Sightseeing in Bac Kan the northeast of Vietnam (part 1)

Bac Kan is a province rich in tourism potential because of the abundance of natural resources, minerals and culture rich mountainous ethnic identity of North Vietnam. If you have ever been here, you will not forget the majestic beauty, poetic nature of this place.

Bac Kan is located in northeastern Vietnam. Cao Bang is bounded by the north, Lang Son province in the east, Thai Nguyen province in the south, Tuyen Quang province in the south, and the terrain is dominated by mountain ranges that turn back to the east with valleys, Bac Kan tourism is a wise choice for those who want to explore nature.

Puong Cave

Puong Cave is a large cave in northern Vietnam, in the Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan province. about 5 km from the centre of Cho Ra town. The Puong Cave, 300 meters in height, is 30 meters high when the Nang River flows through the Lung Nham Limestone Mountains with steep cliffs and various stalactites of different shapes and colours inside the cave.

Puong Cave is one of the most beautiful and famous in Ba Be Lake

To visit Puong cave visitors have to sit on a boat in the Nang River, take a boat to go about a section about 400 meters, visitors will see the Puong Cave entrance, looking from a distance you only see it very small, but until closer You really feel surprised about the grandeur and mystery that visitors are excited to discover.

Inside, the strangely shaped rhinoceros lurks down to shine on the water. The deep inside, although the heart is quite dark but still enough to attract tourists, in the cave is home to thousands of bats are living, when visitors visit the sound, footsteps, light flashlights and echoes of echoes of bats swimming on the roof.

Do not know ever since the gentle river is that the perforation of the limestone cliffs to create a flow with great caves. Many people also referred to Puong as the giant shark's mouth swallowed and swallowed every single boat that lined the stream.

Although there are many visitors to Ba Be Lake National Park, the Puong cave is still pristine as it was at its inception and remains uncharted. Inside many stalactites and stalagmites have different shapes and colours that make visitors love to contemplate, touch.

Na Khoang Falls

Na Khoang waterfall is located at the foot of Deo Gio, next to National Highway 3, 6km from the centre of Na Phat town, Ngan Son district.

The waterfall covers an area of ​​about 12 hectares. It is the place where two streams are formed, namely Na Deng stream flowing through Lung Chang canyon, a small stream originating from Phia Slieng mountain peak flowing from southwest to about 88m. In combination with the Na Deng stream, a large slope has formed a four-level cascade system of about 600m in length, with an average width of 15m, and then flowing downstream to Ban Mat stream.

Na Khoang Falls is a gentle flower that is the highest waterfall cascade and the petals are small streams cascading out on the rocks. The area surrounding the waterfall is mainly regenerated forest, with an average coverage of 75% - 85%, with many species of birds, squirrels, reptiles and fishes.

At the top of the waterfall, there is a small green lake that is an ideal place for those who want to avoid the noisy, immense nature in order to feel cool and calm in the forest of Na Naang. Residents here are ethnic Mong and Dao are preserving traditional cultural identity such as costumes, beliefs, folk lanes, people dancing, creating more diversity, rich lively environment culture here.

Not only that, after a long journey, you can also rest in small houses, enjoy the specialities of the mountains and enjoy free karaoke downloads not from the national grid but from the public. Small hydropower project of Na Khoang. The nature of the soothing nature will bring you real relaxation moments, a fun and useful travel.

With beautiful, attractive and cool climate, fresh and valuable research on geology, geomorphology and ecology, the Nang Khoang has been recognized by the provincial People's Committee as a relic of the city.

Ba Be Lake

Coming to Ba Be lake - you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of beautiful clouds. Bac Kan to the lake, eyes to see the immense lake surface, visitors will admire the beautiful natural beauty of Ba Be Lake. Early in the morning when the mist was spread all over the mountains, Ba Be Lake as airy as the fairy flying with white dress giant. As the sunset shines, Ba Be Lake sparkles in the sunshine.

Ba Be Lake is still considered as Halong Bay on the land

Ba Be Lake is located in Ba Mau National Park, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province, about 240 km from Hanoi. Ba Be is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, which is recognized as a national tourist site in Vietnam. The lake with an area of ​​650ha, the average depth of 20-25 m, running more than 8km. Local people call Ba Be Slam Pé, meaning three lakes. The name is derived from the lake is a pomegranate place of the three branches of the Per Le River, Pue Lu and Per Leng.

Coming to Ba Be lake, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery but also enjoy the specialities under the lake as fish, shrimp and many other special dishes such as chicken hills, wild vegetables, Pork, glutinous rice, bamboo shoots and so forth. (to be continued)

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