7 Attractions on the Backpacking Route of Bat Xat

The places like Milestone 92, terraced rice fields, Lao Chai, Y Ty park, Ky Quan San ... have long been great destinations and can not miss on the backpacking road of Bat Xat (Lao Cai).

1. Milestone 92 - Lung Lo

Located in the province of Lao Cai, marks the border between Vietnam and China, marking the origin of the Red River rich in silt, Milestone 92 is where anyone who comes to Lung Po also wants to visit once.

The milestone is like a brave patriotic soldier standing to protect every inch of the country, solemnly and solidly.

It is said that the landmarks were set up to delimit the two countries, marking the two ends. Nevertheless, coming here, I do not seem to feel any end, any limit, all is just a picture of nature with large space opening slowly in my eyes, which is completely immense and majestic.

2. Terraced rice fields

The terraced rice fields here are large, covering an entire area, extending through both Y Ty and Ngai Thau communes. Let’s come to see how ethnic people are skillfully cultivate them. Sloping hills with rough surfaces now turn into fertile terraces, with a unique and eye-catching texture. They are sometimes green and so lively, sometimes yellow as if a corner of the sky is shined.

Come here in the harvest season in September and October, no one can take their eyes off the gold fields. The ethnic H'Mong and Ha Nhi works passionately no matter how hot the weather is. They talk, laugh, carry rice, straw ... creating a lively picture of harvest season. Consider Sapa Tours to enjoy the magnificent view of terraced rice field.

3. Lao Chai

Let’s come to Lao Chai to witness the unique culture of Ha Nhi ethnic minority people. They live in villages close to each other, cozy with interesting and solid rammed-earth houses. Their clothes are colorful and elaborately embroidered under the skillful hands of the Ha Nhi women. They have their own calendar and have unique traditional festive days.

Unlike the bustling city, Lao Chai brings us a true and deep sense of life between villages - a simple and friendly life. There are no cinemas, no trade centers, no theaters, no supermarkets ... and no more noise or hustle and bustle. Life is pleasant, quiet and gentle.

4. Y Ty Park

Just a piece of vacant land at the end of the road leading to the Choan Then village but Y Ty Park is really meaning.

This is a fascinating point to admire the cloud, where attracts the backpackers stop for a rest and be the great background for nice photos with beautiful views on sunny blue sky.

However, it is more meaningful to be considered as the "paradise of playground", the place to chat, meet and connect to each other of many Ha Nhi children.

The children have no slide, no pets nor train. "Park" is just the place where they meet and play with each other, simple as the soul,  and the way of life of children and Ha Nhi people.

5. Ngai Thau

This is a commune located near the northern border of Bat Xat district. Like many other upland communes, this place is often covered by dense fog. This is indeed a place for discovery lovers and adventurers.

Nothing is motre interesting than to ride the motor bike through the zigzag paths, watch the scenery, stop for some check-in or or climb the mountain and explore nature throughout the journey. Because it's high up, this place is really a "cloud hunting" destination worth trying.

6. Ky Quan San or Bach Moc Luong Tu

Ky Quan San is the "natural landmark" delimiting the boundaries of Lao Cai - Lai Chau province, and also the highest peak in the Bach Moc Luong Tu ranges in Sang Ma Sao. The mountain is 3,045 m high, and it is in the top 5 highest mountains in Vietnam.

It seems so tiring to climbing the mountain but in fact, the experience is not. On the way to the top of the mountain, there are so many beautiful check-in places, diverse and unique organisms which attracts people to come and explore. 

Here is such a great place to go with friends or lovers. Going with friends will be so much fun while it’s so romantic to travel with lovers. Ky Quan San is like a good boy who knows how to please all.
The feeling of standing together, watching "climbing success" is really great. You will see the high mountains, blue sky, sunshine, a little cold weather, and above all, the clouds covering everything. The "dynamic" cloud drifts in the wind, the "lazy" slows down, the "old" standstills.

Once up to the top of the mountain, perhaps no one would think of anything else. They seem to be swept away, sucked, and sunk into this majestic and glamorous space.

7. Nhiu Co San

Climbing is hard but climbing in complicated terrain is harder. Climbing in the cold monsoon winds, when Nhu Son San immersed in the ice is even more challenging.

Cold weather, dense fog, high humidity, low temperatures are things that are completely not convenient. Nevertheless, once you come here, you have to challenge yourself, come and conquere this mountain on your own - which is known as one of the top 10 highest mountains in Vietnam.

The trip might be tiring, strenuous and dangerous, but nothing is more wonderful than the feeling when you win the limit of yourself, the feeling of well-being when stepping up to the top of the mountain, watching the sea below clouds, selfie and feeling proud of yourself.

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