Unique Experiences Only Found in Myanmar Travel

Enjoy affordable buffet, apply traditional cosmetic of thanaka, and take the picture of sunrise of sunset are interesting things you will experience in your Myanmar travel.

Enjoy affordable buffet

Mentioning to buffet, many people remind of luxury restaurants serving with expensive price. However, when visiting Myanmar, you are free to enjoy a buffet with the price of around 4.5 USD including drinks.

Different normal buffet in which you choose by your favorite food, in Myanmar, you are served right at the table. The staff of the restaurant will supply new dishes when the food is running out. A buffet meal in Myanmar often includes pork, salad, rice, soup and different vegetables.

The price for a share of traditional buffet in Myanmar is around 3000 kyat per person, drinks including fruit juice, beer have the price of around 1.500 to 3000 kyat.

Apply thanaka

The weather in Myanmar is hot all year round, that’s why to protect the skin, people use a special secret for taking care of their skin. It is the custom of applying thanaka. The traditional cosmetic with daffodil is crushed from the bark of a tree and then applied directly on the face. Thanaka is used to avoid sunshine and make the skin cool under the burning and fierce sunshine of Myanmar.

You could easily buy thanaka as a gift at the markets because this powder has good nature without causing allergy for the skin.

Enjoy sunrise and sunset like nowhere else

Travelling to Myanmar, the most famous place for you to admire sunset is the teak bridge of U Bein in Mandalay; and Bagan will be the ideal land for you to welcome the first sun rays of the day.
U Bein – the most ancient and longest teak bridge in the world is considered the symbol of Myanmar – one out of 10 most beautiful places for watching sunset. Tourists could hire a wooden boat to get closer to the bridge and admire the sunset on the bridge.

For the ancient capital of Bagan – one of the most favorite destinations in Myanmar, you will experience the waiting feeling when sitting on a high stair of a temple and observing dawn rays rising. Bagan at sunrise is like the land of fairy tales which is mysterious and sparkling with hundreds of ancient temples.

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Explore fresh water lake

When watching sunrise on Inle Lake, if lucky you will have the chance to see the traditional festival with the distinctive local feature of Myanmar people.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a lunch right on the lake or visit traditional villages such as silk weaving, cigar making, silverware crafting.

Sip wine in Nyaungshwe

In addition to the famous attraction of Inle Lake, the small and peaceful town of Nyaungshwe has another interesting destination you should visit. It is the farm of Red Mountains specializing in growing grapes and producing wine.

Here, tourists could take a sightseeing tour for free around wine producing factory, grape garden or taste wine.

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