Minh Thanh Pagoda – Not-to-be-missed Location in Pleiku

As a unique-architectural pagoda in Tay Nguyen,  Minh Thanh Pagoda is not only the pride of the locals, but also an attractive location of Pleiku.

Located 2 kilometers away from Pleiku city’s center, Minh Thanh Pagoda resides at 348 Nguyen Viet Xuan street, Hoi Phu Ward. Unlike other pagodas which heavily follows Buddhism Hinayana’s characteristics, Minh Thanh Pagoda was also greatly influenced from Chinese and Japanese architecture.

The pagoda was built in 1964 by the monk named Thich Giac Dao, then it became local Buddhists’ worship and prayer location.

It was led by master Thich Tam Man, he was the first Buddhist monk in Vietnam graduated the Vietnam Buddhism Academy in Buddhism Art.

While visiting the pagoda, visitors can see the 9-storey tower from afar, inside the pagoda’s campus is the 40-ton Buddha statue with 7.5 meters height. The main hall is 16-meter height, built with durable and tough Fokienia wood. The door entrance set is made from red-wood, the door frame’s depth is 0.4 meter with six 0.2-meter-depth door leaves. All six door leaves were carved with six great bodhisattvas.

The decorations for the courtyard are miniature landscapes (or tiểu cảnh), pool, green lush trees, which create a fresh and balanced beauty for the sacred atmosphere of the pagoda.
After many historical events, Minh Thanh pagoda has gone through many renovations and it is still opened for many visitors until now.

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