6 Best Adventurous Activities In Singapore

Exciting thrilling games in Singapore make this place one of the sanctuary for those who love adventure sports in Southeast Asia.

Mega Zip

Mega Zip is a fun sensation in Singapore that travelers should try. You will be suspended in the air by a cable and then dropping freely. Depending on the commitment that visitors can choose different speed, fall rate. Singapore's Mega Zip Cables system is 450 meters high, 72 meters above sea level, and has three lane jackets that provide visitors with an excellent view of the tropical jungle below.


This is a very popular water sport in Hawaii. However, if you want to try this game in Asia then Singapore is the ideal address for you. Imagine, the jet of water will propel you soaring to 10m in very safe condition as you control it. SeaBreeze Water-Sports (Wave House Sentosa, Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island) will be the place to go "straight" and try this game. You will be excited to know that you do not need to spend a lot of money to blow the excitement of your feelings.

Climb Max

Climb Max is one of the fun thrilling games in Singapore that many tourists love. It is simply a wire game. You will cross a narrow 12 meter long road connected by wooden planks and ropes. Depending on the age of the player, the height will be different. However, visitors are assured that there is always a team of experienced security will ensure your safety.

Flying Trapeze

Flying Trapeze is a new thrilling sport game that has recently appeared in Singapore. If anyone has been to the circus and is impressed with the acrobats, this is the opportunity to experience it. Visitors will climb the high platform, there are guides to help you hook your legs to a wooden stick. When the command is ready, the visitors let go of their hands and fly.

IFly Singapore

IFly Singapore is a thrilling game that simulates the world's largest indoor parachute jungle environment. Below is a wind turbine that can generate wind speeds of 300 km / h, but normally blows from 160-190km / h. There will be guides to help you stay in balance and experience the feeling of great free fall.

Wave House

Surfing - not on the sea but in house! This game is for anyone who wants to try surfing but is afraid to do a live sea test.

The Sentosa Wave House is home to more than 6,500 square meters of land along the beach. Coming here, surfers, want to ride on the waves about 3 meters high will enjoy the feeling that it is still very safe. Even for those who have never surfed, do not be afraid, as you will get the help of experienced guides at Wave House.

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