5 Things of Hanoi that People Never Forget

No need to dream big, sometimes I just dream about coming back Hanoi, walking along the old quarter, watching the street vendors slowly moving, listening to people in Hanoi talking and laughing, then stopping at a sidewalk tea shop to enjoy an ice tea... That’s enough!

Let’s take priority for Hanoi’s autumn, so I’ll talk about it first. There are many featured things belonging to Hanoi but autumn always be dreamed of and mentioned about as a treasure. In fact it’s very simple. It’s just a less sunny sky, less hot weather, airy and tender atmosphere, you go out and take a deep breath, nobody around you wants to rush, that means autumn comes. And that’s the time when Hanoi is in autumn.

2. Ripe dracontomelon and green rice

Also in autumn! Hanoi is so beautiful in autumn that people always miss it badly. Sometimes, just think about ripe dracontomelon and green rice – the specialties which are most wanted in the season – even Hanoian also have to wait to right time to enjoy, let alone exiles. In fact, the burning desire for these specialties is also the desire to live among autumn of Hanoi. 

3. The first cool day of autumn

The weather forecast is somewhat wrong recently, and hence the one who live far away from Hanoi also look forward to hearing about first cool day in Hanoi. Normally when the season comes, after a rain, the city will be cool. At that time, the sky is greyish, less sunny or sunshine disappears. People have to pull the sleeve down because it is cold outside when driving on the road. Nothing is better than enjoying a hot bowl of noodle soup or some kinds of traditional cake, or boiled snails, stir-fried snails. First cold days are usually emotional and memorable.

4. Before New Year’s Eve

Slightly messy? However, the afternoon of final day in the year also an important feature of Hanoi. It’s hard to know why but people often live slowly every time it comes to the afternoon of final day in the year when it’s often a little bit sad. The roads are quiet and Hanoi also seems to quietly think about changes in the past year. Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in Hanoi right on that day but surely everyone misses it a lot.

5. Ta Hien Street

The street is most crowded and busiest every night, and even more exciting at the weekend. Here, everyone even Vietnamese or foreign tourists has fun with a cool glass of beer in load lively music till late, sometimes sipping a little grilled bird, boiled peanuts, grilled fish, French fries ... until time to come back home. 

This is a special street that the more noise, the more it gets style of Hanoi. It is the only place that people accept noise as a natural thing and consider loud lively music as a culture of the street. That’s why many Hanoians miss the taste of fresh beer, the fun music and the atmosphere of the street once going far away.

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