Experience of Being a Local Farmer in Soc Trang

Let’s get away from the busy life and spend a day to work as a farmer, catch fish, crab, snail and then enjoy on the spot to feel simple and rustic beauty of the people of Mo O, Soc Trang.

Located about 260km from Ho Chi Minh City, Mo O is a "strange" tourist destination for tourists who prefer wildlife with a warm and comfortable space.

Depart from Ho Chi Minh City from 19h on Friday, drive along Highway 60 to Ben Tre City and stop to rest, eat some local food at the roadside to warm the stomach.

Then move through Ham Luong Bridge, Co Chien and then head straight to Dai Ngai for a rest. A small note is that after crossing Tra Vinh, there are a number of hostels along the road, 15km away from Dai Ngai ferry station, you should stay overnight here because there is no guesthouse on the rest of the road, the ferry does not operate after 20h.

Around 7 am wake up to continue the journey through two ferries, to national highway 91C or "South of Hau river" and head straight to Mo O.

In Mo O there is only one stilt house located between the bridge from the mainland to the beach and no overnight service. To get a meaningful trip, you should choose camping outdoors to save money and create good atmosphere for everyone. Eating here is also quite cheap with dishes such as rice, hot pot, squid, shrimp or other popular dishes.

Mo O is located in Tran De district, Soc Trang province, 30 km south-east of Soc Trang. The name Mo O means the rostrum (Mo) of the eagle (O means eagle). The sand dunes on the waves and greenery of the forest looks like the rostrum of an eagle towards the sea. That’s why the place was named Mo O.

Speaking of tourism in Soc Trang, Mo O is probably quite new and not for vacationers. It is however very suitable for ones who love discovering and experiencing life on river.

Coming to this place, people can witness the life of people as well as interesting things from nature such as the tide of the day or the colorful windsurfer exposing themselves on rocks – such an extremely beautiful image. Mo O is not noisy, bustling but very quiet and calm. 

Coming here, the thing can not be ignored is wearing the old clothes and passing through mud to the sea to find the fish, snails, seafood like a local fisherman.

If you are lucky, you can catch a lot of fish very quickly. You can also borrow some tools of the locals and follow them down to the beach to catch the snails. If you do not want to be muddy and dirty, you can buy the seafood from the people after they go fishing, the price here is reasonable and then having a BBQ party is great.

If you want to have more dishes for the meal, run to Tran De fishing port, you can choose lots of seafood from the fishing boats.

In addition, when coming to Mo O, people also visit the mangrove forest with natural charming, gentle scenery. The forest is also home to a variety of animals such as reptiles, birds or rare seafood: snakes, turtles, fish ...

In particular, a very pleasant experience when coming to Mo O: visitors will have the opportunity to visit the place by local rowing boat, picking the ripen berries to cook sour soup fish is something that anyone wish to do. The sour taste of the fruit, sweet and fragrant of fish will make visitors can not forget this unique taste.

One more thing when you come to Mo O, the people here are very poor, the children often have to drop out to learn the crab, shellfish to help their families. If you catch the fish, please go further – the nearer areas should be for unaccompanied little ones.

Do not forget to buy some fish or something to help the people here. The seafood of the people is much cheaper than in Tran De port.

Spend a whole Saturday to experience the life of water farmers with unforgettable memories. On the next Sunday, you can visit other famous tourist attractions in Soc Trang, such as One Pillar Pagoda , Floating Market, Stone Pagoda, Four Face Pagoda ... and finish the meaningful 2 day 2 night journey.

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