Travel to Phu Quoc, Visit 3 Beautiful Springs

With cool blue water and pristine landscape, Tranh spring, Da Ban spring and Tien spring are the names that are not too new but extremely worthwhile for you to experience on your trip to Phu Quoc.

Tranh spring

Located about 10 km from Duong Dong town, Tranh spring is a branch originating from Ham Ninh mountain, formed by smaller springs.

The natural scenery in Tranh spring is very harmonious, it is a harmony between small waterfalls with calm clear water reflecting the foliage on the top and beautiful orchid branches. All of them make alluring scenery, and hence that is why the spring is named Tranh (Tranh means painting, picture).

Coming to Tranh Spring, visitors can walk on narrow trails among lush fauna and flora system, the two sides are fragrant flowers and grass, butterflies flying, the atmosphere is extremely fresh.
From Duong Dong, you can rent a motorbike, follow the road 30/4o Ham Ninh, then go on TL47 road to Tranh spring.

Da Ban Spring

The reason for the name Da Ban is because of the large and flat stones which look like the tables, and hence the people in Phu Quoc call it Da Ban spring. Legend has it that these stones are where the fairies usually sit and bathe each time visiting the earth.

Da Ban spring is located in Cua Duong Commune, near Duong Dong Lake, about 8 km to the northeast of Duong Dong Town on the North East of Phu Quoc Island. From Duong Dong town, follow Nguyen Trung Truc street for 3km, follow the directions and then turn right on the trail for another 4km. Then you can park your vehicle here and pass the cable-stayed bridge, then walk about 15 minutes to the spring.

At Da Ban Spring, you can go back up to 200m more to see more beautiful landscapes. You should walk barefoot in the middle of the spring to avoid slippery moss. When you see a cool spring, do not jump down to the bath right away, but warm up a little and slowly enjoy it because the water is quite cool.

Tien Spring

From Duong Dong town, you can go to Suoi Da hamlet (Duong To commune) about 5km, turn left to the red line about 2km to the foot of Tien spring. Here, continue walk a short distance to the spring. The road to the Tien Spring is quite narrow, you can get there only by two-wheel vehicle but the road is quite easy to go.

Tien spring flows down the mountain with a total estimated length of less than 1km. Like the Da Ban spring or the Tranh spring, the Fairy spring also has large and flat rocks that can become "stone tables" for travelers. The spring flows through the rocky mountains, forming a small waterfall and a large lake. 

Around the Tien spring is a primeval forest, so the trees make a cool and comfortable space, if visitors visit the spring between December and February, they will see the two springs filled with rose myrtle trees.

Suoi Tien is not a prominent tourist destination in Phu Quoc, but it is attractive to visitors thanks to  the beautiful natural scenery and pristine nature.

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