Top 6 beautiful landscapes in Phu Tho, Vietnam

Phu Tho is a province in northeastern Vietnam. If you are a person who would like to know more the culture and go sightseeing of Vietnam, this is a great option for you. Phu Tho has attracted many tourists to visit because of the rustic, sincere and hospitable of Phu Tho people. Below, I will introduce you some places you should go when traveling Phu Tho, Vietnam. 

1. Hung Temple

Hung Temple
Hung Temple is a place that you should not miss because it represents a part of Vietnamese culture. Hung Temple is a wonderful architectural located on the Nghia Linh mountain with the height of 175m, Hy Cuong commune, Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province. The temple was built in the 15th century. People say that it was the place that the eldest sons of Lac Long Quan and Au Co became a king Hung Vuong and he gave a name Van Lang for his country. The relics of Hung Temple are an architectural complex including Ha Temple and pagodas, Gieng Temple, Trung Temple, Thuong Temple and the Hung King Tomb. Coming to Hung Temple, visitors not only see the architecture, design, and sculpture but also feel the beauty of monumental buildings hidden under the huge trees. Especially, if you have a chance to visit Hung Temple on 10th of March in the lunar calendar, visitors will be immersed in rituals of the festival.

2. Ao Chau pond rammer 

Ao Chau Pond Rammer

Ao Chau pond rammer is located in Ha Hoa town, Thuong commune, Y Son commune, and Phu Khanh commune, Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province, 80 km from Viet Tri city, 150 km from Hanoi. When looking on the map, Ao Chau is like a buffalo with two horns on the two sides of Thao River and Lo River. Ao Chau has about 100 large and small islands covered with the diverse vegetational cover. Especially, the water level in the lake is not depleted all year round. As a result, the water surface of Ao Chau is green, unpolluted and has many animals such as turtle, yellow turtle, and trionychid turtle. Here, local people also grow many fruit trees such as jackfruit, grapefruit, longan, and lychee and it makes Ao Chau become more attractive. Ao Chau is very convenient for the development of ecological tourism, resort, boating, fishing mountain or climbing mountain to satisfy the demand of tourists.

3. Xuan Son Nature Reserve

Xuan Son Nature Reserve
It is a beautiful place in Xuan Son commune, Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province. It has about 314 species of higher plants belong to 115 kinds, and hundreds of animal species including 190 species of vertebrates such as gibbon, civet, squirrel, bear and so on. In addition to the attractiveness of the abundant fauna and flora, there are many beautiful natural landscapes such as Elephant Mount, Ten Mount, and Can Mount with hundreds of caves, rivers, and streams such as Lap Stream, Thang Stream, etc. Silver waterfall along with the green of the mountains and forests show an imposing and fanciful scenery. When you visit the cave, you will be surprised by the stalactites hanging down to strange shapes. Xuan Son is considered as the most potential tourist resort of Phu Tho.

4. Thanh Thuy Mineral Spring

Thanh Thuy Mineral Spring
Thanh Thuy Hot Mineral Spring is located in La Phu commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province. This mineral spring is made up of fissures deep in the ground forming hot mineral water along the Da River. These mineral springs are effective in curing osteoarthritis and other skin diseases. In particular, spring water is also suitable for bathing and health rehabilitation. When you soak yourself in mineral spring for about 30 minutes, all bad feelings will definitely disappear. 

5. Van Mo Waterfall

Van Mo Waterfall
The waterfall is situated in Cu Thang commune, Thanh Son district. Waterfall has 9 different floors but its flow is very mild. When you get on to the top floor, you will see the last floor of the waterfall. Its appearance is beautiful like a nature picture. The higher you get, the more comfortable you feel. After exploring the scenery, you can immerse yourself in the cool spring water and rest at the house on stilts to enjoy the specialties or organize a small party. 

6.  Lang Cave

Lang Cave is one of the most famous destinations in Phu Tho. This place attracts many tourists' attention to visit each year. When going deep into the cave, you can see stalactites that have survived for over millions of years. Now, they have formed into many shapes like the thousand Buddha statues. Those stalactites create a mystical spiritual beauty. Besides, there are also the stalactites among the streams. The stalactites here are not tarnished into a gray like the other limestone mountains. They have white and a bit pink that is extremely attractive. When you go into this cave, it is possible to go to each group because the cave is very wide for you to admire.

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