Experiencing Water Festival in Myanmar

Water festival is a way to pray for good luck in the Southeast Asian countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, ... and Myanmar is also among those countries with Water Festival (also known as Thingyan) to pray for peace for the new year. Through the Myanmar tour on this occasion, tourists can participate in the exciting Water festival.

Myanmar remains a country that preserves intact values from ancient times, including Buddhism. That’s why Myanmar is the land of gold temples. Water festival falls on the second week of April every year and lasts three or four days. Burmese people from all over the country celebrate the festival by throwing water on others. It is meant to wash out the dirt that has accumulated over the past year and to welcome the New Year with the purity of the body and mind.

Thingyan is a purely secular festival and is not mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures, but the Burmese people celebrate the Thingyan at the same time with the Buddhist rite. Hence, the Burmese people enjoy the fascinating festival but they do not forget to organize Buddhist rites in a holy atmosphere.

Early in the morning, people gather in the central area of Yangon, where is near the Sule Pagoda, to admire the traditional dance, the jubilant music and fun songs to welcome the New Year.

After coming back from the temple to pray for peace, it’s time for water splashing. Everyone goes to the streets, using a fountain, water gun, or a bucket to splash water on each other, instead of the New Year's greetings. After being wet, they will walk in the sun to dry their clothes.

Burmese people think that splashing water will eradicate the gloom of the previous year, to start a new year with a clean pure appearance. Meanwhile, many people choose to welcome the New Year at home to enjoy the warm atmosphere.

Not only Myanmar, Water festival is also held in many Southeast Asian countries with different names, expressing the wish for a prosperous life, peace, a bright future. Water festival in Myanmar lasts from April 11 to April 16.

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