Top 6 eating places in Quang Binh province

Quang Binh is a beautiful land with rich natural sceneries. Because many landscapes are impressive, every year millions of visitors choose Quang Binh as a destination to visit. Besides such natural sceneries, Quang Binh is also a place with a variety of eating places and restaurant. If you have a chance to go Quang Binh province, do not hesitate to visit some below eating places and restaurant. I am sure that you will have a wonderful trip. 

1. Mrs. Nganh Restaurant - Eel & Oysters Specialties 

 Eel Soup
Address: 18 Hoang Dieu, Dong Hoi city
Opening hours: 6 am - 10 pm
The first of the specialty restaurants in Quang Binh is the eel restaurant of Ms. Nganh with eel soup, eel noodles, eel porridge,  and oysters for a reasonable price. They are about 1-2$ per bowl to make sure that you do not worried about the price. After brought back, the eels are cleaned so that they are not fishy and they also taste delicious. In addition to the eel, the oyster porridge at the restaurant is equally famous because the oysters cooked into porridge are fat and extremely delicious. 

2, Grilled Meat Ly Ly

Grilled Meat
Address: 24 Hai Ba Trung, Dong Phu, Dong Hoi
Opening hours: 9 am - 9 pm
This is a good eating and drinking address in Quang Binh for the famous appetite in Dong Hoi. This restaurant specializes in serving grilled meat, spring rolls, pork hash wrapped in banana leaf, and grilled meat noodles. Especially, The price of noodles is only about 1$ per bowl and other items cost 2-3$ per dish which is enough for from 3 to 4 people. Besides, grilled meat noodle is better known by the sweet and delicious soup. At night, local guests come here to eat and drink but you are assured that the staffs here are very agile.

3, Hai Yen Restaurant

The Pork Springrolls in Hai Yen Restaurant
Address: Quang Phu Beach, Truong Pho Road, Dong Hoi City
Opening hours: 8 am - 12 pm
Located on Quang Phu Beach in Dong Hoi City, Hai Yen Restaurant is the famous seafood restaurant in Quang Binh with beautiful view, convenient location that you can not ignore. After the bathing, you can walk to Hai Yen restaurant to enjoy seafood such as shrimp, crab, snails, oysters, etc. Hai Yen restaurant has spacious and cool space. The price is also affordable so tourists come here to eat a lot. If you do not know any other restaurants in Quang Binh, you can go to Hai Yien seafood restaurant to try the foods. 

4. Tu Quy Plain Rice Flan

Plain Rice Flan
Address: 17 Co Tam, Hai Dinh Ward, Dong Hoi City
Opening hours: 12 am - 11 pm
A famous specialty restaurant in Quang Binh that attracts many visitors to eat every day. You come here to enjoy Plain rice flan, Bloating fern-shaped cake, rolls cake, dry noodles, and free iced tea. In Dong Hoi, there are many Plain rice flan restaurants but the Plain rice flan in Tu Quy is more famous than other places. 

 5. Address eating seafood along Nhat Le river

Seafood along Nhat Le River
Address: Nhat Le river
Opening hours: 9 am - 11 pm
If you want to eat seafood, in addition to Hai Yen restaurant above, you also have many other cheap restaurants in Quang Binh on the banks of Nhat Le river to enjoy seafood Quang Binh. When you come to Nhat Le River, you have to choose crowd restaurants to eat. Remember to forget to eat oysters because oysters here are the fattest and sweet. This way along Nhat Le River every evening, tourists and local tourists are busy to eat so it is extremely a fun place. 

 6. Quy Dao Restaurant

rilled sea snakes in Quy Dao Restaurant
Address: 61 Thanh Nien Street
Opening hours: 9 am - 11 pm
Quy Dao Restaurant is located on Thanh Nien Street, which specializes in serving seafood dishes, especially sea snake, fresh fish, and fresh squid. Quang Binh is famous for sea snakes, so you have to try this dish from the sea like rolls sea snakes, grilled sea snakes, sea snakes with dry pancake, etc. At the first time, you can feel horrible when seeing sea snakes. However, when trying this food, it is extremely delicious. If you want to enjoy this attractive food, you should go to this restaurant in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh.

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