Top 7 specialty of Phu Tho province that you should not miss

Phu Tho is considered to be the original point land of Vietnam, where King Hung Vuong built the Van Lang- the first state of Vietnam. Coming to Phu Tho, you can not only visit historical monuments, rivers, and majestic mountains but also have the opportunity to enjoy the traditional dishes of the people here. Below, I will introduce you the famous dishes in this land that you should not ignore when traveling Phu Tho.

1. Phu Tho cassava greens

Phu Tho cassava greens
Phu Tho is famous for this kind of vegetable. This dish is taken from the tops of the green cassava planted on the interminable hills. Vietnamese say that when you enjoy cassava greens with sour soup, you will always remember this land. Each season, Phu Tho people often choose leaves of white cassava trees. They are not too old and too young to have great taste. After that, people bring back to clean and process. Cassava greens together with the tiny shrimp create a unique fragrance and tasting deliciously buttery taste. 

2. Phu Tho Ear Cake

Phu Tho Ear Cake
Since ancient times, the Ear Cake has been a specialty that almost every village has in Phu Tho, especially in the ancient town of Phu Tho. The cake is called Ear Cake because the shape of the cake is similar to the ear. This dish is popular with many people because of a special taste. Moreover, Its recipe is quite simple. People choose the delicious rice and soak it and then pound or grind to the powder. The inside of the cake is made from pork which is marinated and seasoned. This simple dish is so popular in Phu Tho and many people love this food.

3. Thanh Son Sour meat 

Thanh Son Sour meat 
There are many places in Vietnam that have sour meat. However, the sour meat of Muong ethnic is more delicious than any places. Sour meat is a product of Muong people in Thanh Son district, Phu Tho province. While Thanh Son sour meat has a special way that it cannot be mixed anywhere. The kind of meat to make this most delicious is the Muong pigs, naturally raised by the Muong, eat forest fruits all year round. If anyone has ever enjoyed it, you will not forget its characteristic flavor.

4. Rice Ball with Palm leaves

Rice Ball with Palm leaves
In Phu Tho, there is also rice ball with palm leaves as a specialty. To make this food, people find the palm leaves of the new young palms. When the rice is cooked, people put it into a wet towel and roll it around. The size of Rice Ball depends on the ration of each person. Then, people put rice ball on the palm leave and roll it again for tightness. This food is usually eaten with sesame salt or fried pork ribs with salt. 

5. Canari with stewed fish

Canari with stewed fish
This kind of food is very attractive to many tourists. When trying this food, you can feel fresh Canari together with stewed fish. The sour taste of Canari is soaked in the soft fish and sweet soy sauce that make this dish have special taste and smell. It has a unique characteristic of this country and no place has this taste. You can try this food with white rice in the cold days. The meal is extremely simple but its taste of rice and fish will make you unforgettable. 

6. Co Om

Co om 

Co Om is a kind of fruit in Phu Tho province. People say that this fruit is a specialty of Phu Tho people that many tourists are impressed by its delicious taste. Only with a pot of boiling water, local people cook Co Om about from 5 to 10 minutes. When Co Om is ripe, people put it into the basket until it is dry.  Co Om is definitely a familiar dish of Phu Tho because of its small, round, thick peel, and soft. Co Om is usually eaten with sauce or sesame salt. It makes this dish more perfect although Co Om is only a simple fruit.

7. Doan Hung grapefruit

Doan Hung grapefruit
The reputation of Doan Hung grapefruit is no need to mention. The grapefruit is small, slightly flat, and not very nice but when eating this kind of grapefruit, everyone finds it extremely great. Doan Hung ripe grapefruit is light yellow, slightly withered, thin peel, and sweet pomelo segments. When coming to Phu Tho, do not forget to enjoy this kind of grapefruit or buy as gifts.

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