Myanmar - The Ideal Destination in 2017

Myanmar is strongly developing its tourism industry. The number of tourists is not too high in the peak season.  It’s where the temple mixed with the impressive natural scenery and not too crowded. All are great reasons to leave for Myanmar in 2017.

Overwhelmed with ancient temples in Bagan

Compared with temples in Siem Reap (Cambodia), the temples in Bagan are smaller but quieter. This has created a mysterious Bagan.

If you do not like crowds or noise, discovering Bagan is an ideal destination, even during high season. There are no tourists in Bagan, and motorcycles are not allowed in and out, so people travel to discover places on horse carts or electric bikes.

A true professional photographer

It is easy to get a beautiful photo in Myanmar, even if you are not a professional photographer. From the city to the countryside, the landscapes are all enchanted. And all you need to worry about is the phone memory or the camera has enough capacity for hundreds of impressive photos.

The beauty of Myanmar is not like anywhere in the world. Natural vivid colors, ancient buildings are all contributing factors in creating an ideal pose.

History of the country is rich and attractive

Although the history of Myanmar is less well known, you will still find it fascinating to know that as you know little information about the formation and development of this country you will find your trip very useful, an adventure exploring the land of dreams.

Myanmar tourism is growing, but the number of tourists is still not over

Although the tourism industry of this area has grown in recent years but the number of tourists is still not too high during the high season, it is possible to have a relaxing comfortable trip completely in the quiet atmosphere of the land of Buddhist temple.

Trekking at a cheap price

One of the best parts of my visit to Myanmar is trekking, and there is a wealth of information to help make the trip more attractive.

Along the way you can visit not only the natural scenery, but also the villages of the local people, the school or overnight at a monastery.

There are many interesting trekking routes, including Kalaw to Inle Lake, Hsipaw Township to some rural villages and local people. With such great experiences, prices are very good, most of the three-day trips in a row are priced at less than $ 50 per person, including accommodation and meals.

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