Top 10 check-in places in Ly Son Island should not be ignored

Ly Son Island is known for its beautiful scenery and poetic beauty. In particular, this is also the birthplace of shimmering ultra-virtual photos on every trip of many people especially young people around the social network. Below, I will introduce you to the most attractive places in Ly Son. I am sure that you will have beautiful pictures before returning to your country.

1, To Vo Gate

To Vo Gate
From the main pier to Ly Son entrance, turn left and go along the small road to Duc Pagoda, you will see a small stone cliff close to the sea. This is one of Ly Son's favorite places to take pictures when people come to Ly Son. Moreover, you can travel with friends or family to catch the most wonderful moment when the sunrise or sunset. 

2, Cau Cave

Cau Cave
Situated in Dong village, An Hai commune, at the foot of Mount Thoi Loi, Hang Cau has a magnificent natural setting on one side of the sea and another side of the mountain. Cau Cave is abrased by the sea wave, deeply buried in the heart of the mountain and formed thousands of years ago from the lava. Therefore, the scenery here is quite wild but bring a beautiful, romantic, and attractive to a variety of tourists. 

3, Hang Pagoda

Hang Pagoda
The name of Hang Pagoda in Ly Son is derived from the location and shape of the pagoda. The pagoda is located in a large rock cave with upright cliffs nearly 20m high because it was affected by the sea a thousand years ago. Come to Hang Pagoda, any visitors also admire the beauty of nature here. The road down to the pagoda is extremely cool due to green trees. Throughout the forest, you will find the beach comes to your view. From here, you go along the cliffs, go down the stairs stone to the pagoda.

4, Thoi Loi freshwater lake

Thoi Loi freshwater lake
Because crater has stopped for thousand years on the top of Thoi Loi mountain, this area was sunken to create up a lake up to 30,000 m3 and supply fresh water for residents of the two islands: Big Island and Small Island. Not only economic significance, but Thoi Loi freshwater lake also makes many tourists enjoyable, so it also became a place to attract tourists.

5, Thoi Loi Mountain

Thoi Loi Mountain
Thoi Loi Mountain is the largest of the five mountains in Ly Son. Going down the slope of Thoi Loi a short distance, visitors can see the black rocks. It is the result of the lava flow that was sprayed up millions of years ago. Especially, from the top of Thoi Loi, you will see the green onion and garlic field of Ly Son showed up as a colorful picture.

6, Small Island

An Binh Island
Small Island is also known by another name An Binh Island. It has a very small area and looks extremely peaceful. In spite of having a small area, it has a beautiful beach with smooth white sand surrounded by high cliffs and fierce waves. This is also an interesting check-in place that you should save right into the memory when traveling to Ly Son

7, Duc Temple

Duc Temple
The temple is located in the middle of Gieng Tien volcano. Therefore, you have to pass about 100 stairs to go to the place. After finishing visiting the temple, you can climb to the top to admire the volcanic crater now into a green grassy. From here,  you can zoom in to see the vast blue sea as well as the 27-meter high Buddha statue.

8, Flagpole at the Top of Thoi Loi mountain 

Flagpole at the Top of Thoi Loi mountain 
The national flagpole project in Ly Son island district was started construction on 5th April 2013, on Thoi Loi mountain - the highest mountain in Ly Son island. The flagpole has a height of 20m and the foundation of the flagpole are built with reinforced concrete facing to Hoang Sa archipelago. This is a very popular shooting point for many visitors to Ly Son.

9, Garlic Field

Garlic Field
Dubbed the "Garlic Kingdom", it is no wonder that you will see the eye-catching garlic field here. Ly Son garlic is often grown on sandy terraces along the mountainside. Because of the good condition, Ly Son garlic a special flavor, not like anywhere else.

10, Mu Cu Island

Mu Cu Island

Hon Cu is Ly Son tourist site located in the east of the island, 3.2 km away from the center of An Hai. The place is impressive because the black stone has many unique styles. Besides, this is also a cool place to watch the sunrise. Do not miss this place when traveling to Ly Son Island.


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