Explore Mysterious Tuyet Tinh Coc Dalat

Tourists can not explore a poetic Da Lat just by wandering around the city.

Perhaps, many tourists ask themselves some common questions such as how long does it take to explore the whole scenery of Da Lat? What is the most attractive place in this poetic land?..etc. They seem to be hard to answer because Da Lat is alluring with its own natural and simple things, from wildflowers along the roads to the sunlights in the early morning.

While travelers may have “crush” on living pine trees and magnificent waterfalls, I deeply fall in love with all belongs to this beautiful land, especially the mysterious « Tuyet Tinh Coc «. After the nice pictures of two exhilarating lakes favourably called « Tuyet Tinh Coc » in Da Nang and Ninh Binh gone viral, the mysterious Tuyet Tinh Coc in Da Lat is in the spotlight.

Attracting travelers with poetic and untouched beauty, this overwhelming lake seems to have magics that urge us to explore “right away”. 

The mysterious Tuyet Tinh Coc Da Lat is actually an abandoned marble quarry located in Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. After a long period of un-exploration, rainwater and groundwater created a turquoise blue lake.

Surrounded by colorful cliffs, the turquoise of the water unintentionally makes you « overwhelmed ». Therefore, you must feel as if you were getting lost in a mysterious world.

Traveling from Da Lat market then following DT722 road, you will reach Cu Lan village. Then, traveling 400 meters further from the gate of the village, you will approach the slope heading the mountain on the left. After that, of course, you turn left and keep going more 4 kilometers till ask the local the way to the lake of  Bay Tai marble quarry.

Because the trail leading to the mountain is quite challenging with rocks, you should travel by motorbike to avoid potential risks. Moreover, you ought to prepare foods and drinks if you want to explore the lake for a certain time. 

Bear in mind, you shouldn’t go swimming even when you’re good at swimming. Additionally, you shouldn’t  throw garbage and litter indiscriminately to preserve this amazing landscape.

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