Top 5 Best Attractions to See in Hanoi

Hanoi, the one-thousand-year-old city, is well known for its harmonious combination of traditional and modern life style. During the tour in Hanoi, you can have a chance to visit a lot of beautiful historical sites to understand more about this long-term-history city. I would like to present to you the list of 5 Best Attractions in Hanoi, one of the most recommended places for Vietnam excursions

Hoan Kiem Lake

Located in the heart of the city, Hoan Kiem lake is where you can experience a real Hanoi. ‘Hoan Kiem’ or Sword Lake is widely famous for its legendary stories. Visiting the lake, you will see the unique Turtle Tower floating on a tiny islet (at the center of the lake), a little unique temple, where is the favorite spot for Hoan Kiem’s giant turtles to sunbathing. Known as an ideal spot for Vietnam family tours, a trip to Hoan Kiem lake offers you and your family the chance to observe and join in interesting daily activities of local Hanoians such as morning exercises, tai chi practice, traditional folk games for children etc. Additionally, you can easily taste many Hanoi street foods around here.

Temple of Literature

Another one of the best attractions to visit in Hanoi must be the Temple of Literature. Built in 1070, the whole temple complex is an architectural masterpiece, which is mentioned in a lot of newspapers. Visiting the temple, you will be amazed by its tranquil beauty with ancient structures and green surrounding environment. You can also learn more about Vietnamese history as well as the development of education in Vietnam from generation to generation.

West Lake     

If you are looking for a place to relax inside such a bustling Hanoi, then West Lake will be the one. It is not only the biggest lake of the city but also the most exciting entertaining spot to most of Hanoians and foreign expats and tourists, which offers you the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity of the nature and take some good photos.  Moreover, you can easily enjoy yourself riding a bicycle around, feeling cool breezes, observing daily local fishermen, or having some cold drink at many lake-view cafes and restaurants. Although this attraction is a popular spot to travellers and expats in Hanoi, it is still an amazing place to relax during your Vietnam private tours.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is the perfect spot for those who concerns about cultural and historical developments of Vietnam. The museum shows a huge range of exhibits as well as some unique traditional structures from 54 different Peoples throughout the country. It will sure be interesting for you to know more about the cultural diversity in Vietnam and some ridiculously funny customs and habits you will not see in your country.

Ho Chi Minh Complex

Known as the final resting place of the greatest President in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh complex (including Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, his stilt house and museum) is the must-see attraction for every Vietnamese and many international tourists who ever came to Vietnam. There, you will have a chance to know more about Ho Chi Minh's life, his struggle time to find the way to save the country.

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