Explore The Non Nuoc Beach in Danang

In addition to charming My Khe Beach, wild Nam O, Da Nang has another excellent beach - Non Nuoc beach. Non Nuoc Danang tour promises to bring visitors, fun, exciting and unforgettable experience.

Enjoy peace and fresh air

The Non Nuoc beach is located in Hoa Hai ward, Ngu Hanh Son district, about 12km southeast of Danang city center. Seen from above, Non Nuoc Beach looks like a large circle surrounded majestic Ngu Hanh Son. If My Khe Beach is known as the most attractive beach on the planet, Non Nuoc Beach also has a beauty as well as blue sky, blue sea, sunshine and white clouds to enthuse people. However, Non Nuoc beach brings a quite different feeling from My Khe. Wecan make a small comparison: if My Khe as a uptown picky beautiful girl, Non Nuoc beach is like a rustic, charming and simple girl.

Fortunately, Non Nuoc still retains the beauty of the wilderness, which has not been affected and changed much by the "smoke-free industry". Coming to Non Nuoc, visitors will feel like they are entering a "pure" country separate from the outside world, separated from the urban noise and separated also from the chaos of life. Standing in front of the sea, so that the sea breeze blowing in people, visitors will like the taste of the salty sea and enjoy the fresh air. This is the reason why many visitors come to Da Nang to enjoy sightseeing Ba Na Hills, Ngu Hanh Son, travel to My Son sanctuary, Son Tra peninsula ... and also Non Nuoc beach. The Non Nuoc beach always has a special position in the heart of tourists and is always on the list of attractive tourist attractions.

One of the things that make up the beauty of Non Nuoc beach is the smooth white sand stretching 5km. Sandy beach is quite wide and very clean. When laying bare feet in the sand, anyone can not help but feel like the masses of sand massaging each toe by trying to slip in. Walking around the beach, a little sunshine, a bit of wind and listening to the gentle waves pounding in the ears, all bring a sense of peace.

Swimming and scuba diving

The water in the Non Nuoc beach is clean and clear. In Da Nang's handbook and favorite tourist destinations, Non Nuoc Beach is considered to be salty, with moderate waves and temperatures suitable for bathing and diving all year round. However, the ideal time to travel to Non Nuoc beach is in the summer from May to September. Being in the cool waters of Non Nuoc is one of the best experiences when coming to Non Nuoc beach. In addition to swimming, visitors can also dive to enjoy colorful aquatic plants.

Paragliding on the sea

For those who love the game of intense adventure – you can not miss parachuting in the sea of Non Nuoc. At sea, Non Nuoc offers safe parasailing services. Guests will be locked by a dedicated cord into the umbrella. Then cano runs at high speed to pull parachute flying. When playing paragliding, tourists can enjoy the whole view of Non Nuoc beach and Danang city in a very special position from above.


A special feature of the Non Nuoc beach is the weather conditions that are very suitable for surfing at sea. From September, October to March next year is the ideal time to surf in Non Nuoc Beach. Because of this, at Non Nuoc the wind speed is stronger with the high waves can help satisfy the passion of surfing. Many surfing contests are also held annually in Non Nuoc Beach. Many people, especially international visitors converge here to conquer the waves together. If you love and want to experience this sport, you can go to Da Nang and to Non Nuoc sea at the time mentioned above.

Water motorcycle

Water motor play is one of the attractive games on the Non Nuoc beach for those who love speed and adventurous. How to control the water motor is not too difficult, you will be guided by the dedicated staff and steering if necessary. So, not only surfing, but also water motorcycles can help you conquer the waves.

In addition to the above experience, when coming to Non Nuoc, visitors can also experience the Danang Non Nuoc beach with many other interesting activities: Kayaking, paddle, Fly-board By jet engine), enjoy fresh seafood dishes or visit nearby places (such as Ngu Hanh Son, Non Nuoc stone carving village) ...

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