Things You Need to Do Before Your Trip to Vietnam

Traveling across seas is an exciting experience. But before you jump aboard an airplane or ship, you need to do a lot of planning. It doesn’t matter how near or far you’re going, there are certain things you want to take care of before you travel. There are things you want to have packed with you. Plus, you need to ensure things at home will be okay while you’re away. 

Things You Need to Do Before Your Trip to Vietnam

Are you planning to go alone? Bring along children? Or maybe you will backpack across the country. The more you will do and the longer you’re away, the more you need to plan in advance. Let’s review what you need to do today to plan for your trip to Vietnam tomorrow.

Get to Know the Weather

What will the weather be like in Vietnam during the duration you’ll be there? Will it have summer-like weather or will it be brutally cold? You need to know this ahead of time, so you can pack the right type of clothing. Make sure to have clothing for wet weather, since this happens all year round. Bring along a poncho, umbrella and rain boots. You should also bring a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for days outdoors.

Get to Know the Food

You have to eat while you’re there. And unless you’re bringing along a cooler full of food and drinks, you’ll need to grow accustomed to the meals they have in Vietnam. Find out what restaurants are nearby the hotel you’ll be staying in. What foods are served at the cafeteria in your hotel? Are there any grocery stores around you can go to? If you have a stove in your room or a hot plate you can take with you, this can help you save money.

Get to Know the People

It’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the people and language of Vietnam. This will make it an easier transition for you during your stay. Try learning a few of the common phrases and words used in Vietnamese, so you can carry on small conversations. You’ll need to know how to ask for transportation, bathrooms, restaurants, ATMs and so on. Think of different scenarios and learn what to say when you’re in them. You can bring along an app with a translator. It’s also a good idea to have a book in case the service isn’t that great there.

Then there’s learning the culture. There are certain things that may be offensive in other countries that aren’t offensive in America. Make sure you don’t mistakenly anger a local during your stay. Also, find out what the norms are for clothing, public affection and other things that are very lenient here in the states.

Plan Your Itinerary

You should know every single place you will visit, sleep and eat at during your trip to Vietnam. Consider inputting the points of interest on your Google Maps app, as well as on a paper map. If you’re going to be staying outside the city, expect for their to be issues with Wi-Fi and data coverage.

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