Famous Buddhist architectures in Taiwan

Taiwan is a popular destination of many tourists all over the world with delicious cuisine, modern shopping malls and luxury buildings. However, it would be an omission if you just visit the attractive destinations and overlook the ancient and sacred temples. Buddhist architectures in Taiwan are amazing and very important in the spiritual life of the people in this beautiful island country.

FoGuang Shan Monastery

FoGuang Shan Monastery will make you feel stunned with the majestic and voluminous works here. With more than 20 buildings of chancels and sanctuary, FoGuang Shan is the convergence place of many Buddhists. At the central of the monastery, there is a giant Buddha statue with gentle smile imposing in the blue sky. This is the highest copper statue in the world today with a height of up to 108m. The two rows of stupas seem to create two walls shielding the way to the Buddha statue.

FoGuang Shan Monastery

Dragon Tiger Tower

As one of the temples that have the most beautiful Buddhist architectures in Taiwan, Dragon Tiger Tower consists of two main towers. Both of them have and 7 floors implying the meaning of seven-floor stupa in Buddhism. The gate of the tower is designed in a unique style. One side is Dragon and the other is Tiger, symbolizing the auspicious things.

Chung Tai Chan Temple

Chung Tai Chan Temple was built in 1992 and completed in September 2001. It is located on the lotus hill within the middle of two small peaks. The temple consists of 16 floors and 3 different gardens. Each garden has a bell for those who want to come here and sincerely worship.The special architecture of Chung Tai Chan Temple is the towering vertical block with the golden dome structure on the top, looks like the stupa built under the architecture of Tibet. Along both sides of the temple is the 3-level stairs, each step led to a level of awakening for all beings in the roadmap towards Buddhahood. Standing in front of the temple’s gate, visitors can have a panoramic view of the town below. Chung Tai Chan temple was dubbed the Vatican of Buddhism.

Longshan Temple

Among well-known Buddhist architectures in Taiwan, Longshan Temple is a famous ancient temple in southwestern Taipei. It was built from the Qianlong reign, mainly worship of the Bodhisattva. Since ancient times, it was a command center controlling everything of the locals. For over 280 years of history, Longshantemple was restored several times but it still retains the characteristics of most revered temples and shrines of the Chinese.

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