Sightseeing in Bac Kan the northeast of Vietnam (part 3)

Pac Ngoi Village

Talking to Bac Kan, many people must not be out of the charming landscape of Ba Be National Park. However, in a corner of their memories, Pac Ngoi will always be a truly special place, attracting visitors.

Pac Ngoi Village is the ethnic village to be located in the center of the mighty mountains and lakes

With the rich, rich and harmonious mountains and forests of Ba Be National Park, Pac Ngoi is backed by the mountain footprints on the lake, making it one of the most desirable places in the North West. Visitors to this place will be impressed by more than 70 houses built on stilts Tay ethnicity built hundreds of years to form the cultural village of Pac Ngoi. This is also the most characteristic of traditional culture in this area is kept up to date.

Besides, to the Pac Ngoi, tourists also have the opportunity to learn the identity of the Tay people through the singing tunes, the unique dance where nowhere. Moreover, when visitors have the need to experience living inside the house on stilts, they will be hospitable indigenous people serving some specialities of the place such as pork chops, chicken hills, grilled steak, corn wine, or introduced the daily tasks such as fishing, brocade weaving or bamboo rattan.

With the great potential of nature as well as the characteristics of traditional cultural identity, Pac Ngoi has been receiving a lot of government attention to investment, embellishment and construction. In the future, it is expected that this place will become a great destination for guests who want to explore and learn the beauty of nature as well as people.

Hua Ma Cave

Hua Ma Cave is located on the middle of Coon Mountain, in the middle of "Le Pot", which overlooks the Leng River, near Ba Be Lake. This place is not only associated with the sacred area but also many stalactites in the moon became an attractive landscape of the Ba Be National Park.

This cave was surveyed from 2003 to 2004, later built a small aisle and installed the lighting system, and in 2007 it was put into tourism. In front of the cave, people named and recorded the cave of this cave by the words "Hua Ma wonders the most dynamic."

The cave is located on the middle of the mountain, at an altitude of 350m above sea level, all year round green, dense trees. The road from the foot of the mountain to the cave was built into the steps, leading to the mouth of Hua Ma, 3m wide, 5m high. Entrance to the east and exit to the south.

On the right of the main door was filled with stones stacked on top of each other, this is still a mystery and there are many different explanations, and local people believe that due to the old area left. From the gate looking down is a clear blue water of the forest and Ba Be Lake and the gentle Leng River flows through.

Step into, the cave Hua Mak open wide, about 1ha with a length of more than 700m, the ceiling has a height of up to 40-50m. The slope of the gentle cave, a place to create a 3m high wall, under a huge pile of rubble about 164m, the smallest width is 10m, the widest place up to 43m.
The floor is quite flat, dry, shading the shelf, winding edge as beautiful terraced fields. About 15 meters from the shop, there are red grey clay piles and ash, where the tools have been discovered with Chinese terracotta motifs.

There are dozens of stone columns 10-15m high, the hand-made, "carved" extremely sophisticated. Covered in the cave is a multitude of stalactites in the shape of thousands of conditions, suggestive rich imagination such as flowers, tower pen, Quan Yin sound, scene teacher Tam Tang to see business, The dynasty is full of bilingual literature and so on. The corridor is divided into several rooms by the stone curtain, natural stone separation.

Kim Hy Nature Reserve

The location of Kim Hy Nature Reserve is in Bac Kan province. With an area of over 14,000ha, the reserve has hundreds of rare animals and plants that must be managed and protected strictly.
Kim Hy is regarded as a place to preserve the pristine state of the wildlife. Local and foreign scientists appreciate the abundance of rare plants and animals here. Among them are white-cheeked langur, squirrel and monkey, which are now endangered globally. In particular, to the Kim Hy nature reserve, you will see the diversity of bat species - considered the most species in Vietnam. Not only that, this is also considered as a big treasure of Bac Kan province, with tens of thousands of trees, mountains and so forth.

Kim Hy is also home to some rare genetic resources of Endangered Species Endangered Species such as fake artificial trees, also known as the rock in the world that is left in the four mountainous provinces. our country is in the North and 2 provinces Guangxi, Guangdong (China). In addition to rich flora and fauna, Kim Hy Nature Reserve is rich in mineral resources, especially gold.

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