettable.

In addition to fish ball noodle, people in Danang also interested in sliced fish noodle soup. Instead of adding fried fish, people use the fresh fish, cut into portions and cook quickly so that the spices permeate the fish . The fish used to cook this dish are usually mackerel, tuna or greater amberjack… depending on each season of the year in the city.

Sliced mackerel noodle soup
There are many restaurants serving fish ball noodle here, but here are some places you should visit: the restaurant on Hoang Dieu Street (next to the Hoang Anh Gia Lai building) selling all day from 7am – 9pm; the restaurant serving all night on Hung Vuong Street; the restaurant opening only in the morning from 6am – 10am on Tran Cao Van Street (opposite to Tam Toa market). The prices at these restaurants are extremely affordable, only from 15,000 VND / bowl.

2. Girdle cake rolled with pork Sliced pork wrapped in rice paper

This dish does not require sophisticated processing, but is very simple and very easy to eat. Girdle cake rolled with pork in Danang is renowned for carefully selected ingredients making the perfect taste. People use only meat of pig’s rump or its shoulder cut, then steam to retain the sweet taste of pork. Vegetables served with this dish are the common ones, and easy to find, but they must be fresh, green, no wilting including salad, basil, houttuynia cordata, green onions, dill, bitter herbs, bean sprouts, white banana inflorescence, cucumber, banana...

The Sliced pork wrapped in rice paper recipe
Thing creating the distinct and especially delicious taste of this dish is seasoning sauce, the irreplaceable sauce. It is what diners have to remember forever when enjoying Girdle cake rolled with pork. Indeed, it is very hard to deny the toughness of rice paper combined with the softness of wet noodles, the saccharine of pork, the freshness of vegetables and spicy of seasoning sauce. Each restaurant in Da Nang has their own secret and recipes for mixing dipping sauce from pure seasoning sauce to create the special taste impressing the diners. Also, the process of making seasoning sauce must really ensure the food safety to give confidence to those who are shy with other types of fish.

Dipping sauce is the “soul” of Girdle cake rolled with pork dish
The freshness of vegetables and fresh-taste of pork with seasoning sauce has led many people to come and linger Danang after enjoying the renowned Girdle cake rolled with pork specialty. If given an opportunity to visit the beautiful Danang, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this tasty dish in the gourmet restaurants in Da Nang (Tran Restaurants system, Mau restaurant ...) or sidewalk food stalls, Con market, Hate market…

Girdle cake rolled with pork has mad many people be attached to Danang
To enjoy the really delicious taste, you should choose the restaurants on Chua Thi Vinh Te road or Hai Phong, Duy Tan, Le Duan, Do Thuc Thinh streets... Depending on luxurious or affordable restaurant, the prices range from 30,000- 80,000/ serving.

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