Thanh Hoa Highlights (part 4)

Kho Muong Valley

Kho Muong is a deep valley in the core area of Pu Luong nature reserve, less influenced by human impact should still retain the very original, poetic features. This is home to 60 Thai ethnic groups, with 230 people. The Muong Village is separated from other villages in the area, about 2km from the People's Committee of Thanh Son Commune, but the way to the village is not simple. Ridiculous travel is a challenge for "travellers" to explore here.

Kho Muong Valley in the core area of Pu Luong nature reserve
Looking from above, Kho Muong appears with attractive soul, the floor is located near the bottom of the rice fields, corn fields, cassava. Surrounding the village is a vast green forest. All of them appear as a picture of the place "the first time". The people living in the village mainly live by rice, maize, cassava products made only for the daily meal. Thanks to what nature has bestowed, people have known to invest in building spacious houses to welcome visitors to visit. Coming to Kho Muong, visitors can admire the natural scenery, experience, learn the culture, customs and habits of the Thai people, join in the wildlife, enjoy the traditional food Gourmet aromas, such as Lam Lam, banana flower, bitter soup, corn wine, sour pickles and boiled duck meat. Come here, visitors also discovered Kho Muong cave or cave great.

Hang Kho Muong is one of the most attractive caves in the cave population discovered in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Limestone blocks formed about 250 million years ago make this cave. The cave is linked to the underground system with a length of about 2.5 km to the north and leads water from Kho Muong through the village of Lung Cao. The river system flowing through the cave is a common feature of the Kart Mountains, which creates a connection between the valley basins by the flow of water. Hang Kho Muong is also home to many bats, with at least four species of bats residing in the cave at different times of the year. As you go deep into the cave, visitors will be able to admire the stone blocks, stalactites with strange shapes such as human figures, trees, animals full of different colours, fuzzy virtual Virtual, all appear extremely vivid and special. In a cave deep in the cave, there is a large open field that looks like a natural volleyball court, this is one of the highlights of the bat.

May Fall 

May Fall is about 100km from Cuc Phuong National Park in the province of Thanh Hoa - Thach Lam commune - Thach Thanh district. From Hanoi, you move along Ho Chi Minh Road, across the Cuc Phuong National Park a passage will turn into May, fall about 10 km away. The road to May fall is quite convenient, the scenery along the two beautiful roads, the feeling of water painting is here.  You will have the opportunity to admire the stilted houses, the high mountains stretching majestic, listening to the murmuring at once rushing the stream of cool water in cold streams along with It is the birdsong, creating a very interesting delivery of forests. On the way, you will find a bridge made from the forest and combined with bamboo sheets, wild nature. The bridge over the Ngang River is the first stop for the waterfall, you can take pictures, eating at the bridge. May waterfall falls from the top of Mount Thalam, with a height of about 100m, and a total of nine steps cascade over each other to create soft water as the wavy line of a white silk.
May Fall is about 100km from Cuc Phuong National Park in the province of Thanh Hoa
In addition to the nine main cascades, there is a stepped father, mother waterfall and waterfall. The two sides are the big trees always shade down the waterfall. May fall has water all year round but will be most beautiful in August onwards. Then the gentle stream waterfall is as warm as the daughter Muong is spring.

The appropriate time to go to the May fall is in the summer. Then the gentle stream waterfall is as warm as the daughter Muong here. There are places where the fence where there are murmuring, there are places where the waterfall soft, where there are so many waterfalls poured white water froze foam.

In addition to being immersed in the clear blue water, cool down from the sky to dispel the fatigue, flung the town, you can also release your soul to nature, find peace and quiet silent for the soul.

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