Top 7 destinations that you should go when traveling to Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc Province

Tam Dao is a mountain area in Tam Dao town, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam. When traveling to Tam Dao, it will bring you great views with the fanciful clouds and mist on the mountain, and the houses on the mountainside You are planning to travel Tam Dao. But, you do not know where you should go in that town. Below, I will recommend you some destinations that you should go and I hope you will have an enjoyable trip when traveling to this land.

 1. Television Tower

When mentioning Tam Dao, you cannot miss the Television Tower in Tam Dao. It is about 93 meters height on the top of Thien Nhi mountain with an altitude of 1,375 meters. The road to get on TV Tower is hard but romantic, and poetic. Along the way are orchids, wild sunflowers, and other unnamed wildflowers. They have the strange aroma smell and brilliant colors. Moreover,  In this place, many butterflies have many stunning colors to make the landscapes more perfect. When getting to the top of a mountain, you can enjoy the overall picture of land, wind, and clouds. This is probably Tam Dao tourist destinations that create the most conquest feeling to visitors. 

2. Silver Fall

From the center of Tam Dao town, you turn right along the path and go down on the deep valley. You are able to see Silver Fall in the mountains. At that place, The fall pours down the silver water. When the sun rises, you can see the sunlight is reflecting the fall and it looks like rainbow colors. Everything is very fierce. Besides, The road to go up and down of the falls is not too long but high and dangerous with vertical cliffs. I think visitors are tired but still happy because they have just conquered the dangerous roads. This is the place to see beautiful views and check in Tam Dao that you definitely should not miss.

3. Rung Rinh Peak

This is a unique tourist destination in Tam Dao for adventurous travelers. Do not hesitate to go further to Rung Rinh Peak, where trees and mountains are magnificent like in fairy tales. Moreover, there are many trees covered with orchids, singing birds, and colorful butterflies. Further, there is Tam Dao 2, where it was also an ideal holiday destination during the France domination. Now, it has wild beauty to attract visitors. You can come here to take photos as a memorable experience to Tam Dao. 

4. Heaven Gate

Its name may have originated in its location because when standing in the Heaven Gate, you can see the mist everywhere like the clouds. From Tam Dao town, you go straight to the French church. After that, you turn left and go straight to the Heaven Gate. Standing on the gate and overlook the town of Tam Dao, you can find beautiful Tam Dao below and vaporous mist surrounding you. It makes me feel as if you are in the Heaven. 

5. Tam Dao ancient church

It is a famous tourist destination in Tam Dao was built early in 1937. The parishes built this church like French architectural with a length of 26 meters, and 11 meters in width. During the anti-French colonialist resistance war, all the villas in Tam Dao were completely destroyed. However, the church is the only place that has been preserved until now. This is an interesting attraction because you can stand in the ancient church to see the natural landscape. You can take a photo with your friends and relatives. Moreover, many couples choose this place to take their wedding photos. 

6. Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple

If the time is limit and you can not climb Thien Nhi peak, you can climb nearly 200 stone steps to the Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple. There are many beautiful legends in the temple that you should know. This is definitely a spiritual tourist destination of Tam Dao. If you want a little peace, this place is a good choice for you. 

7. Tam Dao Square

This new site has been built recently and it is not completed. However, it is extremely attractive to tourists, especially young people. The square is beautifully decorated with green trees and the center fountain. Although the architecture is quite simple, this is the ideal place to take pictures. Besides, you can also sit on small swings to talk, and chat with each other.

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