The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Thailand

Traveling the northeast of Thailand, tourists have a chance to discover the peace and tranquility of the nature and traditional local market alike.


Isan is the the local name of the Northeastern region of Thailand, of which a part of it is surrounded by Mekong River. The northernmost part of this area is Nong Khai province, near Laos border and only 30 kilometers from the capital of Vientiane. The province is famous for the breath – taking U-shaped glass bridge that was built on a cliff. Therefore, tourists definitely enjoy the majestic nature as well as experience adventuring feeling when standing on the bridge.

Sala Kaeo Ku

Sala Kaeo Ku has long been known as a rare open – air garden of  Buddha statues in Thailand. The garden was originally built in 1978 and statues have undergone some renovation since then. Stepping on to this amazing destination, visitors can admire the  mossy high statues that illustrates the legends about Buddhism. You might definitely be impressed by the Buddha statue sitting under 7 – headed Naga.

Wat Pho Chai

Being known as the most famous temple in Nong Khai, Wat Pho Chai temple grasps the eyes of visitors by splendid decoration of chandeliers and walls covered by Buddha paintings. Stepping onto the main hall, you would probably be impressed by the sacred Buddha statue - Luangpho Phra Sai placed at the heart of the hall. According to legend, the three daughters of King Lan Chang made three statues that are named Phra Soem, Phra Suk,  and Phra Sai, was originally located in Vientiane. However, Phra Suk was submerdged by a storm on the way of being moved to Nong Khai. Then, Phra Soem was sent to Bangkok, while Phra Sai was placed at Wat Pho Chai temple, Nong Khai.

Nong Khai

Visiting Nong Khai, you should definitely make full use of your time watching the heart - meltening sunset on the Mekong River. It promises to be one of the “one – of – all - kind” moments in your trip to this charming province, even during your life because it might touch the deepest part of your soul. The river’ crossing - bridge connecting Thailand and Laos is also an important traffic route between Nong Khai and Vientiane.

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