Thanh Hoa Highlights (part 3)

Hai Tien Beach

Any visitor who has been to Hai Tien travel feels that the attraction of this white sandy beach lies in the pristine beauty of this land. The beautiful natural landscape of heaven and earth is blended with special features in the space of peaceful fishing village life that purely made an ideal beach destination to give visitors a wonderful holiday.

Sunset on Hai Tien Beach

Hai Tien beach is only about 2km long but flat and attractive natural landscapes also hide the pristine. Hai Tien is not only the blue sea but also the fine white sand beside the coconut trees, soaring casuarina soaring along the coast, giving the place extremely beautiful and romantic. people.
Coming to Hai Tien Sea Resort, you will experience the feeling of walking on the white sand beach and feeling the cool sea breeze blowing with the salty smell of the sea and waiting for the moment when the sun rises. is a very relaxed and wonderful feeling. And only when the first light of the sun shines down on the sea island is still this wild nature, people can fully feel the true beauty of the land of heaven and sea island of Tien.
Man in the sea Hai Tien very honest nature. They live mainly by fishing, so life is quite difficult but visitors can still see their friendly smile for themselves. Welcoming tourists is a precarious labour life, but the gentle people who sketch year-round friends with the sea, still warm and warm. Coming to Hai Tien, you do not go away just because of the beautiful scenery, but also by the heart of the heart.
Get up early to watch the sunrise and share with the fishermen, you will relive the feeling you once had in the sea Sam Son or beaches along Vietnam. In the Sea of Hai Tien, visitors can easily talk to any fisherman, experience the feeling of pulling a net, filtering fish or buy fresh seafood they catch from the sea for the cheap price.

Ben En National Park

Ben En National Park covers an area of nearly 15,000 ha, of which more than half are primitive forest, with rich flora and fauna. The nature of this place is also prominent with the Muc River Lake which is about 4,000ha deep, tens of meters deep, the watercourse of Muc River and four big streams in the area. Lake Muc is divided into two lakes, Ho Thuong is larger than 3,000ha and Ho Ha is about 800ha. The lake is green around the year, the lake has more than 20 islands covered with green trees, creating a beautiful landscape painting.

Ben En National Park

In addition to the area of lakes, islands and forests, Ben En also has limestone mountains in Hai Van commune, which owns some fanciful caves, typically Hang Ngoc with a length of about 80m, 8m wide, 2.5m high, The inside is a shiny, light-coloured quartz. Especially, in the middle of the cave, there is a huge stalactite, sparkling like jade. Water from the cliffs in the cave flows out, forming a small stream, cool, ragged all night. Beside Ngo Ngoc Cave, where can climb to the top of the cave, overlooking the gap is a panoramic view of Ben En National Park.
Visiting Ben En National Park, the boat will take you gliding on the calm lake, enjoy the fresh air and see the masterpiece of nature. Then stop by to visit the green islands, where you can camp tents, fire camp activities, as well as outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, catching crabs.
Join the discovery of the national forest Ben En and to look at the mysterious caves, the trip will make you admire the huge tree trunk to some people hug, banana flaps hatched a red corner forest, Meet the herd of monkeys, learn the birds singing as melodious chorus, and then dazzle in front of various stalactites in Ngoc cave, Suoi Tien cave.
In addition, depending on the weather, Ben En National Park can arrange for visitors to go to the forest, observe wildlife at night, with some species such as squirrel, flying squirrel, deer, wild boar hidden behind the grass, trees.
Experience the local culture, you can visit Von of the Thai people in the buffer zone of Ben En National Park. Local people are enthusiastic and hospitable, giving you a comfortable moment of interaction, with traditional stilt house space, with unrivalled rounds, vibrant dances and unique cultural identities.
Overnight here, you also have the opportunity to enjoy specialities such as Thanh Bong soup, grilled spinach fish, sesame rice porridge in Song Muc lake (each weighs 30-40 kg) sip the wine needs to be ecstatic. Wake up early, admire the scenery at dawn, when the islands are dim in the white mist covered the surface of the lake. All will be unforgettable memories after the discovery of Ben En national park.

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