Top 8 popular foods in Quang Binh

Quang Binh is known as the city of roses that attracted by the beauty of the blue beaches and the traditional swimming festival. Therefore, This place has millions of tourists every year. Parallel to tourism, food is an indispensable part when you come to this land. The delicious food with unique names has made a unique feature for Quang Binh. Below, I would like to introduce you to those dishes.

1, Rice spaghetti gruel

Rice spaghetti gruel
It is called Rice spaghetti gruel but looks like the bowl of noodles that we still eat every day. This is a familiar breakfast in Quang Binh that is popular with many local people. To make this dish, the seller will put the Rice spaghetti fiber into the pot to cook with the broth and boil up like cooking gruel or soup. This is one food for you to enjoy when traveling Quang Binh. 

2, Tram mushrooms

Tram mushrooms
Tram mushroom is also a special food in Quang Binh that you should enjoy when traveling to this land. However, eating this mushroom is not easy. You need to go to Quang Binh in April, July, and August lunar month because it is a nice time that mushrooms begin to rise. Frankly, Tram mushroom is not grown by Quang Binh people. It is a naturally occurring plant species on hillsides or riversides. Quang Binh people usually pick these mushrooms to cook into a tasty and sweet soup. If you go around the time the mushrooms are growing, you should reserve in advance with local restaurants to prepare them for you this folk food Quang Binh. 

3, Gieo Sweet Potato

Gieo Sweet Potato
Gieo Sweet Potato is probably the famous specialty of Quang Binh that many people choose to buy as gifts. After harvesting the sweet potato, people here will cut into slices and then dry in the sun several times until the potatoes become more soft and tough and they will pack and sell to the market. Each bag of 1 kg Gieo Sweet Potato is often sold at prices from 3 to 4$ so thanks to it, Quang Binh people have a better source of income. You also enjoy this food in local people house when traveling here. 

4, Best Flour Cake

Best Flour Cake
Best Flour Cake is now many localities throughout Vietnam have but its taste is quite different. Best Flour Cake in Quang Binh is usually wrapped in banana leaves for convenient storage and transportation. When eating Best Flour Cake at the restaurant, the owner will bring the fish sauce for eating with this cake. According to people here, Best Flour Cake with the fish sauce is really a "unique" food in Quang Binh. You can completely buy the Best Flour Cake as a gift and if you want to enjoy the right taste of Quang Binh Best Flour Cake, please buy a bottle of fish sauce to enjoy it.

5, Khoai Fish Hotpot

Khoai Fish Hotpot
Khoai Fish Hotpot is one of the best food in Quang Binh. People often eat Khoai Fish Hotpot in the winter and early spring. So, the restaurants almost only have  Khoai Fish Hotpot into the menu in these two seasons. Khoai Fish is a kind of fish with a sweet taste without being bored. Moreover, Khoai fish is not as big as carps or major carps so each person can eat a few fishes in one meal. 
6, Banh Xeo Quang Hoa (Rice Pancake Folded In Half )
Banh Xeo Quang Hoa has long become an attractive specialty in Quang Binh that is popular with many young people. Banh Xeo made from brown rice so it is extremely fragrant. If you eat Banh Xeo, you definitely have to go to Quang Hoa commune because the taste of Banh Xeo here is the best. If you go to Quang Hoa to eat, perhaps you can wait a little longer because the owner only made Banh Xeo when customers order. 

7, Ngheo Fish Salad

Ngheo Fish Salad
Ngheo Fish is the best in Nhat Le beach, Quang Binh province. There are many dishes from Ngheo Fish such as boiled, steamed, grilled but Ngheo Fish Salad is still considered as the best food in Quang Binh that attracts both tourists and locals. After being harvested, fresh Ngheo Fish will be slaughtered, bone filtered for meat, then seasoned and then served with raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, and other accompanying food. Note that this is the raw food, so those who are not good stomach should limit eating. If you want to enjoy this delicious food in Quang Binh, then go to restaurants in Nhat Le beach. 

8, Den Bien

Den Bien
Den Bien is a species of sea snake with high value in food as well as healing. Each type of Den Bien has a different aroma and sweetness. Den gruel, Den with stewed citronella chili, roasted, grilled, etc are foods processed from this sea snake. Moreover, Once you taste the flavor of the Den wine, you will feel warm and slightly acrid that make it a very unforgettable feeling. If you have the opportunity to go to Quang Binh and visit the famous place as Phong Nha - Ke Bang, visitors do not forget to stop on the shore of Nhat Le to enjoy those food made from this sea snake.

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