Top “special” food that visitors should try when traveling Kien Giang, Vietnam

Kien Giang is a beautiful land that always attracts visitors by not only the romantic island and the scenery but also the famous food. The food here is very rustic and not mixed with any place. If you have the opportunity to visit this land, do not miss the specialties below.

1. Palmyra Cake

The delicious specialties in Kien Giang that you definitely cannot ignore that is Palmyra Cake. The cake has the yellow color and is wrapped in banana leaves with softly sweet, and fragrant flavor. It will make visitors pleasant. The cake is made from the Palmyra. The delicious rice was kept a day with coconut milk and then steamed for having soft cakes. This food in Kien Giang is sold at many markets or specialty shops in Kien Giang. So, you will not spend much time finding this food to eat or buy as a gift for relatives.

2. Herring Salad

Herring Salad is a special fresh seafood salad in Kien Giang
The next famous specialty in Kien Giang that I want to introduce for those who like fresh seafood is Herring Salad. To have the best herring salad, local people must choose the fresh herring, then it is filtered the meat to remove the bones. Finally, it is mixed with special spices to have delicious taste. When eating herring salad, you should enjoy this dish with a variety of coriander, onions, cucumbers, and unique sauce. Besides, you should go to Phu Quoc island to eat herring salad because this island is very famous. 

3. Tram mushrooms

This specialty mushroom in Kien Giang that is mainly grown on the Phu Quoc island. Especially, when the rainy season comes, it will make the soil here moist. Thanks to this, the mushroom has the large of quantities. Local people often go to the forest to pick this kind of mushrooms after the heavy rains to make the soup or sell them to restaurants. Tram mushrooms are processed into many delicious dishes such as seafood mushroom soup, Tram mushroom fried with abalone, holothurian, chicken mushroom soup and so on. 

4. Rach Gia fish vermicelli

 Rach Gia fish vermicelli has been a unique cuisine in Kien Giang that tourists all over the world like a lot. In other places, they use fish balls but in Rach Gia, people use fresh fishes that are steamed to make this food. Besides, each bowl of noodles also have small shrimps, squid, and shrimps, so the taste becomes more special. The way to make delicious soup is also different from other countrysides. This food is eaten with vegetables and other spices. Many restaurants in Rach Gia make this dish. However, Ham Nghi or Mac Cuu is two recommends for you to enjoy the greatest food. 

5. Banh Canh Ghe Cha (Grilled Chopped Fish and Sentinel-crab Rice Spaghetti)

Banh Canh Ghe Cha is also a traditional dish in Kien Giang.  Thanks to the fresh sentinel-crabs and grilled chopped fish, it makes this food extremely fragrant. This dish not only makes you full but also extremely nutritious. Especially, each bowl of Banh Canh has a small sentinel-crab with bright red. So, visitors who like to eat seafood cannot miss this attractive dish in Kien Giang. Banh Canh is sold in many places but this food is famous most in Ha Tien land. You can enjoy this dish at Dong Ho night market or any restaurant in Ha Tien. 

6. Ha Tien Sticky Rice

Ha Tien Sticky Rice is a popular and special food of the locals in Kien Giang
This food is also famous in Kien Giang. The sticky rice is very soft together with the cooking method and attractive colors that make visitors amazed. There are many kinds of Ha Tien sticky rice such as dried shrimp sticky rice, dried shrimp sticky rice rolls with rice sheet, egg sticky rice, mango sticky rice, banana sticky rice, and so on. You can buy Ha Tien sticky rice at the street vendors or in the Ha Tien Market. 

7. Pandan Tube Cake

The name of the Tube Cake is due to its shape. It is about from 10 to 15 centimeters in length. Molds are not available on the market. Therefore, local people must have to do molds themselves. Each countryside has their own ingredients. However, the main ingredients are glutinous rice flour, chopped coconut, pandanus and sesame. Each cake is fairly cheap, only about 5,000 VND. I am sure that you will be impressed by its delicious taste.

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