Long Hai Sea Tourism Handbook

The best time to go to Long Hai is October and November by various means such as private cars, motorbikes, buses and hydrofoils.

As a town located in Ba Ria province, 12km from Vung Tau, Long Hai Beach is beautifully gifted with natural scenery. In addition to the sea, there are mountains and cherry blossoms in bloom. With cool climate of the autumn, Long Hai is also an ideal destination thanks to white sand, blue sea, sunny sunshine and forest covered with yellow leaves. Guests can combine visiting Long Hai and Vung Tau during the day or spend two days camping overnight. Below is some pocket information for visitors to this seaside.

Long Hai Sea


Located in the South East, Long Hai always has cool climate all year round. Visitors can come at any time, but October to November is the best time for swimming, enjoying the view of cherry blossom forest.

Means of transport

With the proximity to Saigon, you can travel to Long Hai by your private car, motorbike or public transports. Another option is to take the hydrofoils from Saigon port to Da peer - Vung Tau, then continue to move to Long Hai.

Passenger cars (buses): You can buy tickets at Mien Dong (Eastern) Bus Station. The price is from VND 65,000 to VND 95,000, the final destination is Long Hai bus station.

Long Hai Sea

Motorbikes: Visitors refer to the two roads as follows:

If you go backpacking to Long Hai by motorbikes or your own cars, you should move along the following routes:

- Sai Gon à National Highway 1A à Dong Nai bridge à Vung Tau Fork à turn left à National Highway 51 à Highway 44A à Long Hai

- Sai Gon à Cat Lai ferry à Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) à Highway 51 à Vung Tau city (Taking this route, you will shorten the distance about 20km.)

+ If traveling by hydrofoils to Long Hai, you depart from Sai Gon Port à Ben Da (Da port) à Vung Tau à move to Long Hai.

Long Hai Sea

Staying overnight

You can set up tents on beaches or stay in motels, hotels or rest in resorts (from budget to luxurious). Prices range from VND 300,000- VND 400,000 for a standard room.

Tourist attractions

- Mount Minh Dam: This mountain is associated with the heroic history of Ba Ria - Vung Tau during the war. From the foot of the mountain, visitors will follow the zigzag paved path as they reach the summit.

On the way, halfway up the mountain, you will see a panoramic view of Long Hai with the sea on one side and the forest on the other side. Many people often feel amazed by the splendid beauty between the sky, yellow and green leaves adorned by the forest flowers blooming.

- Long Hai Beach: The beach is still wild and clean, and therefore is suitable for groups of backpackers to camp overnight to enjoy the fresh nature and cool air. Golden sand here is smooth and spreads, alternating the green of the calm poplar trees. In addition to bathing, visitors can also enjoy the fresh, cheap seafood early in the morning.

- Dinh Co beach: Located at the foot of Dinh Co temple, this beach has the same name with golden, smooth sand. The sandy beach is wide, suitable for group sports or weekend entertainment with campfire, singing and dancing. As the tide recedes, the seawater is shallower, you will see krill and fish in the smooth sand beneath the feet.

Minh Dam Mountain: This is a war-time base. When you climb to about two thirds of the pass, the panorama of Long Hai Sea with a sea view on one side and charming hills on the other side gradually appear in front of your eyes . Below is Thuy Duong tourist area and the winding paved road at the foot of the mountain. Embracing the sea is a beautiful red cherry blossom forest. Many people like to conquer the mountain peaks by walking, so that they can crawl under the trees, collect rocks, hear the birds singing, and the murmuring streams. The fatigue disappears after you wash your face, soak in the cool spring water, enjoy the fresh air of the mountains and forests.

Chan Nguyen Zen Monastery: Located at the foot of Minh Dam Mountain and opened in 1987, the monastery is in harmony with the majestic nature. Visitors coming here to worship and see the scene will find peace of mind.

Highlighted in the green space of the forest is the main worship chamber. This place is located below the mountain range, behind which is the rock with many shapes such as snake head, turtles carved with words. They look like giant watercolor paintings of Buddhism.

Flickering in the forest are small wooden rooms for the monks who are practicing here. The most distinctive feature in this monastery is the appearance of hundreds of monkeys. They see the temple as a peaceful place so they often come here. That is also the reason why many people call this place Monkey Temple.

- Nuoc Ngot (Fresh Water) Pass: If you have come to Long Hai, you should not miss Nuoc Ngot Pass located along the coast with a length of 5 km, where is always busy with visitors in the last months of the year.

The special point to mention is the cherry blossom forest blooming in the middle of the mountain. Previously, this kind of flower was planted by Japanese in the war years. Over time, the forest becomes the destination of many domestic and foreign tourists.

Specialty dishes

Banh xeo- Crispy Vietnamese pancakes:

Coming to the Long Hai sea, visitors will enjoy the delicious pancakes. Along with the raw food source, skillful techniques of making pancake of the people of this place have created fresh yellow, eye-catching pancakes. Besides, the sauce of this cake is also meticulously made by the people of Long Hai. When you enjoy, you will feel the sweet sour taste of pickles, delicious taste of delicious sauce and fat, the smell of pancakes.

Places to eat Long Hai pancakes: - Banh Xeo Long Hai Restaurant: No. 6, Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province

Hotpot: As a long-lasting specialty of Long Hai, lẩu súng (a kind of hotpot) is considered one of the most popular dishes of local people. The way to cook this dish is very special, unlike other traditional hot pot dishes.

The best and most delicious ingredients used to cook this hotpot dish are the head and guts of fish. Spices include sour tamarind juice, soya bean, bile sugar, delicious fish sauce, fried finely chopped lemongrass, crushed lemongrass. In addition, this dish also needs thick leafy vegetables, basil, chopped and sliced pepper.

The strange flavor of the hot pot dish with very unique flavor from soy sauce mixed with the sour of tamarind, the fragrance of lemongrass, sweet smell of fresh fish and crispy of water lily stem has made this dish more delicious.

Seafood specialties: As a rich sea area, therefore, when traveling to Long Hai, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fresh seafood, such as cheap shrimp, crabs, snails ... After tasting the specialties, tourists can also buy as gifts for loved ones after the trip.

Depending on the needs and budget, you can choose to eat at some places near Long Hai tourist area :

1 - Banh Canh Long Huong restaurant: 200m from Ba Ria town gate on Highway 51, at Long Huong T-junction.

2- Sai Gon OK restaurant is 200m far from the gate of Ba Ria town, right at the right hand side, the restaurant sells fresh seafood and offers polite service, and therefore is selected by many local authorities.

3 - Going out of the Ba Ria town gate about 4km on the way to Long Hai, and 7km from Long Hai to the Cho Ben (market) crossroad, you will see "Con Co (Stork) Cho Ben" food stall selling seafood and other dishes. Especially, there are free parking place, polite staff, fresh seafood, air- conditioned room; therefore, tennis players often come here to eat because of good food, good price. The owner is called "Mr. Son stork"

Things to buy as gifts

Guests can buy fresh seafood to bring home and eat within the day. In addition, other options include dried seafood and handicrafts made from shellfish.


You should bring mosquito repellent when visiting Minh Dam Mountain and be wary of reefs when swimming on the sea. Also, the time to buy the best seafood in the fishing village is in the early morning, from 6am to 8am to be able to choose fresh seafood with cheap prices.

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