Han River Bridge – The Unique Swing Bridge in Danang

Since being recognized as a new administrative city in 1997, Danang is constantly evolving to prove the status of one of the leading cities in Central Vietnam. Along with the economic development, the city also resonates in the country and the area by the modern large scale. Highlights include the Han River swing bridge, the only swing bridge in Vietnam up to the present time. The launch of this bridge not only facilitates the movement of the people of the city but also helps develop Da Nang tourism. The tour operators promote tour on Han River with the unique swing bridge in Vietnam.

The process of building Han river bridge

The Han River starts at the confluence of rivers between Cam Le district, Hai Chau district and Ngu Hanh Son district to Danang Bay. However, after the unification of the country, the river was about 8km long and 900-1,200m wide with only two bridges spanning Tran Thi Ly Bridge (1960) and Nguyen Van Troi Bridge (1965). All are built by Americans. If you do not want to cross the river by ferry, from the city center, people have to go about 15-16km to reach Pham Van Dong Street. Understanding the desire of the people is to have a bridge connecting the river bank to facilitate the exchange and trading of goods, as soon as the city had been recognized as the administrative unit, the government of Da Nang quickly prepared for the birth of a new bridge - Han River bridge.

In September 1998, Han River Bridge was started construction and in March 2000, officially circulated. The bridge is 487.7m long and 12.9m wide, including 11 spans, 33m in length, connecting two main roads of Da Nang city, namely Le Duan Street on the West Bank and Pham Van Dong Street on the East Coast. As noted in Da Nang's favorite travel destinations, this is the only swing bridge in Vietnam up to the present time and also the first one designed and constructed entirely by Vietnamese engineers and workers.

Despite being built on complex terrain, deep riverbed, many landmines, mines and iron left by the war and underwent four floods, the Han bridge was built very quickly. Especially, in 1999, the construction unit completed 10 out of 14 piers. Therefore, the Han river bridge is not only a bridge connecting the Han River but also the pride of the people of Da Nang city. Thanks to the bridge, the time to travel from the city center to Son Tra Peninsula is reduced to 5 minutes.

Turnaround time of Han bridge

To create favorable conditions for people and tourists to admire the impressive moment when the Han River bridge swings as well as attract tourists to join the tour Swing bridge on Han River, the government of Da Nang city adjusted the time of the bridge. Accordingly, at 12 o'clock at night, the bridge will rotate 90 degrees for ships to pass, andthen return to the original position at  3h30 am. Visitors want to admire this impressive moment should come here early to choose the most impressive view.

Other famous bridges on the Han River

In addition to the swing bridge, Da Nang has five other bridges spanning the Han River: Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge and Tien Son Bridge. Each bridge has a unique beauty and mark to the development of Da Nang city. In particular, Tran Thi Ly Bridge is the first bridge across the Han River. The bridge was built in 1960 with the name De Lattre de Tassigny, then renamed Trinh Minh The Bridge in 1955, a railway bridge. After 1975, the bridge was upgraded to a road bridge and renamed Tran Thi Ly Bridge to this day. In 2010, Tran Thi Ly Bridge was built and opened in 2013.

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was born in 1965, also built by Americans. In 2013, the bridge was renovated and became the first pedestrian bridge in Da Nang city. Tien Son Bridge started in 2002 and was completed in 2004, with the length of 529.1m. Thuan Phuoc Bridge was built in 2003-2009, the longest cable stayed bridge in Vietnam with 1,856m.

Dragon Bridge is the newest bridge across the Han River and one of the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang, built from 2009-2013 with the length of about 666m and 37.5m wide. Not only impressed with the shape of the dragon was simulated under the Ly dynasty, this bridge also attracts tourists with fire and water show at 8:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday every week. 

The birth of the Han river swing bridge is seen as a testament to the wisdom of the Vietnamese people and this bridge is also considered a symbol of Da Nang tourism. We wish you and your family a very enjoyable and enjoyable journey!

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