Top 6 hotels that you should consider to choose when traveling Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc Province

Tam Dao is the place where many young people choose to travel on every weekend or holidays.  Tam Dao is just far from Hanoi around 60km by bus ad because it has the beautiful scenery and cool climate, so tht Tam Dao is a place where you should not miss in your itinerary. To make it easier for you to travel to Tam Dao, I will recommend you some affordable hotels for those who want to visit here. 

1. Nhan Dan newspaper hotel

This is one of 3-star hotels in Tam Dao town. It has 21 rooms that are equipped with the most basic facilities, free wifi, and far from 400m center of Tam Dao town. Besides, you can see the forests surrounding you by standing on the balcony of your room. In the evening, if you stand on the top floor of the hotel at night, you will see a sparkling Tam Dao. Nhan Dan Newspaper is definitely one of the most beautiful, quality and comfortable hotels that you should stay in Tam Dao. The price is also reasonable, and average from about $12-$16 per rooms

2. Mela Hotel

Located right in the center of Tam Dao town, 3-star hotel Mela Tam Dao is a good quality, comfortable and clean hotel in Tam Dao. A total of 25 rooms are designed in the old colonial style, fully equipped with TV satellite, air conditioner, bathtub, and wardrobe. Especially, with the wide balcony, you can see the panoramic of Tam Dao mountains in the room. Even, in the early morning, you can also touch the fog and clouds. The highlight of Mela hotel is the outdoor swimming pool. You can swim, enjoy the scenery, and held an interesting BBQ party.  Services such as food and drink, massage, karaoke, and sauna are also full and attractive. The price is range from $12 to $83  per room per night. 

 3. Hoang Anh Hotel

Hoang Anh is one of the 2-star hotels that is a comfortable and affordable hotel in Tam Dao. Hoang Anh Hotel is known as for the beautiful and convenient location. It is in the center, near Silver Waterfall, and convenient to visit Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple, Vang Pagoda, park, and market. 14 rooms of Hoang Anh hotel are designed in modern style, clean and comfortable. All of the rooms have windows, high-grade blankets, cable TV, air conditional, wifi and free cafe, separate shower room, and so on. The hotel also provides you with services such as Tam Dao special food, self-drive car rental, laundry, tour guide. In general, this is a cheap hotel with the most popular criteria. Especially, the price of Hoang Anh hotel is also very reasonable. Its average is from $8-$16VND per night per room.

 4. Huong Rung Hotel

Located in the center of Tam Dao town, Huong Rung Hotel is a 3-star hotel with more than 100 luxurious, and comfortable rooms. They are arranged harmoniously between modern and traditional style. Especially, from the balcony of the room, you can admire the beauty of Tam Dao in the clouds. If you stay at Huong Rung Hotel, you will only take about 10 minutes to walk to Silver Falls, 15 minutes to go to Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple and Golden Pagoda, 5 minutes to go to the park and market. Besides, Huong Rung Hotel also makes you satisfied with the services such as massage, sauna ( dry and wet), jacuzzi bath, internet cafe shop, multipurpose gym, karaoke room. The price is from $20 - $125 VND per room per night.

5. Green World Hotel

It is the only 3-star hotel in Tam Dao that there are 2 guesthouses to serve the demands of tourists. The 5 floors house cost about $37 per room per night and the 9 floors house cost about $50 per room per night. Each room is very spacious, clean, and fully equipped. Besides, it serves some services such as tennis, karaoke, sauna, and massage. There is the private restaurant that you can enjoy Eurasian food and specialties of Tam Dao. Moreover, you can conveniently move from the hotel to visit places such as Silver Falls, Golden Pagoda, ancient church, heaven gate, etc. 

6. Hanviet Hotel

 Located in the center of Tam Dao town, Hanviet Hotel has 7 floors with 30 luxurious rooms that are fully equipped with modern facilities such as 32 inch LCD TV, cable TV with 60 domestic and international channels, internet cable, internet wifi (1st floor, 2nd floor), standing bathtub, wardrobe. Especially, the curtain and windows are decorated warmly to be suitable with forest scenery. From the HANVET hotel, you can visit Mau Temples, Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple, Truc Lam Monastery, etc. The price is from $20 - $58 per room per night. I hope you will have the wonderful experience with family and friends.

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