The Most Delicious Foods in Hai Phong

It’s not exaggerative when Hai Phong is considered the heaven of gourmet because you will enjoy a lot of delicious dishes once coming here.

Hai Phong city is famous as the city of red flamboyant flowers. But speaking of Hai Phong,we  can not ignore the food of this land.

1. Crab noodle

Crab noodle is almost the most famous specialty in Hai Phong, and also one of the dishes that make up the reputation of the cuisine in this city.

The brown rice noodle is tasty and strange in comparison with other kinds of noocle in Vietnam. You can choose to eat crab noodle without or without broth, which are both very delicious with full of "topping" such as crab meat, shrimp...

2. Crab hotpot

Crab hotpot in Hai Phong, especially fresh water crab hotpot is also very famous. The special thing is in the processing, bringing the hot pot here special taste.

The broth is very tasty with lots of crab meat. In addition to the meat, you can also eat hot pot with fresh seafood as this is very popular in Hai Phong.

In addition to delicious taste, crab hotpot in Hai Phong is also noticed by the price which is much cheaper than other places.

3. Seafood

It would be incomplete to travel to Hai Phong without eating seafood. As the land of Port, located close to the sea, seafood is also characteristic of this land.

There are so many seafood resaurants in Hai Phong, but young people still adore seafood in a small alley opposite the Maritime University on Lach Tray Road.

Student price but quality is not impeccable. In addition, the owner is very enthusiastic and hospitable. If you follow a group of about 5 - 6 people, you will only need to spend more than a hundred thousand VND each one for a meal with full of delicacies such as: crab, shrimp, oysters, red shell oyster, snails,…

4. Spicy bread

Hai Phong spicy bread is too famous already. Coming to Hai Phong, people have to eat spicy bread, and then buy a few dozen as gifts.

In Hai Phong, there are many shops selling spicy bread. The difference between places is not so much, mostly in the way they cook the pate. After the baked bread is crispy, pate is stuffed in, some restaurants add some dried meat,  and then chili sauce. In particular, the hot chili paste that comes with this spicy bread is not the usual chili but homemade chili. The chili sauce is a little bit washier but the spicy flavor is also stronger, with a characteristic taste that is unlike anywhere else.

5. Chinese banh duc 

Banh duc is a cake made from rice flour. It’s strange from the name to the image, but this is a familiar dish of people in Hai Phong.

A bowl of banh duc consists of chopped cakes, fried meat and shrimp thoroughly, papaya, then served with chili vinegar sauce. Depending on the person's taste, you can choose not to be spicy, moderately spicy or very spicy.

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