Discovering the Attractive Tourist Destinations in Nghe An

As the largest province in Vietnam, Nghe An has many attractive and various tourist destinations, from sea, forest, relaxing tourism, to visiting the historical monuments…

1. Coming to Nam Dan to visit Uncle Ho’s hometown

Traditional festival in Sen village
Kim Lien village, the village always full of fragrant lotus (therefore, it is also called Sen (Lotus) village) is the hometown of President Ho Chi Minh - the venerable leader of the people of Vietnam. Located about 15 km from Vinh City, Sen village is the first place you should explore when travelling to Nghe An.

The house of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac in Sen village
Tourists visit Sen village to see the old pictures associated with the childhood of Uncle Ho like the banyan tree, Coc well, the ancestral temple of Nguyen Sinh family, and most especially, the cottage of Mr. Nguyen Sinh Sac - father of President Ho Chi Minh. This house is the origin of the ardent patriotism, of the great will of a national hero.

2. Truong Bon – the legendary landmark

To mark the sacrifice of blood and the contributions of Vietnamese army and people, especially the youth volunteer force in the resistance against the Americans for national salvation, on 7th August, 2015, the inauguration ceremony of the Truong Bon historical sites was celebrated solemnly inaugurated in My Son, Do Luong district by Nghe An province’s authority.
The panorama of Truong bon historical site
Truong Bon has become a legendary landmark marking the victories of our army and people during the resistance against the US for national salvation. Not only is Truong Bon an evidence of the unjust war, this is also a red address contributing to the education of patriotic tradition for all generations.
Truong Bon is not only a place keeping evidences of war, but also a spiritual destination as well as a red address to educated traditional patriotism for all generations.

3. Field of sunflowers full of yellow color - Nghia Dan

Ordinarily planted with the aim to be food of cattle (cow); however, but the yellow color of the sunflowers stretching to the horizon has created an incredible attraction, attracted tourists coming here to see them firsthand. The sunflowers are as brilliant as the tiny suns bringing incredible warmth to overcast sky in Nghia Dan in winter days.
The field of sunflower in Nghia Dan, Nghe An
Sunflowers bloom and rise toward the sun symbolizing strength, belief in life, always toward the light to find the brightest way. That is also the reason why many people have preferred this flower.
Sunflower field in Nghia Dan is an ideal place for couples to take wedding photos
Every year, in the period of middle November to early December, many tourists come here to admire the picturesque beauty along the bank of the gentle Sao river. Do not forget to protect scenery, avoid picking flowers, not to elbow others out to take photographs.

4. Cua Lo beach

Located about 15 km from Vinh City, Cua Lo beach with gently sloping shores, long, white and smooth sandy beach, clean and clear sea water is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.
Cua Lo beach
The convenient traffic is also a plus point making many travelers choose Cua Lo as a destination in the journey of themselves and their families. In addition, the system of comfortable hotels and hostels, delicious and cheap food, meeting the gentle, rustic people local place will surely make you love Cua Lo more.
The dawn on Cua Lo beach
Apart from the above- mentioned sight, Nghe An has many other exciting attractions waiting for you to explore as Sao Va waterfall, Hua Na Hydropower Plant in Quy Chau, Anh Son tea hill, Cuong Temple on Mo Da Mountain…

Discovering the Attractive Tourist Destinations in Nghe An

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