The Little Young Backpacker Shares Her Experience on the Adventure to Bac Son Valley

I have just returned after a 2 day 1 night journey by motorbike with our team to Bac Son Valley. This is an amazing trip, an unforgettable experience in my life.

My team set off our journey from Hanoi at around 2.30 pm. After more than 3 hours drive, we started to get into the mountainous area of Bac Son Valley. For me, it was a quite long journey. Maybe, on the one hand it was the first time I took such a long trip. On the other hand, we did not know very well the way, so it took time to search the way. I recommend that if you are planning to visit this land by motorbike, you should search the way in advance so that you save time. The way to Bac Son is quite smooth because all roads are paved.

During our trip, the scenery of mountains and forest appeared as beautifully as a picture. From the back of the motorbike, I was free to immerse into the fresh air of the region, the endless green of rolling mountains appearing as a majestic picture. There was no word that can describe the breathtaking beauty of this mountainous area. Unfortunately, as soon as we set our foot on the land, rainfalls came up. Hidden in the rain and mist, the scene of mountains turned to be more dim and charming than ever. Here and there, light shimmered reflecting from traditional stilt houses.

Finally, around 7.00 pm, we arrived in Quynh Son Village. The place where we chose as a stop was a traditional stilt house with wooden floor and beautifully decorated. Greeting us was a couple of Tay minority. They were very friendly and hospitable. After a tour around the house, we took a rest while waiting for amazing dinner prepared by skill hands of the host women. More interesting, I had the chance to help her prepare food - a great way to learn more about the cuisine of the region.

When everything was ready, we started to have dinner. We had a great time together and enjoyed unique local dishes which could not be found anywhere else. The food was delicious and unique with elegant taste, easy to eat. There is a note that you should book the number of meals in advance so that the host can prepare food for you before you arrive in. Because markets here are only available in the morning, if you book in advance, the host will go to market for food in that morning. As soon as you arrive in, you have already a fabulous lunch or dinner.

After enjoying dinner, we sat together, told funny stories and played traditional games. This were truly relaxing moments after a long way. The host couple also told us stories around the region such as the history of the land or memories of other groups of tourists who had stayed at their house. It was amazing.

In the early morning, we got up early and excited to prepare for an interesting hiking tour. The atmosphere of the morning in the region was very peaceful and tranquil. Surrounding mountains appeared gradually in front of our eyes in the dim mist. All looked like a painting of nature.

 Along the way, we made a stop at a small local restaurant to buy donuts. Donuts had been made which were still warm and fragrant and crunchy. The price was surprisingly cheap. With just 2.000 VND for one, we had a great breakfast and charged enough energy for a new journey. If you still wonder which to choose for breakfast or you do not have time to sit down for breakfast at the homestay, you are absolutely able to buy several donuts. It was convenient to bring along and enjoy along the way, both cheap and delicious.

After about 10 minute walk, we reached the foot of the famous mountain in the region where the cell phone tower was placed atop. As we visited in the morning so it was still misty, the road was marshy.

For safety, you should equip carefully with your shoes and clothes because the path to the mountain was quite slippery. We recommend that the best time for hiking to the mountain is around 7 am in the morning and 3 pm in the afternoon. It will be better if you bring along a bottle of water because your hiking will be not easy. During our hiking, we had to stop many times. The higher we got the more beautiful and charming the scenery was. It took us nearly hour to reach the top of the mountain. As soon as you reach the top, your hard work will be totally worth because of stunning panorama of the mountain itself and of the whole region. It seemed that everything was under our feet. Amazing!

To get the best view of the region, you should hire a ladder (only $3) to reach the top of a house. It will be truly amazing. You will have the feeling that you are standing between the vast universe. Do not forget to take as many photos as you want to save this stunning moment.

We then return to the family and took a short rest. Afterwards, we said goodbye to the friendly host and continued moving to the nearby communal house. The road leading to house was breathtaking, the atmosphere was peaceful, and scenery was charming and rustic. If visiting the village, I recommend that you should take a bike ride in the morning to this communal house to immerse into the tranquil ambience of a beautiful village.

After taking a tour around the communal house, we had to say goodbye to the beloved land for heading back to Hanoi. All of us still regretted. If I have one more chance, I will surely take another journey to the land. That was truly an unforgettable journey.

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