Get Hassle Free Visas for Vietnam be it on Arrival or Pre-obtained

Vietnam is famous for its beautiful beaches, rivers and elegant Buddhist pagodas. It is a beautiful place as a popular choice among tourists. For a simple visit or to work the most important thing along with your international passport with a visa permit. Visas are a guarantee that you stay safe and secure hence it is of utmost importance and one of the most important documents that you have to posses at the time of entry.

Vietnam visa application process should be carried on through different agencies who are dedicated to working round the clock to help in visa procurement under all situations and circumstances. Under general circumstances, you should apply for a visa for Vietnam about three months in advance to ensure that the entire process is smooth and not rushed. With the tour or stay plan you should lay down a complete route map and also keep your passport and visa handy that will the most important document to ensure a stay in the country.

Sometimes certain unexpected situations come all of a sudden and are completely unplanned. You cannot control such situations, and for these cases, You can save a lot of time and hassle by completing the Entry and the Exit form right before you arrive at one of Vietnam’s international airports. Vietnam allows visa on arrival which works best towards your needs and benefit.

Here is how you can attain a tourist visa to Vietnam on arrival -

1. You have to fill out a detailed application form online

2. Mention the day, time and name of airport that you will be arriving on

3. All information should be authentic as it will be verified

4. You have to pay the visa fee online

5. It takes about three days to get official approval from the Vietnam Immigration Department

6. You need to get a print out of the approval along with two passport size photos

7. Keep some extra photos handy it might come to use on your trip

8. These documents need to be carried carefully at the time of arrival

9. When you reach the destination airport in Vietnam, you need to show the letter at the immigration office along with your photos

10. Visa on arrival is open 24*7 to ease out your stay

Even though obtaining a visa at the Vietnam airport is allowed it is always better to have it beforehand. Every Time you start planning a visit to Vietnam keeps getting a passport as your first step. One of the most important things that you should remember is that your passport should have at least six months validity. Also, visa on arrival in Vietnam is only applicable for air travel.

Vietnam visa application can be an easy laid back process if you follow and maintain all the set rules and regulations that are mandatory and are laid out by the authorities. If you are planning to visit or stay in Vietnam anytime soon, you should start your visa application online for on arrival application or to get it before you leave.

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