Top 6 beautiful view coffee shops in Danang

Da Nang has been the most attractive destination for tourists all over the world in recent years. Here, visitors can enjoy the best things. Especially, if you are a big fan of coffee, do not miss these addresses below.

1. Mar Rojo Cafe

Mar Rojo Cafe
Although it was just opened not long ago, Mar Rojo cafe has quickly become an unforgettable place to check in when coming to Da Nang. This shop is a small villa located near the river so it is quite easy to find. The two floors of Mar Rojo are decorated with two different tones. They are red in color on the first floor and blue on the second floor. If the first floor brings a warm and luxurious feeling, the second floor is extremely cool and airy. On any floor, the interior space is minimalist but still brings the feeling of beautiful, bright, and delicate. These wonderful things make tourists have a hundred of photos. Besides, the menu is very diverse with a variety of drinks and food to spoil your choice.
Address: No 47 - 49 Chuong Duong, Danang City

2. Pavilion The Garden Café

Pavilion The Garden Café
Another coffee shop cannot be ignored for those who would like to be "so deep" and check in. The Pavilion has 3 floors with small angles decorated nicely in nostalgic style with moss wall sticking plaster. The old wood doors are combined with a curtain covered in the yellow light that is suitable for groups or double. On the menu, the drink is also quite diverse, just mouth but not too distinctive. In return, the food of this coffee shop makes many people satisfied because of the affordable prices, rich flavor, and a variety of dishes.
Address: 122 Quang Trung street, Da Nang city

3. Papa Container

Papa Container
This is a long-term coffee shop in Da Nang, but it still never "out of date" with youth. The owner is a seasoned architect so it is no wonder that the overall space is sparkling with space filled with light and trees. Not to mention, the owner of this shop also decorated skillfully a balcony above Papa Container in a slightly vintage direction. Consequently, tourists are hard not to fall in love with a "stunning artwork" like this.
Since this cafe is quite far from the center and in the new residential area, this coffee shop is not too crowded. This may be good because you will enjoy a wonderful cafe in the suburbs with fresh air. If you are not afraid to go far, this is a suitable place for gathering family or friends to go to check-in and post on the social network.
Address: 06-BT Thanh Tinh, Da Nang City

4. 79 Cafe

79 Cafe
There is no beautiful space or stunning view, 79 Cafe is simply a little coffee shop. You can choose to sip coffee on the sidewalk or under a cool tree in the courtyard. People who come to 79 cafes mostly prefer simplicity and quietness. Those simple things are taking a rest and chat with friends. The drinks here are simple but are extremely delicious and tasty. One morning,  sitting here, watching the streets, and breathing fresh air will certainly make your holiday extremely memorable. 
Address: 107 Hoang Dieu, Da Nang city

5. Boulevard Galeto & coffee

Boulevard Galeto & coffee
Boulevard attracts many people because the background is a giant keyboard that is erected on the wall. It makes this coffee shop more creative and unique. Besides the giant keyboard on the second floor, the other small angles of the shop are decorated meticulously and subtly in two main colors. They are white and black that is very suitable for taking pictures in a minimalist style. Do not forget to try the delicious ice cream that helped Boulevard satisfy a variety of customers. 
Address: 68 Bach Dang street, Da Nang city

6. Scoop Yogurt

Scoop Yogurt
Yogurt has a rain wall with beautiful eye-catching yellow umbrella a has made many people fall in love from the first sight. Here, you are spoiled for photo shoots with family, friends, or lover, too. Besides the rain wall, the shop also has a corner with ice cream color that is also very lovely. The shop is decorated with the main color is white and yellow so it is very suitable for taking the outfit of the day picture (OOTD) or shooting food. Yogurt buffet also has a reasonable price so do not ignore this coffee shop when traveling Danang. 
Address: Floor 3 Nguyen Kim Supermarket, 46 Dien Bien Phu, Da Nang

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