Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen

Unspoiled destination, rich cuisine and affordable prices are the reasons why Phu Yen become a hot destination in this summer.Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen : 

The homeland of "yellow flowers on the green grass" is the name affectionately put by tourists to Phu Yen. Located between two popular tourist destinations including Nha Trang and Quy Nhon, but Phu Yen is really well known after appearing in the film transformed from the work of writer Nguyen Nhat Anh. If you intend to explore this romantic land, the information and suggestions below will be helpful for your trip.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


From Hanoi and HCMC, tourists can easily come to Phu Yen by road and by air. If do not have a lot of time, you should book flight tickets to Tuy Hoa because the flights taking passengers to the city and go back are available every day.

Currently, there are two airlines Jetstar flights and Vietjet exploring flights to Phu Yen, the ticket price (excluding taxes, fees) is about 590,000 VND / way. However, at some point, the air lines also provide ticket of 0 VND to help visitors have the opportunity to possess the cheaper ticket. Flight time from Hanoi to Phu Yen is about 1h40 minutes.

Tuy Hoa airport is about 10 minutes travelling by car from the city center. Here, buses to the city is not available, so you can catch a taxi which is waiting outside.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


Flights usually arrive to Tuy Hoa at noon, so you should go to the hotel to rest before starting to explore. The city has two 5-star hotels including CenDuluxe and Vietstar resort, 2 4-star hotels of Kaya and Saigon - Phu Yen, one 3-star hotel – Hung Vuong (the Hung Kings). All these 5 hotels are not close to the sea, but the move to the beach is still quite convenient. Lowest room rate from 420,000 VND to one million a night.

Long Beach is the only hotel located right on the beach in Tuy Hoa, the room price is about 600,000 dong. In addition, the city also many clean and beautiful motels whose price is about 150,000 VND and higher.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


Three days are long enough for you to visit the tourist attractions of the "land of yellow flowers on the green grass." From Tuy Hoa, you can plan to go towards the south and the north. The suggested itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Relic Vung Ro - Mui Dien - Dam Mon - This route is about 35 km from Tuy Hoa. Here, you will hear stories about the history of the ship without numbers in Vung Ro Bay, check-in the easternmost point on land of Vietnam and go swimming in Mon beach.

Day 2: Xuan Dai Bay - Mằng Lăng Church – Da Dia Reef - Ganh Ong - Xep beach. The farthest point of this line is nearly 60 km from the city. With this route, you can choose to swim on Xuan Dai Bay of Xep beach. These are places having white sand, clear water and not too big waves are, sloping shoreline, which is perfect for relaxing.

Day 3: You take your rest time exploring the city, or enjoy yourself in the cool water of the sea of Tuy Hoa. The beach in the city is kilometers long with blue water, white sand and smooth waves, however, there are not a lot of services.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


The night service in Tuy Hoa is not too rich but also very interesting. In particular, you should not ignore the art program held at the foot of Nhan Tower on evening Saturday weekly. The program starts from 19h30 on the them of Phu Yen- the attractive and friendly destination with dancing, singing performances varied in each session. Among them, the "specialties" to mention include Bai Choi, ho khoan, ho ba trao, giao duyen (love singing), Phu Yen folk song, , Cham dance...

Karaoke bars Phu Moi, Hung Phu in Tuy Hoa often serve till 23:30, in addition, a number of bars, clubs serve later, around 1 am.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen


The specialty of Phu Yen is tuna, which is processed into dishes such as tuna’s eyes stew with traditional medicine or tuna fillet wrapped in broccoli. Addresses for reference are the restaurants on Le Duan, Le Loi, Tran Hung Dao Streets in the city, the price is 20,000 dong for a bowl of tuna eye and 100,000 VND for a serving of salad.
Advice for Your Trip to Phu Yen

Additionally, kinds of seafood such as mantis shrimp, oysters, cockles ..., chicken hotpot, balut soup ... are also dishes you should try.

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