Where should you stay in Co To island?

1, Co Duong Hotel

It is one of the best hotels in Co To Island with a large number of large room including airy large beds, blankets, gas, pillows, bath, cold comfort for tourists to Co To Island. Located in the heart of Co To island, so it is convenient for traveling. Besides, because it is close to the beautiful and romantic beach, visitors can roam and watch the sunrise on the sea in the morning. Moreover, Co Duong Hotel has an enthusiastic, hospitality, friendly and attentive staffs together with modern facilities.

2, Tam Tuyen Resort

At Hong Van Beach, Tam Tuyen Resort brings you the feeling of being at home during your break. The rooms of the hotel are unique with a simple but elegant decoration. Moreover, it also satisfies the criteria of using environmentally friendly materials during construction. The rooms have windows and doors leading to the sea and they are the closest beach accommodation in Co To. If you want to enjoy meals with family, friends, or relatives, you can offer the best BBQ in Co To island on Hong Van tranquil and romantic beach.

3, Coto Gardens Resort & Hotel

Situated in the center of 2 most beautiful beaches Co To - Van Chay beach and Hong Van beach, CotoGardens is located next to the primitive forest and the boat transferring to small Co To. With a distance of about 1.5 km to each beach, Coto Gardens is a great stopover for visitors to visit and explore Co To Island. Moreover, Coto Gardens is clean, airy and interspersed with shady trees all over the hotel. The combination of green trees and Tuong Vi flowers creates a unique feature that only exists at Coto Gardens. This makes a deep impression on visitors while staying at the hotel.

4, Thai Ha Co To Hotel

Located in the most beautiful position of Co To town, with 3 fronts, one side of the sea and 500m from Co To wharf, Thai Ha is proud of being the largest hotel on Co To island with 43 rooms that are fully equipped with modern conveniences. Thai Ha Hotel is an ideal place for visitors to visit, explore Co To island, too. In addition, young staffs professional trained will certainly make you satisfied with the quality of service here. About eating, the restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel with a capacity of over 150 guests and the unique seafood Co To Island. I am sure that you will have different feelings when enjoying each dish here.

5, Khanh Linh CSU Hotel

It is the newest and most beautiful hotel on Co To Island, Quang Ninh Province. The hotel was built and operated in March 2014 with the location in the center of Co To town overlooking the sea and Co To pier. Walking about 100 m,  you will go to the market and Uncle Ho statue on Coto island that is the ideal stopover for travelers. Coming to Khanh Linh Hotel, you will be dedicated service with 32 well-equipped rooms, modern equipment system, air conditioning, TV, furniture, wardrobe, free WIFI, shuttle service tourists and so on. Co To Island has many tourist attractions in recent years such as Van Chay beach, Hong Van beach, Love Road, lighthouse, small Co To island and some other islands. Therefore, choosing this hotel is possible to travel to those destinations.

6, Co Tu paradise

Paradise Hotel is located on the coast and about 50 meters from the wharf on the southeast to the sea. Especially from the hotel room, tourists can watch the sunrise on the beach. The hotel has 18 rooms including single room, double room, triple room for many people. The rooms are fully equipped with 20m2 with spacious and comfortable beds, electricity 24/24, and free wifi throughout the hotel. Besides, the hotel has fresh seafood restaurant with good prices even during peak days for visitors to experience. In addition, it also offers other services such as barbecue BBQ seafood, campfire on the beach, karaoke singing, etc. Moreover, the hotel has car shuttle to visit the tourist attractions on the island. In addition, the hotel can assist you for renting motorbikes or double bikes if you require.

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