Train Market – one of the largest night markets in Bangkok

Train Market is an ideal destination for Thai youth and captivating with foreign visitors with its unique antique displays at the Golden Pagoda country.

Apart from Chatuchak Market, Asiatique or Pratunam, Bangkok's most impressive destination is the Train Market (Rot Fai), more than 20 km from BTS Phaya Thai.
Entrance to the market can make you overwhelmed by dozens of stalls selling countless kinds of soft snacks, spacious layout, spacious walkways. With only 35-50 baht, visitors can easily enjoy a full fat squid, baked right before your eyes and seasoned with traditional Thai sour, spicy, sweet, salty spices. In addition, other dishes are also reasonably priced, such as a grilled pork skewer (about 10 baht), grilled chicken (about 10-20 baht) ... and lots of drinks, cocktails, ice cream, tea, coffee can be a great choice for dinner when strolling this market.
Although named "train station", the market has nothing to do with railway or train. With more than 2,000 booths, this place concentrates on a variety of products of stable quality, uniform, fashionable from accessories to accessories to furniture and home appliances. Like other Bangkok markets, visitors can pay for the items and if you buy two or more, the owner is quite comfortable in the promotion. The usual price should be bargain from 10 to 20 baht, however with items that are too cheap, you should buy it right away.
The difference in Train Market lies in the huge collection of antiques. Going deep into the market, visitors will encounter the halls displaying original cars, motorcycles from the 1950s, French chandelier or ancient leather jacket ... All are genuine guaranteed, originated from many places. In the world like America, Europe, Thailand ... Even if you are not allowed to touch the products, you can still take pictures, posing next to the items and just not to damage them.

Beyond the confines of a bazaar, it is also home to lively bars and pubs filled with Thai youth and foreigners. Those who hate cigarettes would be satisfied by the comfortable, pleasant atmosphere and almost no cigarette or any other cigar or shisa. In a glass of beer or Thai tea, you can immerse yourself in the space of chatting with friends or swaying, singing along the vibrant tunes of live music groups.
Although not a shopaholic, you can still roam the train market because of the sparkling beauty of neatly arranged stalls, the sincere smiles of the sellers, or the courtesy of the visitors. . Feeling warm, full of eagerness will follow you from the moment you enter the market and easily make people forget all the time.

Far from the center, in 2015, a mini version of Train Market called Second Train Market was born, located on Ratchadaphisek Road to meet the needs of visitors. Although not as big as the original market, Second Train Market can still satisfy guests with design and similar items and easy access from MRT Thailand Culture Center, just behind the Esplanade shopping mall.

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