Sightseeing in Bac Kan the northeast of Vietnam (part 2)

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is located in the bow River Gam, embracing the chay river with an area of 7,610ha, of which 3,226ha is the strict protection zone. This is a region rich in biodiversity, characterized by the typical ecosystems of evergreen forest on limestone mountains and mountain lakes, lowland evergreen forests.

Ba Be National Park is still considered as Halong Bay on the land

The fauna is also rich in diversity and number, with 81 species of mammals, 27 species of reptiles, 17 species of amphibians, 322 species of birds, 106 species of fish, 553 species of insects and spiders. Sixty rare and endemic species are included in the World and Vietnamese Red Book such as Phoenix, pheasant, pomelo, etc. In addition to Ba Be lake, Ba Be National Park has many unique and majestic landscapes. Other such as Puong cave, Dau Dang waterfall, Tien pond and Roop waterfall, deserve not only the centre of biodiversity leading but also famous landscapes of Vietnam. The centre of the garden is Ba Be Lake with over 500ha of water surface. Lake is home to many endemic freshwater fish species with 106 species and also an important source of fresh water for residents living around the area. In 1995, Lake Ba Be was recognized as one of the world's 20 "special" freshwater lakes that need to be protected.

Ba Be National Park has 1,281 plant species belonging to 162 families, 672 genera, including 25 species listed in the IUCN Red List and several rare plant species. In the Red Book of Vietnam such as grist, nails, Lim, string structure in which string structure is an endemic species of bamboo usually grows on the cliff. Their bodies drop down to form the blinds around the lake. This is an area that scientists at home and abroad rated as the most diverse and endemic centre of orchids not only of Vietnam but also of all of Southeast Asia with 182 species.

Thach Long Pagoda

Thach Long pagoda is divided into two parts: The first part is Thien pagoda located on high, there are stone steps from the foot of the mountain leading up the gate. The highest floor (Upper Hall) symbolizes the shrine of Buddha Shakyamuni. The middle floor (Trung Vuong) symbolizes the world with images of Uncle Ho. In the heart of the cave, the cliffs divide themselves into segments such as high and luxurious spoons that cover the Buddhas sitting below. Can be considered as an architectural masterpiece of beautiful nature. The second part is the Amphitheater (Lower Power). The road to the pagoda has to walk around the ridge about 80 m. The entrance to the temple is slightly narrower Than Thien pagoda, the cave is not as wide as it is about 6 meters high, 6 meters wide and deep in the inside.

Not only contains many of his relics, Thach Long pagoda is also a historical relic, is the pride of Cao Ky commune. Due to the special structure of the pagoda and the private place, the Ly dynasty took the pagoda as a fortress to fight Song. In the period of resistance against the French, the pagoda was used as a place of production and secret weaponry of our army. At that time, many Buddha statues were removed from the relatives and also from which the villagers stopped the ceremony. Later, peace restored, the temple was returned to the local people to repeat the worship.

Tham Temple

Over time, through the resistance war against French colonialism, the temple has witnessed the ups and downs of history as a guard post for military facilities when used as the Office of the Resistance Committee. Cho Moi. The architecture of the temple has been restored several times, but still retains the original appearance to this day, showing the majesty and dignified but not too fussy, including Mau Temple, Temple She and the area worshipping Buddha.

Tham Temple in Cho Moi area - Cay Thi (now Cho Moi town, Cho Moi district, Bac Kan province) has long become a spiritual tourist destination for thousands of visitors inside and outside the province each year. The journey "retreat to the roots", especially the new spring. Sacred Temple is a sacred temple associated with the anecdotes of a beautiful ethnic woman, rich in compassion, a heroic hero brave stand up against the enemy.

According to local records, the temple was built for a long time, then around 1929-1930, wood merchant Nguyen Ca Mau, after a flood of broken plates, floating rafts, thought impossible to find. But when the wooden rafts in front of Tham, they are blocked. As a portent of a sacred, a salvation of salvation. Seeing the sacred shrine, at the same time, he donated his money, and at the same time donated by local people to build the temple now. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, the festival, the full moon day, the one to the bustling Temple, just to burn the incense remembrance of a benevolent Lady, a heroic heroine, also to enjoy the scenery, air in clean of the place in the area. Tham went to the spiritual realms of the Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao settle in this area.

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