Experience The Magical Beauty of Suoi Hoa Resort in Danang

Experience the beauty of Suoi Hoa Da Nang tourist area, tourists will be amazed by the beauty of green nature, fresh air and many fun activities. This is a great tourist destination for friends and family gatherings on weekends.

Danang is not only famous for its brilliant bridges and beautiful beaches, but it also attracts visitors by its unique eco-tourism. About 30km west of Da Nang city center, visitors will encounter Suoi Hoa tourist area with colorful flower fields and green hills. All combined with waterfalls, streams, lakes, waterfalls create a beautiful and poetic landscape. Suoi Hoa is not only a favorite destination for many people in Da Nang but also a suitable place for a holiday or a picnic.

Suoi Hoa Resort is located in the majestic Truong Son Mountains and lies on the Lo Dong River. This resort has a natural beauty of the water, clouds and waterfalls, streams, flowers and plants ... The scenery here makes visitors feel surprised, impressive. This resort has the name of a stream, covered by lush green vegetation and many forest flowers. Many species of flowers in this area are blooming, creating a cool space for visitors. In particular, this is not a wild resort but man-made, making the journey experience the beauty of Suoi Hoa more attractive and interesting.

Suoi Hoa has a cool climate with many plants and water streams leading up to a cool pool area. Rough terrain creates white waterfalls that run all year round. Suoi Hoa Flower Center is a variety of forest flowers, wild weeds with brilliant colors. Coming to Suoi Hoa, visitors will be able to enjoy the green hills and experience the feeling of spring bathing. These are the things that attract visitors once set foot here. Suoi Hoa "promises" to give visitors a wonderful experience. Perhaps this is why anyone who comes here once wants to have the opportunity to come back again.

The scenery in Suoi Hoa makes visitors feel surprised by the feeling of being lost in a lake in the high mountains all year round, with green streams, cool. When you come here, you can walk or play in the cliffs, streams; Bathe in the cool lake water and admire the surrounding mountains and forests. However, the first stop that tourists should not be overlooked is Ru Ri Falls and Ha Waterfalls - two low-level artificial waterfalls with blue water and flowers such as cherry blossoming, orchid…

In addition to playing with water, visitors can sit chess under the tree flowers Peach, smelling the fragrance of peach flowers spread in the wind, just heard the murmuring streams. For families with small children, it is possible to bring your baby to the lake with a water depth of only 0.5m to play exciting sports on the water such as swimming, kicking ... In three days trip to Da Nang, visitors will also encounter the Long house was built like the house of the Cotu people for meetings and cultural activities.

In particular, under the Long house is a large 1.5m deep lake for adults to bathe and play; At the same time, there is a bridge hanging over the lake for sightseeing. The bridge is considered the ideal place for visitors to save memories when visiting Hoa Stream. When standing on the bridge, visitors can admire the immense grandeur of the vast green mountains. Thanks to the sophistication and skillfulness of the people, Suoi Hoa resort has brought beauty and beauty to preserve the natural beauty of wild mountains. Come here, visitors like to dispel the tiring of everyday, enjoy the relaxed moments of comfort. 

Come to Suoi Hoa after the trip to Non Nuoc beach Danang, visitors also enjoy the specialties of the mountain forests such as sesame rice, wild pork, Dien Truc bamboo shoot, wild chicken... at the ethnic restaurant. Here, visitors will enjoy playing on a large lawn with green grass, surrounded by majestic mountains; On the other hand, there is an area for sports enthusiasts such as horseback riding, soccer, badminton, volleyball ... In which, the stadium is about 6.000m2 serving the guests free of charge. Around are the houses to serve visitors to rest.

The resort also has accommodation blocks for visitors who want to spend the night at affordable prices, cool and clean rooms with fresh mountain air, listening to birds chirping early in the morning. In particular, these lodges are located around the lake and the middle of the mountainside makes visitors feel very excited. In addition, in Suoi Hoa there are many other famous places with charming names such as Toc Tien Waterfall, Thien Thai Waterfall, Bong Lai Lake ... for visitors to enjoy.

Suoi Hoa Resort is an ideal resort and wonderful resort for tourists when coming to Danang. Come here to experience and feel your soul relaxed. Suoi Hoa Da Nang will help visitors forget the tiredness, the stress of hard working days together with the noisy, sloppy urban areas to be released into nature with fresh air. 

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